Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Son Alex Discovers A New Form Of Recyling At Broadway Pizza In North Minneapolis (NoMi)

Photos and blog post by John Hoff

Few people are more devoted to recycling and composting than I am. The other day I took a plastic bottle all the way home from Mall of America rather than throw it in a trash can.

Well, actually, I had a little help: I asked my girlfriend Megan to carry it in her purse.

So imagine my excitement when I was having "weekend visitation pizza" with my 13-year-old son Alex and I discovered a new form of recycling that I'd never heard of before: re-capturing and re-using the plastic capsules used to dispense small, junky trinkets from gum ball machines.

Now, if only we could save more of the earth's resources by not making small, junky trinkets in the first place.

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