Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daron Bolden, Latest North Minneapolis Shooting Victim, Died Where A Prominent Laotian Poet Once Resided, How Terribly Random...

Photo of Bryan Thao Worra, blog post by John Hoff

The Pioneer Press is now reporting that Daron Bolden, age 20, is the latest North Minneapolis shooting victim and states Bolden died of multiple gunshot wounds in the yard of 2523 Dupont Ave. N.

The house in question is owned by an individual residing at the same address and, from what I've seen, is one of the nicer homes in North Minneapolis. In the last few years, the Laotian poet Bryan Thao Worra lived there, and he lists the address on his self-published e-book "Tanon Sai Jai, Poems by Bryan Thao Worra." 

Worra is pictured above. The photo was taken at Nomad World Pub on New Year's Eve. On that night I was there with Bryan and Jeff Skrenes. One of us won the "meat raffle." Worra is holding the "lucky meat." How random.

It is my hypothesis that Daron Bolden did not live at the residence where he died but rather...

...was probably running for his life and made it as far as that particular random yard where his number was up in a murderous "cosmic meat raffle." 

Daron Jalik Bolden was born 3/28/1992 . In 2010 his home of record was listed as Big Lake, Minnesota when he pled guilty to disorderly conduct but a trespass charge was dismissed. He was fined $128 and had to work out a deferred payment plan.

In 2011 he was convicted of minor drinking and his "grand total" of fines, including all those surcharges they hit you with, was $185. Bolden never did grow old enough to drink.

That same year, he was convicted of trespass but charges of giving a police officer false personal information was dismissed. Bolden was fined $128 but died still owing $78.

He was convicted in Ramsey County of giving an officer false personal info. He was sentenced to 30 days, 29 suspended, credit for one day served. He owed fines of $206. These were all paid up when he died.

In late 2011 he was charged, yet again, with giving false personal info to police. This was in Wright County, where the incident made an online police blotter, click here. 

He was sentenced to a year in jail, but only had to serve 30 days. Furthermore, there was a long court record notation about how the time could be served.

(S)erve 15 days before 1.7.12 and doe second 15 days during spring break from school. All jail must be completed by 5.5.12. If defendant gets diploma or GED prior to 4.1.12 he does not have to serve the 2nd 15 day jail sentence. Make arrangements with WCSO to set jail start dates(.)

Bolden still owed $360 and it had been turned over to collections. This whole time, in every court record, his address was listed as Big Lake. I have to wonder "Why didn't you just STAY in Big Lake? Why did you venture into North Minneapolis where young men up to no good die in the street?"

It should be noted several media entities are reporting two men were "detained" or "in custody" after the shooting. However, I have searched the jail roster with a fine tooth comb. Though two men may have been "detained" that night, they weren't jailed.  As well as I can tell, and whoever did this remains at large.


Folwell Neighbor said...

What a terrible event. The victim only had some minor stuff on his record, which leads me to suspect he's not some big time criminal.
Gunned down in broad daylight, that's horrible.
I really hope they're able to make a conviction in this case.

In cases where the victim has a mile long rap sheet and gets killed in a back alley at 2am, I maybe don't have as much sympathy, since I think that kind of victim is... well, not a critical member of society. Not that I wish death upon that kind of person, I just don't feel as bad.

I don't see this case like that, I see this as some kid that perhaps was into some petty crimes, probably got in over his head somehow, and paid a price waaaaaay too high.
Really sad.

Johnny Northside! said...

If we had MORE CAMERAS, we'd have the whole thing recorded on video. If we had MORE CAMERAS, they might not have shot him down in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Oh since he is not black it's a minor record? He should have stayed in Big Lake with the meth houses the pedifiles, the people who kill kids, wives and whom ever is at home because they lost their job or simply had a bad day, or maybe their wives are leaving them, child abductors, peping toms where your kids are kidnaped or the local farmer whose tired of their sheep show up at bus stops butt naked or coach your children while having them at the same time.

One the about this world is BS happens everywhere however, blk news make the news! White news comes out in their local newspaper or is flashed so fast on the news u don't see it. So Fellow klan member Johnny if your going to exploit the northside look around mn and exploit that as well. Your so biasis it's as disturbing as the criminal them selves I tend to believe ur like a crack head to the northside you can't get enough! GOD is the only judge and u don't seem to b one of his disciples. Because disciples work for change not glamorize or exploit bad situations. Come with a solution criminals love attention and u help give it to them!

Johnny Northside! said...

I will take the time to answer you point by point, though even trying to decipher your bad writing is headache inducing. You write like a dumbass. I feel free to assume you ARE a dumbass.

First, are you seriously accusing me of racism because I said this guy had a minor criminal record? "Since he is black it's a minor record"?

That's just STUPID. It's a minor record because there are no felonies. It's a minor record compared to many other people I write about here, go through the blog and take your pick and ask yourself, "Is this a SERIOUS criminal record? Or a MINOR criminal record?"

I say the guy's criminal record really wasn't that serious and you say, "RACISM!!!!" I say, "You are a dumbass."

As for the rest of what you're saying, your description of Big Lake has clearly been pulled out of your ass (your DUMB ass) and not reality, and you can't even SPELL "pedophiles." You also can't spell "kidnapped" or "peeping." You put spaces in words where they don't belong, you capitalize in a random sort of way, and you use abbreviations more appropriate for texting than commenting on a blog.

In short, your writing is so ignorant I don't feel much need to pay attention to anything you say.

And you're seriously suggesting I should write about crime situations elsewhere in Minnesota? Um, sorry, I can barely keep up with North Minneapolis and I think that's what I've got staked out. Over the years, I'm amazed at the number of DUMBASS comments saying "You shouldn't write about THIS, you should write about THAT instead."

Well, DUMBASS, if I wrote about THAT instead, wouldn't I step on somebody else's toes and they'd come over here and say, "You shouldn't write about THAT, you should write about THIS"?

And they'd probably write and spell like a dumbass, as well.

Johnny Northside! said...

I realize I only called you a "dumbass" four times.

Here's one more, to make it five.


NoMi Passenger said...

I'm trying to figure out who and where and how anybody determined the race of the victim. Is he white? Is he black? Is he purple? Who made the determination? And how can something be racist that doesn't even identify a race?



Anonymous said...

First of all I can spell! And even if I couldn't you got the point!! Did you address it or potray your self to be a teacher as well.
Lets talk about the WHITE CRIMINALS pedifiles, perverts,peeping toms, white tricks that come on the nothside for cheap sex ,meth heads methe houses, child molesters,kidnappers, serial killers, family killers for welth. Now by the way I'm on a phone typing. And I'll leave it to my fellow racist Klan member Johnny to correct my errors. Fight for white new to show on the NEWS to show the real deal more white are on welfare (or there would be no welfare)and assistance, file bky and everthing else check your records and my spelling I hop you find more errors. And thanks for calling me names it shows your vocab!! and I'm not going to re-read this blog either I'll leave it to some one with nothing but time on their hands. By the way when blks were slaves your lazy people allowed us to breast feed your babies mabe that is your prob!!

Anonymous said...

Did I call u a racist? But if the shoe fits wear it. I just really read ur reply and found errors as well, that spell check did not pick up on. I see ur capitalizing in a sort of way as well. And he the person we were speaking of is not black. As u pointed out above. Now who is the DA in this is ur website? So I see ur writing is not so great either! And u never addressed the problems that I spoke of. I was actuall speaking on to one of ur bloggers that stated he should have stayed in Big Lk and this would not have happened! Not u per say. However I do fell as stated above u r like a CRACKHEAD! I have never been a criminal i wk everyday own my home and pay taxes. I talk to misguided kids to try and help change behaviors and habits. U my fellow klan member johnny exploit and glamorize bad behavior. Let's post some of the suburban news papers issues! Let's get child porn, peeping toms, child molesters, meth babies on ur pg. Let's talk about who the biggest criminals are, who did blks learn disturbing behavior from? Who are the biggest criminal's? Rednecks with old money blood money!

Move if u can't deal with blk issues. Or u don't have any solutions. Or are u afraid for ur kid that he will start using bath salts? Choking each other out for a high, sniffing paint, incest, serial killers! All races have issues but u sure point out young blk kids 16-25 that maybe was not as fortunate as u to have ever been raised. That may have been born into turmoil. U r truly soulless. Post solutions! And I'll leave this post for u to spell check! And assume my ignorance. We all know what they say when u ASSume. And nomi passenger get ur face out of Johnny's behind. Your forehead is brown!

Johnny Northside! said...

You got me. I don't even KNOW the race of the victim for sure. You write so badly I thought you were accusing me of racism for saying a BLACK victim had a MINOR record. Instead, you're accusing me of racism for saying a WHITE victim had a MINOR record.

First of all, I don't know the guy's race. I still don't know it after reading your dumbass comments. And you're probably one of the last people I'd trust for information about the race of a victim or anything else.

My judgment of what is a "minor" criminal record has nothing to do with race.

As for the rest of what you're saying, it's so garbled it makes my head hurt to try to read it. I think it can be safely ignored since I don't think anybody else will go to much effort to read it, either.

And, in case I didn't make it clear enough already:


Johnny Northside! said...

The dumbass commenter posted another comment.

However, I'm cutting him off at the bar.

Best of luck on all "ur" future endeavors.


Anonymous said...

For the record, Daron actually is a black male and was a very good friend of mine.
I don't quite know how I feel about the way this article was written; it gave off almost a vibe satire. Very impersonal, but what else would you expect from someone who didn't even know the victim, let alone the color of his skin.
I thank you for bringing light to this horrendous crime; however, am disappointed in how little you actually spoke about the crime versus Daron's criminal record and the Laotian poet.
Luckily, a young man has been jailed for this.

Hopefully no one else close to the victim has to read such... not so comforting and too soon for comfort.

Johnny Northside! said...

Young man has been jailed for this, you say?

And Johnny Northside goes running to the jail roster to check it with a fine toothed comb...

Anonymous said...

i know this person and for u to put his record on here isnt everybodys bussiness at all

Johnny Northside! said...

Yeah, well, I guess it's everybody's business now.

Do you know anything relevant you can share, or did you just want to come here and bitch?

Anonymous said...

I live across the street from Daron's girlfriend in Big Lake. He was one of the nicest young black men I have met. I threw the football around with him and her brother on many occasions. Yes he had some trouble with the law. I was not perfect when I was a kid either. Is this the right time or place to display his record? Not my place to judge.
It's public record anyways and last I checked this is America. It's not like Johnny's posting it on Daron's visitation page. I'm not going to get into it with anybody here, I just wanted to say that I personally really liked that guy.

Rest in peace Daron

Anonymous said...

So of all that I wrote you had to pull that someone was jailed? ... kind of sad.
Seeing what you did to a case that I actually know has convinced me not to read too far into (if even at all) any of your other stories.

Notice I said stories, not reports.

Anonymous said...

fuck johnny northside you bitch ass cracker . rip booka .

Anonymous said...

please guys Daron ''booka'' bolden, will be missed he was a family member and a good friend. hes from north minneapolis he grew up homeless that address was a friend, who was misguided. R>I>P booka u will be missed!!!!

Anonymous said...

A friend who was misguided ha?! I would love to know who wrote that, actually it doesnt really matter I was never misguided. This article is bullshit. and most comments are bullshit ! Rest In Love DJB , I LOVE YOU !

Anonymous said...

And Daron was not homeless, if you were such a good friend you would know he had plenty of places to reside! Plenty of family who love and cared for him who would not have labeled him homeless !!!! THIS WHOLE THING PISSES ME OFF!