Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marlon Rashaad Robertson Charged With Second Degree Murder And Witness Tampering, JNS Blog Unable To Confirm (Yet) Whether This Involves The Murder Of Kevin Braziel...(UPDATE, AUGUST 12, CONFIRMED THAT THIS INVOLVES THE MURDER OF KEVIN BRAZIEL)

Image from the Facebook profile of Kevin Braziel, used under First
Amendment Fair Comment and Critism, blog post by John Hoff

This is what I know, and now readers know it, as well.

An anonymous commenter got on this blog and claimed somebody with the last name "Robertson" had been apprehended in the murder of Kevin Braziel, click here for that blog posting.

Acting on this anonymous tip, I went to the jail roster and searched under "Robertson." I found that a man named Marlon Rashaad Robertson had been arrested on August 1 and...

...charged with second degree murder and witness tampering. He is currently held on a million and a half dollars bail with a hearing scheduled for August 9, which has apparently already taken place.

His address of record is 3221 Indiana Ave. N., in Robbinsdale. His birthday is April 7, 1991.

MNCIS is not working at the moment so I am unable to determined if Robertson has a criminal record or (unless I miss my guess) and EXTENSIVE and IMPRESSIVE criminal record.

More to follow when I can develop further information.


Anonymous said...

Hey johnny post the criminal complaint

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't have it yet. When I do, I sure will post it.

Anonymous said...



"Man Arrested in St. Louis Park Charged with Murder

He's charged in connection with the death of a Minneapolis man who died from gunshot wounds on July 6.
Posted by Zac Farber (Editor) , August 08, 2013 at 11:17 AM "

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is his rap sheet...

Robertson, Marlon Rashaad
- Hennepin Juvenile
Wieland, Lucy A.
Delinquency Felony (Age 16 and Older)
Possess Pistol/Assault Weapon-Conviction of a Violent Crime within 10yrs

Robertson, Marlon Rashaad
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Give false Name/DOB/ID to Peace Officer

Robertson, Marlon Rashaad
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Albrecht, H. Peter
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Phrobited Person In Possess Firearm

Johnny Northside! said...

The first crime listed, he lived in Robbinsdale at the time, where he is still listed as living according to the jail roster.

He was a juvenile at the time and had an adult sentence of 60 months stayed. Two years probation. Went to a juvenile facility "when bed available."

Oh, wait. Make that one year, ten months, eleven DAYS of probation. Odd. But whatever.

A lot of activity happened with this sentence due to his later criminal charges.

To be continued...

Johnny Northside! said...

False name, guilty. Sentenced to 30 days which he'd already served and a fine of a couple hundred bucks.

In regard to the third charge, prohibited person in possession of a firearm, he was given three years probation and was apparently on probation when this happened.

He was apparently credited for 877 days (!!!) so looks like he did a long stretch SOMEWHERE.

Like I predicted...


Anonymous said...

Go johnny go we want more on this 1 year 3 days 2 nights 4 mins of probation having motherfuck who did this by my place of business that i have owned for years

Anonymous said...

Johnny, your posting on July 10th elicited over 150 comments, many of which asserted that Kevin Braziel was no thug merely for having committed robbery four years ago, having posted pics of himself in various (albeit older) luxury cars, posted pics of himself smoking a blunt (or did he just favor Swisher Sweets?) and pics of himself flipping the bird and with a wad of cash (bandz) and a $300 Gucci belt buckle. It is true that the pictures don't prove (legally, anyway) that he was a thug. They just make a pretty strong circumstantial case. If nothing else, the apologists for those who go out of their way to look like thugs should get it through their thick heads that someone who poses as a thug will generally be perceived (by normal people anyway) as a thug. Duh. Now, since this Marlon Rashaad Robertson has been charged not only with murder but also with witness tampering, it seems likely that Kevin Braziel was a witness to a crime and considered by Robertson as a possible snitch. If Braziel had been planning on bearing witness to legal authorities of a crime, then that would be to his credit. It would serve as one more cautionary tale, though, of how Braziel's posing online as a thug (if it was posing, versus simply evidence of his BEING an actual thug) probably correlated to his having real thug acquaintances. If you allow yourself to even be in the general vicinity of criminals, you're likely to eventually witness a crime, and being a witness (especially if you are thought to be a "good kid") puts you in danger. As they say, "lie down with dogs, get up with fleas".

Johnny Northside! said...

Unknown what the witness tampering involved, and keep in mind that as of this split second it's still not confirmed that Robertson was arrested for the murder of Kevin Braziel. However, I assume the witness tampering was for something AFTER the murder, not for something before the murder.

I guess we'll have to wait on the criminal complaint to find out what the deal is.

Oh, and on another point...yeah, if Kevin wasn't actually a thug then he was doing everything he could to project and pretend otherwise. His criminal conviction, alone, is enough for me to consider him a thug.

Johnny Northside! said...

Based on the link posted by the commenter, it appears the Patch got this story first, though they did not name Kevin Braziel as the murder victim.

Based on that, I am removing the words "JNS BLOG SUPER EXCLUSIVE" from the headline. This blog posting advances the story and provides details not provided elsewhere, but does not fit my criteria of a "JNS BLOG SUPER EXCLUSIVE." Thank you to the commenter who drew this to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Who has any idea what is posted on Patch. The guy did get there first, but if no one knows, what does it matter.

Meantime the fucking Taliban gangbangers are still running loose and gunning people down in the streets.

Johnny Northside! said...

Let me say a thing or two about the Patch article.

Did the term "North Minneapolis" appear in the article?

No. So it didn't turn up in my searches. And probably not the searches of anybody in my neighborhood who wants to know ABOUT my neighborhood.

Did the name of the victim appear in the article?

No. So anybody looking for news about that murder wouldn't find it, either.

For days, the "Patch" people had this info but was the info easily find-able by the people who would be LOOKING?


And it wouldn't have been THAT hard to create a link to the complaint document, either. But that didn't happen, either. Not to worry, you can read about it on the story I wrote after this one.

All in all, the Patch only did ONE THING right, as far as I'm concerned.

Got there first.

OH, OK, two things right...

I don't think they messed up any facts.

Good for the Patch. Since it's not a JNS Blog super exclusive, I won't advertise it as such. Point is I got the info and now readers have it, too.

As for the Patch, they're slugging away and I hope they step it up just a bit.

Anonymous said...

You alls assumptions are way off. Kevin is not the witness he tampered with, dude doesn't even know Kevin nor did Kevin know him. Kevin was hit because the bullets bounced off the building and hit him as he was running to get in a building for safety along with other bystanders. The witness whom Marlon Roberston had tampered with was the intended target abd also the person Robertson had gotten on Facebook the next day June 25th and posted "what, niggas thought Solo wasn't about that life, that why I dumped that nigga." Also the witness tampering was for one of the previous attempted murders he had that took place before the murder of Kevin Braziel

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Minnesota corrections here you'll be housed around nothing but killers the guys like yourself so beware you never know who knows you better yet for Pusey's like you Miss Robertson the one's who like to shoot behind garbage cans. YOU SHOULD TRY OUT OUR NEW STATE OF THE ART SOLITARY CONFINEMENT CELL GIVES you enough time to think about what you did stupid.better then getting fucked up every day we'll wish ya luck partner.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

HONESTLY everyone on here need to go out and find them somthing to do with their life my cousin is trying to rest in peace and y'all our throwing dirt on his name for what???? Y'all don't kno him from nowhere and know nothing about him he aint have to try to be kool or hood he was who he was he was a family man with no struggle but y'all focused on him most of the shyt on here ain't true and what are y'all getting out of it?? LEAVE MY COUSIN NAME OUT Y'ALL MOUTH FIND A LIFE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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