Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Plush Rainbow Penis Details Emerge From Two More Sources In Shooting Of James H. Cole,a/k/a J Blockboy Cole, Who Wrote "Die Gleenwood (Sic) Glockboy" Days Before His Murder...

Photo forwarded by source as commentary on the object in
question, some sensible Fair Comment and Criticism exception
to copyright is assumed, blog post by John Hoff

Following a recent story on JNS blog about a mysterious "plush rainbow penis" found in the possession of murder victim James H. Cole after his shooting death, and actually entered into police evidence, more sources are COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORK to comment on their recollections of the object.

One source who emailed me says the object in question was sold on a popular North Minneapolis Facebook rummage sale forum called...

...NoMi Virtual Garage Sale. Apparently, the object was sold to James Coles or his girlfriend (a frequent participant in the garage sale forum) and was in the possession of Coles when he died. A woman was present in the car and wounded in the shooting, but JNS blog can't verify her identity. 

But two more sources have come forward to describe their recollections of The Object In Question. My first source claims it was "hip high," and when posted in the forum its seller claimed it was obtained in Germany where it's a common sight at fairs and festivals due to the blase attitude Germans have about sex. My source claims the object could stand freely on its scrotum pedestal and, further, the scrotum was purple.

In fact, my source is certain the scrotum was purple because the object caused much commentary and joking in the garage sale forum and somebody said "purple balls is the stage after blue balls." How can you forget something like that? The object was furry like this picture, sent by my source:

My source claims the colors were in the same "rainbow order" as this picture with the head of the penis, therefore, red and the shaft of the penis above the purple scrotum blue, green, yellow and orange. Unlike the object pictured above, the rainbow penis in question lacked an eye. 

The seller of the object said something like "I need it out of my house now that I have small children" and it's even possible the item wasn't sold but actually given away.

A second source claims the object was intended to be a "pillow" and wrote in her email "I shouldn't be laughing" but admittedly there is a sort of gallows humor present in North Minneapolis which seems to encourage people to whimsically focus on this object and pool their recollections like a mass UFO sighting. 

At the end of the day a man was shot dead in the street but, well, THAT happens all the time and we are quite hardened to it. Most of the time it's not a surprise. 

And this is one of those times. 

If anybody else has more information about The Plush Rainbow Penis That Witnessed A Murder, send it right along and JNS blog will certainly get to the bottom of this. 


Anonymous said...

I want to know why people are contributing to a burial fund for this thug? People claim Jarren was his girlfriend but there's no mention of her on his profile and some other twit seems to think she's his g/f. Who was with him when he was shot? What were they doing when he was shot?

What the fuck, homies? Why don't his gang banging drug dealing friends flashing all the cash and guns in his profile picture pay for his burial?

Anonymous said...

I came to this blog because I had never read it before and heard there was a ridiculous blog about a recent murder. After reading, I feel appalled and disgusted that a person finds pleasure in desecrating the name and memories that friends and family of a murder victim. Regardless of things James May or May not have been into he still has a family a friends mourning his loss.

Why is a community banding together a donating to his burial? Because outside of his other affiliations he was a kind man and every single person no matter who they are or what they had done still deserves a burial because funerals are about the friends and family and his gf is one of the greatest people I have ever met.

And as far as this rainbow penis goes... Seriously, why does it matter where is came from, what color the balls are or whether it was paid for or given away. This blog is a joke. You are ignorant and a racist. You should be disgusted by yourself and so should you "sources".

Johnny Northside! said...

"Regardless" of the things James "may or may not" have been into.

Oh, yes, always the same old "don't judge people for their lifestyle choices even after they end up dead in a homicide out on the street." Excuse me, but I have gallows humor to write to lift the spirits of the decent people who have to live amid this negativity. AND IT TURNS OUT I HAVE AN ACTUAL IMAGE OF THE PLUSH RAINBOW PENIS IN QUESTION IN ITS ORIGINAL CONTEXT!!!! YES!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are the man. I am tired of these excuse making enablers. I am tired of everything being okay and so and so getting their worthless shit lying ass lives together. Own up to your shit ...whomever you are. You idiots are fucking pathetic.

Anonymous said...

People are always so pissed about these thugs shooting up their neighborhoods and then when a innocent person gets murdered they really go ape shit. Then when one of these piece of shit thugs ends up knowing or fucking one of the so called good people from the area it's a tragedy and he was a good person.. Give me a break you don't think a women he was supposedly in a relationship knew he was out here gang banging, robbing and shooting up the area? She knew what he was all about and if she didnt then she wasnt even close to him..All you people getting behind this man you should do the same every time a thug gets killed and show compassion whenever one kills a truley innocent person here. After all to somebody everyone is a good person. The thug huggers of this community are just as fucking guilty.

Johnny Northside! said...

Though you're phrasing it in a very mean-spirited way, I have certainly heard through the online grapevine that a number of decent, productive people in the neighborhood are privately furious that Cole was allowed into their social circle through his girlfriend... who was presumed to be a decent person.

It's very hard to believe she didn't know about his lifestyle choices. Terrible, terrible judgment is the mildest thing which can be said.