Sunday, June 3, 2012

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Old Juvenile Charges Unearthed For Donquarius Copeland, Accused Of Murdering Rayjon Gomez, Age 13...

Copeland is in the rear, image is FB photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

MNCIS online court data can be a little flukey. Sometimes charges don't show up when you search the name of a defendant, but if you know the defendant's lawyer, and search THAT way, information about other charges pops up. Go figure.

Searching under "Bobby Joe Champion," who has acted in the past as an attorney for Donquarius Copeland, I sadly failed to turn up any info about the murder charges. This tells me Champion might not be Copeland's attorney for those charges. What I did turn up were some interesting old juvenile charges where Champion was Copeland's court appointed attorney...

Copeland was slapped with five charges on  September 6, 2011, including Fleeing Police Officer In A Motor Vehicle, Assault--2nd Degree--Dangerous Weapon, Domestic Assault--Felony, Theft--Take/Drive Motor Vehicle No Owner Consent, and finally (my personal favorite) Assault--4th Degree--Peace Officer Demonstrable Bodily Harm or Throws Transfers Bodily Fluids Or Feces.

(It may be the "weapons" charge noted here is the same one previously reported, for which Copeland did time in Anoka County before being charged with the Rayjon Gomez murder)

Copeland pleaded "not guilty" to all of it. He was "certified as an adult" on every charge, on January 27, 2012. A psychological evaluation report took place and was noted in the court record on October 7, 2011. In the course of proceedings, "Order To Transport" appears twice.

These charges--if all part of the same (alleged) incident--show what appears to be a colorful crime spree. Of course, Copeland has even worse charges to worry about now.

Interestingly, the court record lists some "also known as" names. Donquarius Davon Copeland (his real name) also went by Don Quarius Copeland and Donquarius Daron Copeland.


Anonymous said...

So is Catchings the guy on the left side of the photo here (with longer hair)? Is Donquarius no longer a suspect?

Johnny Northside! said...

Both Catchings AND Donquarius Copeland are charged in the murder of Rayjon Gomez.

And as for the guy in the photo...I have no idea who that guy is. Copeland is the guy in the middle, obviously.