Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ah, Spring! A Lovely Time To Remove Utility Pole Sign Spam...

Contributed photo, xoxo, blog post by John Hoff

NoMi sportsmen will be glad to know there is NO LIMIT on utility pole sign spam. You can catch as many as you want, just don't release them.

The wooden ones make a great...

...bonfire, but be sure to peel off any plastic shrink wrap.

The plastic kind are not nearly as useful, but recently we "re-purposed" a few and put them to good use at a protest against Level Three sex offenders being dumped in North Minneapolis. The signs are visible five seconds into this parody music video about sex offenders, click here.

This little catch of three signs is NOTHING compared to the major haul some of my fellow NoMi bloggers recently landed, but I will hang back and let them tell their own story.

Oh, a word to the sign spammers:

Give up! We can take your signs off poles faster than you can put them up, and it costs us nothing to remove them. The 311 system knows we're removing your signs, but every time we spot a new sign with a new phone number, we call it in. SO JUST STOP PUTTING YOUR STUPID SIGNS ON OUR UTILITY POLES AND WE WON'T NEED TO CALL 311 ON YOU, WON'T NEED TO MAKE BONFIRES OF YOUR SIGNS, WON'T NEED TO POSE FOR TROPHY PHOTOS AND THEN PUT THAT STUFF UP ON THE INTERNET.

Thank you for your attention to this minor but annoying aesthetic issue.


Ray said...

I have to disagree. Those signs look to be from an honest working Hardwood Floor refinishing company. What the heck is wrong with that? Guys are doing what they can to get work in this environment.
You don't run around all summer ripping down peoples yard sale signs, do you?

M. Clinton said...

Love it!

HC said...

Hey, if any of those spam signs have wooden stakes, hold a few for me…I can use them to stretch canvasses and turn them into art…

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

When taking down sign spam, it's always helpful to keep a black marker in your pocket. On the off chance that a sign spammer has used high enough quality materials that you are unable to remove the sign yourself, then you can at least render it useless.

Anonymous said...

putting signs on utility poles is illegal

and it litters up the landscape

you don't see gobs and gobs of this sh*t in the nice neighborhoods

nope, just the junked up hoods with the underground markets

i support the removal of this crap

the only signs that should be occasionally on our utility poles is the lost animal signs and the garage sale signs, as long as they are taken down shortly after the sale