Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nothing But "Cold Fill" At "Craterville" Near The Washington Ave. N. Holiday Station Following Story On KARE-11

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Despite hopeful stirrings about possible fixes at the horrific "Craterville" situation near the Washington Ave. N. Holiday station, it appears only "cold fill" has been used.

And darn little of that.

We were all hopeful that a splashy television story on KARE-11 had...

...gotten the attention of public officials and prompted fixes. Of course, we all understand certain optimum outdoor temperatures are needed to put down asphalt, but even the "cold fill" used on the road seems to have been laid down in a skimpy way.

Sigh. What do we need in North Minneapolis to get the improvements we need, like less sex offenders? I could make up a parody song--like I did about sex offenders--but potholes just don't lend themselves as well to parody.


Anonymous said...

At least you got this much done. Thanks John.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

I had a whole series of photo opportunities lined up in my head with regards to the biggest crater, but for better or worse the city filled that one in pretty quickly. There's got to be something fun we can do to keep the attention on the potholes along this area though.

oZ said...

Patience. It's all cold fill right now, and it's all skimpy until the budget's finalized. The warm temperatures are coming, and you'll see a lot more fixing after the sweepers go through.