Tuesday, April 12, 2011

El Burito Cubano Opens Dine-In Location At 4729 Lyndale Ave. N.

Photos by John Hoff, and contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

El Burito Cubano, already popular for its delicious and authentic Cuban cuisine, recently opened a "dine in" facility at the same location, known as "Cilantro & Habanero." Some weeks ago I dropped by to check out the new digs, and found a clean and comfortable dining area where Burito Cubano chow can be enjoyed.

Here are more pictures...

You can pick your own ingredients and make your own unique burrito.
The staff and food are authentic.
Lots of choices! Every trip can be a different burrito experience!
Why do I get the feeling I might accidentally get served German cuisine in this dining area? Though it doesn't look the least bit Cuban, it's clean and comfortable.

Check them out!


MikeT said...

I have eaten there, too, and can vouch for the quality and value. But you need to treat their hot sauce with respect, or start storing your toilet paper in the freezer.

North Minneapolis now needs a serious rib joint.

Anonymous said...

What is UP with your eyes?? Was the food that hot? If not, I would swear you were strung out on something.

Anonymous said...

Hoff likes his liquor. Maybe he was on another binge.