Thursday, April 28, 2011

BALL CHOPPING AXES!!!!! Another Punk Rock Parody Song About Level Three Sex Offender Concentration In North Minneapolis!

Here are the lyrics, and the lyrics speak for themselves, but first let me say...

It was late at night, and there was a lot of Jameson Irish whiskey involved. For that reason, I am actually going to, um, censor the lyrics a bit even though you can hear the lyrics on the audio...

(Speaking) You know, the other day I was watching the Lion King with my little boy. I thought about the “Circle of Life.” The lions and the zebras. And I thought in my neighborhood…the lions…that’s like the Level of Three Sex Offenders. And then the children, they’re like the zebras waiting at the bus stop. And I thought, well, what we really need in my neighborhood are some BALL CHOPPING AXES!!!


1, 2, 3, 4

Some people like to XXX off to XXX shots
I get my kicks looking at mug shots
Calling 911 gives me an XXXX
I give these criminals my affection


(Repeat Chorus)

When I was young I thought cops were jerky
Now on Thanksgiving I cook ‘em a turkey
Got me a child, got me a wife
It’s the inevitable circle of life

Chorus. Repeat chorus.

I used to speak for the oppressed
Now I hope my taxes buy a bulletproof vest
Perverts in the windows getting their jollies
Disabused of their follies

Chorus. Repeat chorus.

(Speaking) By now you’ve learned the format of my songs. First some catchy lyrics, then a political rant about the concentration of sex offenders in North Minneapolis, specifically the 55411 zip code. But it seems like our public officials aren’t hearing us, and so we are using artistic musical expression to get our point across. What’s our point? STOP DUMPING THE SEX OFFENDERS ON US!!! Are you hearing me, public officials in charge? We don’t feel safe with these perverts at large. We obey the laws, we pay our taxes.

Time to bring down the BALL CHOPPING AXES!!!!


Pearl said...

You have my attention -- and my vote!!


Anonymous said...

I just checked the Minnesota DOC website of Level 3 sex offenders in 55411. The two MAJOR concentrations of sex offenders is unbelievable.

On the 1900 Block of Thomas, there are FIVE level 3's listed.

On the 2500 Block of Golden Valley Road, there are FIVE listed (with one on the 2600 block). I know these are apartments.

Do they have some sort of underground pipeline? There are clearly landlords/property owners fine with renting to 5 sex offenders in their building?

Is there any legislation, ordinances etc. across the country that has been able to manage this type of situation. Statistically, five on one street would seem to create a DIRE situation!

Thanks for all you do.

NoMi Passenger said...

@Anonymous 11:41 - regarding those two major concentrations - what you will notice if you go to the 1900 block of Thomas and the 2500 GVR is that they actually intersect together. 2500 block of GVR is right where 1900 Thomas meets together. So really it is one big major cluster**ck of Level 3s. There is a node of rather charming old brick apartments there and I believe several are owned by the same landlord ( a female name can't remember - it's on this blog somewhere) and the buildings are all together. These are not seperate concentrations at all.

Niiiiiiiice! /sarcasm font