Friday, December 7, 2012

Mysterious Don Allen Email To Star Tribune Reporter Raises Question Of Test Score Tampering At Harvest Prep, That Question Comes From DON ALLEN, So Take It For What It's Worth, But WTF, Don, WTF?

Facebook photo of Don "Shakedown Blogger" Allen, used under
First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism

While the Johnny Northside blog has written two articles raising questions about Eric Yusef Mahmoud, the convicted mortgage fraudster who is the founder of SEED Academy/Harvest Prep, blogger Don Allen has been pretty much carrying Mahmoud like a supportive beast of burden.

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But for a while I thought, well, that's fine. Don Allen smells money in Eric's pants pockets, so Don Allen will do his thing and, to balance out the universe, I will do my thing. But now I have to raise questions about what Don Allen supposedly knew back in August of this year about alleged test score tampering at Harvest Prep....

The following email was sent to Star Tribute reporter Steve Brandt on August 21.

The email speaks for itself.

From: Donald Allen []
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 4:01 PM
To: Brandt, Steve
Subject: Eric Mahmoud - Harvest Prep


I owe you and the Strib an apology. I've uncovered some very damaging evidence about Eric and his "operations." I also am aware of Louis King getting on an airplane and heading to Atlanta, GA last Friday to move around bank accounts.

I will make it right on my blog with the story, "Was there test score tampering at Harvest Prep."

Best in success,
However, no such story has been written about the things mentioned in the email. Steve Brandt subsequently offered to share the email with participants in a Minneapolis issues forum. Forum rules prevented the email from being published in that particular forum. So when this blogger kicked some info toward Steve Brandt recently, Steve Brandt shared the email with me.

So this raises the question of what does Don know and why isn't he sharing it? Why is Don Allen carrying so much water for Eric Mahmoud in blog postings but, in late August, sending an email like this to a STrib reporter? 


Anonymous said...

You are walking a fine line Johnny boy, watch out!!

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is some junk that was included on the bottom of the Don Allen email. It's pretty stupid and meaningless, of course.

Donald Allen operates under various legal entities and, except as specifically provided herein, this communication cannot be attributed to any given entity or be regarded as a statement of any given entity. The information in this message, including in all attachments, is confidential or privileged. In the event you have received this message in error and are not the intended recipient, you are hereby advised that any use, copying or reproduction of this document is strictly forbidden. Please notify immediately the sender of this error and destroy this message, including its attachments, as the case may be.

And then the same words are repeated in FRENCH.

Hysterically funny.

Anonymous said...

Right, he doesn't want to be exposed for the fraud he is!!

Anonymous said...

Is the blog sphincter at IBNNNews that tight?

Anonymous said...

This charlatan will not be called out by the "liberal" white population(besides John, and w.t.f. else is new?) and SHOULD be called out by the much maligned black population who deny that this man is a symptom at the core of their potential demise and the devil personified.
I implore that our proud black community open their eyes now (better late than never) and see the barking Elm and eradicate its structurally rotting PARASITE so the rest of the trees may flourish.

Anonymous said...

Fraud will be some point your word will be no good. Your credibility is really all you have. When your actions do not line up people will notice and they will tell other people. It is like eating at a bad resturant, you start telling people and soon they are out of business.In this case, i got a bad case of food I am going to let people know.

Anonymous said...

Don plucks his own eyebrows so i think he is looking for something else that smells in Eric's pants.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, you're missing your links.

Johnny Northside! said...

Thanks for catching that. I went back and put in the links.