Friday, April 1, 2011

KARE-11 Story On "Craterville" In North Minneapolis ROCKS! Check it out...

Blog post by John Hoff

Here is the story KARE-11 did on the "Night of the Living Potholes" situation between the Washington Ave. N. Holiday Station and Donnie Dirk's Zombie Den. Yes, the story stars yours truly and my little silver Toyota, nicknamed "Mad Max."

Word is that only days after this story aired, some work was done to alleviate the situation with the spectacular craters. This blog has not yet had an opportunity to confirm this information but I have no reason to doubt it.

I am so pleased KARE-11 did this story to help my neighborhood get much-needed attention to this longstanding issue.

One of the reasons this blog exists is because North Minneapolis needs its "fair share of media." But some days--like the day this story aired, and the other KARE-11 story about sex offender concentration--I feel like we actually did get our fair share, and this blog exists solely to rectify the longstanding historical inequity.

Keep up the good work, KARE-11!

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Folwell Fox said...

Potholes do have a silver-lining as they do slow down speeders around here. However, that just means you have to listen to atrocious "boom-cars" for that much longer, and then listen to acceleration through non-existent mufflers.

Anonymous said...

Was that you I saw on Kare 11 tonight driving their car through potholes in Minneapolis?

Johnny Northside! said...


Anonymous said...

Well stated