Sunday, August 18, 2013

Imaginary Friend Commits Burglary In Northeast Minneapolis, Poor David L. Lewis Gets Blamed...

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

According to a recent police complaint, click here, David L. Lewis (DOB 10/28/94) committed a burglary in Northeast Minneapolis and left a pair of gloves at the scene. DNA from the gloves linked him to the crime.

When police questioned Lewis, he blamed a "friend" who committed the burglary while Lewis acted as "lookout."

(Sarcasm font)

Police are seeking a ten foot white rabbit who answers to "Harry."

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Lewis reportedly lives at 4643 Lyndale Ave. N, Apartment 210, which is Camden Apartments. His aliases include Malcolm Smith and David Waldo.

Yes, David WALDO.

Where is Waldo, you may wonder?

In jail, my friend, with bail set at $75,000. 


Anonymous said...

Good for him, another fine upstanding North Minneapolis youth done good.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleasantly surprised that the Mpls police would bother to try to get DNA from gloves found a at the site of a burglary. I'd have thought it would take a murder to cause them to dig that deep. It took four months for MN BCA to come back with results, but that's actually pretty quick, since DNA results don't appear within seconds - like on CSI. I'd be curious to know how they already had his DNA on file. I'd also be interested in Johnny's take on whether it's constitutional (and a good idea) to obtain DNA samples at the time of someone's arrest (as they do in Britain), keeping in mind that they could subsequently be acquitted.

I've heard that guys who do home invasion burglary usually escalate to violent crime. I hope this 18 year old's trajectory has also been ...arrested.

Johnny Northside! said...

Even just a few years back, I think that was the case. They didn't go all the way to DNA and fingerprints unless it was a REALLY serious crime. But now they have the "crime lab" out there for just about everything and if the SOB left a SKIN CELL at the scene, the MPD is like the Mounties who always get their man.

I overstate the case, but not by much. God bless MPD.

Anonymous said...

That man is a sexual predator .. exactly why his dna is on file. Young nasty punk