Friday, April 1, 2011


Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Last night about 20 North Minneapolis neighbors, including 5th Ward City Councilman Don Samuels, turned a Department of Corrections notification meeting into a protest against the systematic dumping of sex offenders in North Minneapolis, especially the 55411 zip code which has 20 or 21, depending on how you count. (Spanky Pete is incarcerated, but we believe it to be temporary)

KARE-11 was present and the testy meeting became the top story on the 10 o'clock news.

Stay tuned for more photos and details but here's the bottom line: Department of Corrections isn't going to do squat for us. If every Level Three sex offender in the state of Minnesota wants to move to the 55411 zip code, DOC won't stop them. This according to Hennepin County Corrections Supervisor Russ Stricker in response to a question from this blogger. IF ALL THE LEVEL THREE SEX OFFENDERS WANT TO MOVE TO THE 55411 ZIP CODE, DOC WON'T STOP THEM, SO LONG AS THEY'VE FOUND A LANDLORD WILLING TO TAKE THEM.

Clearly, North Minneapolis neighbors have no choice but to pursue legal action against DOC and the slumlords. The only question is finding an affordable (read: pro bono) lawyer to help us. This blogger is willing to sign on as a plaintiff and there are probably half a dozen other North Minneapolis citizens willing to sign on as well.

Is there any lawyer out there? Help, help, help!

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Anonymous said...

You have no legal grounds to file anything against the DOC or the State of MN. End of story.
The only reason YOU will sign on as plaintiff is because you want the publicity, and another 15 minutes of fame. End of story.

Johnny Northside! said...

That's what they said about the Hohman decree before we got the Hohman decree.

if there's no grounds then how will I sign on as plaintiff? Ha ha.

Folwell Fox said...

Legal action is going to be the only way to stop this. Despite all of the work Joe Mullery (DFL-58A) has done, or has tried to do, negotiating for a solution and enactment of new laws has failed. Perhaps Denny Wagner can make some head way. I would urge Denny Wagner to contact Joe Mullery's office if he hasn't already just to see if Joe has any pearls of wisdom for Denny.

Anonymous said...

I hate to burst your bubble but there is NO lawyer that's going to go along with such an ignorant case. Sex offenders may have comited sick and horrible crimes but the fact of the matter is they've paid their debt to society and are back in the neighborhood. How about worrying about the EXISTING crime going on around here that's NOT being done by sex offenders? There's most likely many more sex offenders around us everyday, in church, the grocery store, schools and parks that we realize-they just haven't been caught. Give up this fight, landlords can rent to whoever they want and no lawyer will stop that-furthermore no judge is going to waste tax payer money hearing such an ignorant case with no basis.

NoMi Passenger said...

Minor correction babe, it's Hollman Decree, or also Hollman Consent Decree.

To sum it up, it's about concentration of poverty, or rather DEconcentration of poverty by order of Judge. The tenants organized and sued the City, the State and the Feds (H.U.D.) and they won. I imagine there was a lot of nay-saying about whether there were grounds to sue or not.

Here is a 392 page PDF about it. There are oodles of google hits, too, if you're highly interested.

Hollman Consent Decree

Johnny Northside! said...

Around here, you say? And where are you anonymously commenting from? North Minneapolis? South America? There is as much proof of either one.

As for whether such a case will be heard by the judge, consider Bicking v. Bellfield. There's a case that was a complete waste of time, and yet it was heard by the courts.

If the case is such a waste of our time, why the heated opposition?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the sex offenders kicked out, but I'm not clear where the legal authority to accomplish that comes from.

If you look at the complaint in the Hollman case there was clearly defined legal authority under which the plaintiffs were seeking relief. Here, the best i've seen is that it's common sense that NoMi doesn't deserve so many ChoMos. That is certainly true, but it's not authority for a lawsuit.

Specifically what statutes would the plaintiffs in the NoMi v. ChoMos case be suing under? And what entitles them to the relief they seek?

I don't mean to get all "law school" on you, but I just don't see how this would work.

Folwell Fox said...

Anony. 5:57 PM

You're right, perhaps there are bigger fish to fry with regard to "street level" crime(s), but here we go again with money and influence. Why do you think so many L3SOs are being dumped in North?

There are many people here, and many people who continue to move here that are not going to tolerate these actions by the state or by slumlords any further. And don't think we can't throw our weight around if we get worked up enough.

Furthermore, nature has a funny way of seeking equilibrium regardless of what we say, or what our differences are. Change will continue to manifest until balance is achieved here.

boathead said...

Anonameasses unite in fabricated presumption and have the audacity to doubt that there is any possible recourse to put an end to there fellow birds being placed in North Minneapolis cages. When i say cages i mean the elegantly renovated homes that these diabolical assholes buy and then rent out to documented chomoes and their fucking punk child and women raping buddies. That is right folks, these sick mother fuckers RAPE AND KILL WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND THE STATE SAYS NORTH MINNEAPOLIS IS THE AREA WHERE WE WILL PLACE ALL OF THEM!! The state of Minnesota says Fuck North Minneapolis, fuck our unique diversity and the women and children are expendable. I wonder if it is because their are alot of Black people that live in this area also and the state of Minnesota does not like Black people...or anyone of any ethnicity that lives here. I will end by saying that 11:34 and 5:57 are birds from the same chomo nest. Good Evening.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather have the sex offender as my neighbor instead of boathead. At least someone has the pervs under supervision. I'd rather live next to a supervised sex offender than a psycho nut like boathead.
And with the legislature cutting funds for mental health care, boathead could go off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that L3SO's do not have access to the Internet unless supervised. If that is the case, I am guessing that most of them have no idea that their address and mug shots are being featured on this blog.
Since their neighbors are not happy with them, I think they -L3SO's - should know they are not wanted. I am going to take screen shots of each L3SO in NoMi and hand deliver them to each.

It is a great crusade that Johnny Northside has been leading against the L3SO's and credit should be recognized with the information that is given to them.
I am sure none would show up at Johnny's house though. Not unless he really stalked and harrassed any.

bandit said...

I haven't checked for awhile, but St. Paul used to have a list of Community Residential Facilities (CRF). Well, those that were registered, anyway. It was interesting to note the addresses; most under the 1000 mark.
If you know this little town at all, There are some nice addresses at those numbers at Summit Ave., the adjoining Crocus Hill, and perhaps now the gentrified area once known as Selby/Dale. No CRF's there. Otherwise, most CRF's were amongst the degraded housing housing stock in neighborhoods with little or no community involvement.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous, above...

You trolls get on here and say you're gonna do this, and you're gonna do that. And what do you actually do?

You get on here and say, anonymously, you're going to do things.

The people who oppose this blog favor sex offenders. It's that simple. So, you know, keep on voicing your support for perverts and spewing your hate for this blog. We're winning.

Anonymous said...

Tell us again how you're winning as more pervs move into the neighborhood. Looks to me like you're doing more harm than good, making our neighborhoods look less livable by spreading negative information. Maybe you should rent a billboard and let everyone know that the northside is fulled with criminals and perverts, and it would be safer for prospective home owners to move to Maple Grove.
Thanks for letting everyone know how bad living in Minneapolis is. I'm sure the Mayor and council appreciates your fine accomplishments.

Johnny Northside! said...

The pervs were already being dumped here. We're fighting back. Spanky Pete went to prison. That was definitely a win.

One down. Twenty to go.

Anonymous said...

Here's how such a lawsuit would go. Defense would round up a bunch of L3SO's that have lived in NOMI longer than you. Judge would ask when you decided to move to NOMI from Fargo. L3SO's have been there longer, perhaps they should remove you?

joseph grimme said...

First, thanks JNo! Please advise where to send you money. You are attempting, and DOING what I tried through the Camden News, 20-odd years ago. Write on, my brotha...

Second, "Anon": Great insights, but your showing your Rainville mental baggage with the quip about how bad JNo is making us appear to prospectives. It's way past that, but the powers that be hide in Victory. They've always regarded the rest of us as a buffer to their property values. ANYONE who tries to bring other points of view is given a sophmoric brush of contempt and smeared.

The one party rule on the Northside, however it happened, is THE source of weakness and failure for all of us. Even though our area heavily supported Ventura, Perot, and even Ron Paul, the voters live in fear of property tax assessors and inspectors.

You (Anon) MAY be right in your legal insights, BUT here's two points:
1. Do you have to get snotty with your demeaning judgements of our concerns, in your view of our nominal ignorance of the system?
2. Discrimination Case Law: I don't think (could you look it up?) that it applies to matters of skin color in house buying, or only about poc's vs "white" power structures, in getting jobs. You look at public information on the concentration of sex offenders, and our area is RADiCIALLY concentrated. Now, from what I recall, an obvious and undue EFFECT of discrimination is positive grounds for asserting actual discrimination. Standing? Well, it is WELL established in the science of pervs that Level III WILL OFFEND AGAIN. Anyone wanna suggest they'll commute first?

I remember attending one of the first Mullery hosted meetings when this dumping got under way years ago. They think it's all sewed up, for the legalities. We po' folk won't be smart enough or monied enough to out flank one party rule. This was back in 01, if I recall.


NoMi Passenger said...

To the anti-lawsuit sex-offender hugger,

it sounds like your anticipated "defense" strategy is a confirmation that the state and/or county has been using north mpls for the sex offender dumping grounds for a long time, despite the statutes that are purposely vague.

I wonder if the low income residents who sued the city, state, and HUD in Hollman v. Cisneros were told "well, where do you expect to live, didn't you know these high rises are the place for all the poor people to live"? Ha!!

Johnny Northside! said...

If you have a PayPal account, support can go to

Otherwise you can mail it to me at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. Minneapolis MN 55411.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I hope paypal will allow me to sent over $1000 or else i'll have to do it in a bunch of small chunks.

Anonymous said...

I think you're fighting a losing battle. The number of criminals and offenders living in NoMi outnumbers the entire rest of the city. Well, I'm sure central has its share, but you have the majority.
Guess that Hollman decree didn't solve the problem.

Pond-dragon said...

Seems we have an Anon that suggests only failure is an option. Don't try anything, you lost before you started!
Well they said we couldn't get the drug dealers off 26th! They are gone, they said we couldn't elect a councilman outside the DFL machine, we did! They said we couldn't close down the drug and cat houses, one down one boarded. They said we couldn't take back our neighborhood, we did,
Evidently us NoMi warriors are just to dumb to know when we are beat,"Failure is not an option"
Anon: You must have a very sad life "With no great adventures"

boathead said...

Anonameass who officially posted on April 2, 2011@ 1227 a.m. Central Standard Time.... fuck you.(say the first word real slow because i did)You ARE a chomo or a very lonely pervert who posts at 12:27 in the morning and iam sure that was after sitting at your fucking computer for 12 hours. You had the best sex you ever had last night and it's a shame you didn,t have anyone to share it with .Losin' ass motherfucker. All of you sympathysers can roast the fuck in hell cuz' you are going to keep getting hell and getting more of it. So take one as your neighbor, 12:27, and take him up yo' smelly perverted ass and then share your new found chomo buddy with your fellow family of similar sex deviants.Once again, Fuck You and all of your ilk. If i was sick i would kill all of you mother fucking chomoes one by fucking one so shut your perverted fly trap. Good Day.

Anonymous said...

here is what I would like to know why is it that most people that are felons have parole orders that they can not have any contact with any other felons but yet the sex offenders can live together sometimes even groups of them in one house? To me that"s just asking for trouble. Also I think we need a list of all the chomo houses that are housing these sickos so we can start filing complaints on the properties when ever we find a legit reason. Let them know there not wanted and let the landlords know that as long as they rent to sex offenders we will keep the pressure on.