Thursday, August 15, 2013

Has Anybody Seen Jerry Lamont Moore? He Owes Me $3,799.69 From The Blogosphere Trial Of The Century...(PART ONE OF GOD KNOWS HOW MANY)

Photo from Busted Mug Shots Dot Com, used under First Amendment
Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Well, it's been quite a while since I won a judgment of $3,799.69 from Jerry Moore, who sued me but then lost on appeal in a lawsuit over "defamation" which ultimately came down to just one sentence. Click here for the original "defamatory" article, if your definition of "defamatory" (like Jerry's definition) is "truthful."

A regular reader turned up this image and while I don't normally use images from Busted Mug Shots Dot Com, I have to make a teensy weensy exception in this case. I'll also go out of my way to link to their site.

Did I mention that was BUSTED MUG SHOTS DOT COM?

The image, above, comes from an incident in January of 2009 when Jerry was arrested over domestic assault, allegedly, but I am pretty sure no criminal conviction came of it. The BUSTED MUG SHOTS DOT COM website lists the old charge as follows...

Name: Jerry Lamont Moore
Age:31 years
Processing Date: 01-28-2009
Alleged Violation:

The timeline is very interesting, since this was in the middle of the "civil war" over who was the true leadership of the Jordan Area Community Council, and not so long after Jerry Moore was fired as JACC's executive director for, well, getting into a physical altercation with board members.

But that was long ago.

You know what WASN'T very long ago?


I have tried finding this man and not had much luck so far. Rumor has it he's selling used cars, but I can't confirm that quite yet. I have an address in Hopkins, but I'm not sure if he's still living at that address to be served legal paperwork. Maybe I could serve him where he works? If I knew what car lot he worked at and IF he really works at a used car lot.

(Would YOU buy a used car from this man?)

As I announced a little while back, I intend to turn the world upside down to find Jerry and get my freaking money. If that means posting information about god-knows-what, hoping to turn up a clue or somebody who will talk to me...

Well, let's just say...


Send me a check. You know my address. 


Anonymous said...

YOUR money?? You make it sound as though you actually had to dig into your own pockets to cover your legal fees and to file the appeal. Which free speech special interest group put up the cash to file the appeal? Remember, the friends of the court?
After you LOST in 2011 and then again after the judge denied your request to throw out the jury verdict, you appeared to be proud with your announcing that you would never pay any of the $60,000 you were hit with. Remember? And yet, here you are being your hypocrite self and telling all 34 of your readers that you want your money.
I bet you wouldn't even consider asking the group who funded your appeal if they would like to be paid back. After all, without them, you would still owe Jerry $60 grand. A real stand-up citizen you are.

Anonymous said...

Would you take fifty cents on the dollar, Johnny, and call the judgment satisfied? Half of something is better than all of nothing. Just saying.

Johnny Northside! said...

Who's asking? Ask me by email.

Johnny Northside! said...

That money for the transcript in my appeal did come out of my own pocket, and now it's going to come out of Jerry's pocket if I have to serve him in Des Moines, Iowa at the house of one of his baby mamas or send a process server to that used car lot where he might work, does anybody know the name?

I heard there was somebody in my social circle who knows THE NAME. That reminds me. Have to fire off an email....

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to calculate post-judgment interest. I forget what it is right now, but probably around 4% is a good guess. The Courthouse Judgments Department could probably tell you.

Anonymous said...

And I can't remember if you can claim pre-judgment interest by statute (post judgment interest is governed by statute). You may or may not be able to claim pre-judgment interest.

Whether pre- or post-judgmentj, it would be simple interest, so it accrues daily on the original principle amount.

Anonymous said...

Article about pre- and post-judgment interest promulgated by the courts here:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that is some butthurt chimo pissing and moaning about this case being REVERSED. Butthurt much that the truth is still a defense to libel? In general, chimo or not, FUCK YOU. Just on the principle of the thing.

Anonymous said...

I think that if you make the three credit repositories aware of the outstanding judgment (especially if you can reference his SS# as well as his name) then the judgment will appear on credit checks no matter where in the country he resides. He won't be able to transact any real estate without that jugdment being satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Des Moines, Iowa?

Anonymous said...

He doesn't want to pay you John.
You see, he's mad at you for ruining his lower than whale shit life.

You really need to take the extra step and make the three credit repositories aware of the outstanding judgment.
How that is done,I don't know, but you need to stay on his silly ass until you get what's yours. Hopefully it's not too cumbersome.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think I saw a guy that kind of resembles him at the Triggerman.
The Triggerman is a bar and pistol firing range. It's a good place to have some ice cold brews and blow off a little steam.
He was wearing a salmon shirt with ruffles and puffy sleeves. Sort of an early Edwardian style. He said his name was "High-Class Gerald".
Does that sound like the guy?

Johnny Northside! said...

To the helpful behind-the-scenes researcher who sent me information about accessing the Iowa Courts page, thanks.

HOWEVER, Jerry's child support cases seem to be filed right here in Minnesota. Details to follow.