Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Getting My 311 Buzz At 718 West Broadway!

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Some days ago, I wrote about my 311 email binge, how I was drinking cold Amarula liquor and firing off numerous emails to report various situations requiring the lovingly bureaucratic attention of 311--such as this garbage filled vacant lot at 718 W. Broadway, the former White Castle location. (I didn't live in North Minneapolis back when this vacant lot had a White Castle, but I hear it was a very rowdy place, especially after bar closing. Good riddance)

But some time after I sent the emails I totally lost my 311 buzz because...

...the emails came bouncing back to me. The files were too large because I had attached--oh, my word!--two or three photos.

In fact, I had made a point of not attaching more than three photos thinking, well, what if their spam filter is sensitive? I don't want it to bounce off the spam filter. And then the emails bounced ANYWAY.

I mean, geez, THREE PHOTOS?

I attach THREE PHOTOS and the email comes bouncing right back?

I have duly reported this "spam filter problem" to 311 via online survey. I've also emailed one of my public officials. But I want this problem fixed, and I want it fixed QUICKLY. So often when I call 311, the operators go through their little script and point out how citizens can send an email to report problems.

To which I always say: Yes, I already use the 311 email system. I take pictures of problems and send off dozens of emails, but then I also walk around and call problems in. The main reason I use the 311 email is because 311 isn't open late at night, and there are times late at night when I need my 311 buzz. Or because some problems are best documented by a photo. I need to show this isn't just a little bit of garbage. This is a minor landfill.

But if I can't attach photos to my emails then...then...

Oh, my word, how will I get my 311 buzz by email?

Please, 311, fix this issue RIGHT AWAY!!!


oZ said...

Sending large files over email = bad. Be nice to 311's mail servers. :) I would recommend creating a Flickr or Picasa album only for these types of situations, and then send links in the email. This allows them to receive high resolution photos, but not have to deal with storing all of them over time.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

Thanks for staying on top of this property John. I drove past it earlier this week and meant to come back, take some photos, and send them along to 311 because they need to see how bad it is. Simply saying "litter" or "debris" just doesn't cover it.

Well, now I know to send one photo at a time to 311.

bandit said...

You guys, too, huh?

lower eastside St Paul