Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dante Christopher Horton Convicted Of Attempted Murder In Yet Another North Minneapolis Butt Shooting Incident...

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by John Hoff

Click below to view the criminal complaint: 


"I Got Shot In The Buttocks"

In the criminal complaint, linked above below stock photo of "Dante" from "Dante's Inferno," prosecutors describe how Horton shot a victim in the buttocks at...

...3116 6th St. N., an apartment building currently owned by the Minneapolis Department of Commerce, Planning and Economic Development. (CPED) 

Police investigators found five 40 caliber shell casings in a hallway, plus bullet fragments.

Fistfight Escalates To Shooting 

The victim told police he'd known "Dante" for a number of years and just before the shooting got into a fistfight with Dante in front of Star Foods on Lowry Avenue. The dispute involved in the fistfight was the victim's belief Dante had robbed him of $600 several months prior. That matter was reported to the police, I assume?

No, wait. I don't assume that AT ALL. 

After the fistfight, reportedly captured by video at the notorious and seedy little Star Foods store, the victim left the scene on a bike with Dante following in a Durango. The victim peddled his bike as fast as he could but Dante caught up and shot him. 

Ass Shooting Epidemic? 

"Dante Horton shot me!" the victim cried, invoking what appears to be a well-known "ass shooting exception" to the "no snitching" cultural norm among many residents of North Minneapolis." 

Prosecutors ultimately managed to convict Horton of both first and second degree attempted murder as well as being a prohibited person in possession of a gun. 

Inquiring Minds Want To Know In NoMi 

Though the criminal complaint lists no known address for Horton, the Hennepin County Jail roster currently lists him at 8312 Zane Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. 

A number of media entities might be writing stories today about this conviction of Dante Christopher Horton, based on a press release from Hennepin County this morning. 

However, JNS blog has a longstanding commitment to publishing "source documentation" so readers can get all the details of the "script" on which media write their stories. In this way, readers can decide for themselves what facts are relevant from a larger constellation of facts, allegations and documentation. 

Here We Go Again 

To those who take issue with my tongue in cheek humor regarding this butt shooting incident (Oh, god, did that come off my keyboard?!) I defend myself as follows:  

Gallows humor. 

And I follow up by saying the decent people in my neighborhood are fed up with this rampant crime, and you can't really expect us to get weepy and emotionally involved with all these victims whose bad lifestyle choices bring these hard consequences, quite predictably, down on themselves. 

Forrest Gump said "You never know what you're gonna get" but he was talking about life itself, not the predictable consequences of bad lifestyle choices. 

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