Thursday, August 1, 2013

Police Followed A Trail Of Blood To Murder Victim At Minnehaha Park In South Minneapolis...(NOT NORTH MINNEAPOLIS RELATED)

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Since I started writing about this story, I will do the story justice and finish it even though this DOES NOT involve North Minneapolis. Oh, how I wish I had to fish around in South Minneapolis to find enough murder to keep my keyboard sticky, but usually that's not the case.


Click here for criminal complaint.

QShawn Oneal Lucas, who spells his name with an apostrophe but I refuse to use it, was arrested on July 19 over an incident that happened July 11 in Minnehaha Park. According to Minneapolis Park Police and the Hennepin County Prosecutor, the victim was stabbed once in the chest and seven times in the back. He suffered a collapsed lung and later died.

The stabbing started with two groups talking smack back and forth. Something was said to some juvenile females and then somebody died in an argument. According to the victim ( before he died, apparently) the argument turned into a robbery.

The three men in custody are the aforementioned Mr. Lucas, Railly Dumarce Runningshield, and Terrance Leaven Norris. The address of Mr. Lucas is unknown or, believe me, I'd be publishing it and looking into the owner of the property.

I should mention The criminal complaint is a rather bloody affair. The officers on the scene followed a trail of blood and then, later, witnesses saw the alleged assailants covered in blood.

Oh, also, the whole incident started with a group shooting off illegal fireworks in the park.

Some people just can't enjoy illegal fireworks without it turning into a big mess. 

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