Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Riot" The Light Rail Line Dog Is Anything But A Stray!

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Some weeks ago, I thought I witnessed a kind-hearted woman helping an extremely skinny stray dog that had been limping around the Warehouse District light rail station. I wrote a quickie blog post about what I saw, click here. The post generated some commentary, including a detailed factual dispute. The facts in the factual dispute were so incredible I thought NO WAY. This must be one of the trolls who come here--sometimes all the way from Monroeville, Pennsylvania--and say outrageous things that aren't true.

Well, one of the reasons this blog receives annual awards and has such consistently high readership is that I am absolutely dedicated to printing the truth. So if it comes to my attention that something I have printed is incorrect, I strive to correct it.

It turns out that, yes, I did witness a kind hearted dog lover in action. But the dog is anything but a stray...

The dog's name is "Riot" and he is owned by the woman who runs Rosenthal Contemporary Furniture, situated at the Warehouse District light rail station. Riot is a "shelter dog" obtained from Faribault, Minnesota. Two different people gave her up for adoption. Riot had lived outside and was not housebroken.

It turns out the reason Riot limps and is skinny and has missing patches of hair involves a disorder called Cushings Disease. This disease--which is not contagious--effects people, horses, and dogs. It's an overstimulation of the adrenal glands. Some of Riot's symptoms come from the disease, and some are side effects from medication.

Riot's owner has spent about $15,000 on medical costs for her dog, which she describes as a protector and buddy. Riot has had two knee surgeries at the University of Minnesota. Riot has attended benefit events at the store which raise funds to help animals. For however much longer Riot lives, his owner is determined to provide him with a good quality of life.

Riot hangs around all the time at Rosenthal Contemporary Furniture. I'd urge animal lovers to drop by and visit him, and check out the store.

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I said...

I work near Rosenthals and they have posted a sign stating that their beloved Riot has passed away.