Friday, August 2, 2013

Police Say Willie Bardney Ended An Argument By Stabbing The Other Dude With A Screw Driver, Jumped Out Upstairs Window, And Fled...

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The Bible says "Blessed are the peacemakers" but it didn't work out so well when Willie Bardney (DOB 9/10/1970) was involved.

Police and prosecutors say that when a girlfriend tried to play "peace maker" between Bardeny and a victim whose initials are V.G., Bardney stabbed V.G with a screw driver.

Click here for the criminal complaint. 

The stabbing happened at...

...1115 22nd Ave. N., a rental owned by Thomas G. Keller of Maple Grove.

On May 19, 2013, in the late hours, Bardney (who lives upstairs) had been yelling at the people who live downstairs for "about an hour." The yelling was directed at V.G., the victim, and apparently not so much at the victim's girlfriend, whose initials are M.H.

M.H. invited Bardeny into the downstairs apartment so Bardney and V.G. could "talk about their differences." Rather than talking, Bardney just went straight into punching V.G., and then pulled out a screwdriver and stabbed him. Apparently, at some point Bardney used a more effective edged weapon actually designed for stabbing rather than screwing.

Or unscrewing. Depending on the task.

V.G. had "several" stab wounds on his arms, one stab wound on his upper chest, and was covered in blood when officers arrived. In the meantime, Bardney had allegedly fled upstairs where he told his roommate, and I am quoting the criminal complaint, here, "I just stabbed the nigga....cuz...fuck them!" He was holding a large black knife, covered in blood, and had a "crazy" look on his face.

Bardney proceeded to jump out the kitchen window and flee. But he was later apprehended. He is in jail on $100,000 bail and has a court hearing on the 12th of this month. 

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