Thursday, August 1, 2013

DeShaun Guilmant, North Minneapolis Homicide Victim, Had Extensive Criminal Record, Aliases, Owed Money To Court System, Plus He Had, Like, Eight Mug Shots...

DOC mug shots, therefore public domain, blog post
by John Hoff

DeShaun Guilmant, who died in a North Minneapolis shooting, had an extensive criminal record in exactly and precisely the manner of most (certainly not all) adult victims of homicidal violence in North Minneapolis.

An image search on Google turns up eight different mug shots for Guilmant, not counting the mug shot above. And when I say "eight," I mean eight different instances, not counting side views. He had a tendency to pose with lips pursed, sometimes actually looking like he had something in his mouth.

Guilmant had an underdeveloped Facebook page on which he...

...put the following photo on display.

The photo was posted in March of 2011. In regard to the photo, DeShaun wrote:


In regard to his criminal record, here's his rap sheet from MNCIS:

27-CR-09-20616 Guilmant, Deshaun Scott 07/19/1990 04/23/2009 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed Assault-2nd Degree-Dangerous Weapon Dangerous Weapons-Possess on School Property Terroristic Threats-Cause or Attempt Cause Terror

Convicted of terroristic threats, the other charges were dismissed. Got a year in prison with credit for 158 days.

27-CR-10-9217 0100041961 0100041961 GUILMANT, DESHAWN SCOTT 07/19/1990 03/02/2010 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Southdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Give false Name/DOB/ID to Peace Officer Unlawful smoking

Convicted on the false name with the "unlawful smoking" charge dismissed. Got a 30 day suspended sentence and a year of probation. Died owing the courts $250 on this charge.


Convicted and was sentenced to the two days he'd already served.

62SU-CR-10-4414 910123047 GUILMANT, DESHAUN SCOTT 07/19/1990 10/05/2010 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Suburban Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Theft-Take/Use/Transfer Movable Prop-No Consent

Pled guilty. Had a sentence hanging over him of 41 days, actually served and was credited for four days. Paid some fines and had a year of probation, but died owing $131.00.

62-CR-11-923 GUILMANT, DESHAUN SCOTT 07/19/1990 02/04/2011 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Bastian, Gary W. Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Drugs - 5th Degree - Possess Schedule 1,2,3,4 - Not Small Amount Marijuana

This case reveals he used the following aliases:

GUILMANT, DESHAUN SCOTT  Also Known As  Guilmant, Dandre Devon  Guilmant, Deandre Devon  Also Known As  Guilmant, Deshawn Scott

That "Dandre" alias connects with a "loiter with intent" conviction in 2009, for which he paid a small fine.

27-CR-11-37826 Guilmant, Deshaun Scott 07/19/1990 12/06/2011 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Cahill, Peter A. Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed Registration of Predatory Offender

How "Registration of Predatory Offender" is the same as a conviction is a little confusing to me, but the record shows a 16 month sentence with credit for 36 days. He was, according to media reports, a fugitive at the time of his death...out of prison but not reporting properly to his probation officer. This would be the second instance in 2013 of a wanted fugitive dying violently in North Minneapolis. The other one was Landon J. Peterson. 

And by the way...

Guilmant died owing $128 on this charge.

Media reports called him a "resident" of St. Cloud. This was apparently in reference to his status as a prisoner. But all the convictions on MNCIS show him as, actually, a resident of Brooklyn Center. 


Anonymous said...

He received no time for the fifth degree drug possession?
MCullen NE

Anonymous said...

23 yrs old and in a box 6 feet under wtf?

Anonymous said...

It is an appalling shame to lose such an esteemed member of our
society who was so photogenic
and had a great future as a Swiffer. Since he'll be losing weight, he'll be easier
to handle and would have eventually fell in love with a mop.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't mean he deserved to be gunned down in the street! You all sound like idiots! What if this was your child?

Anonymous said...

This is sooo unnecessary the boy is resting now smh I can't stand most of you white ppl

Anonymous said...

It's not a race thing. All people have idiots in their race! So who's the idiot! But anyways nobody should be ridiculed for their past. I know personally he was changing his life style. Why don't you say how he was Murdered on his birthday!

Johnny Northside! said...

I didn't realize, if it's true, he was murdered on his birthday. His birthday was July 19 and I see a July 21 article, linked above, that refers to the shooting on "Friday."

So he was murdered on his birthday, you say? What else do you know about it?

Anonymous said...

I feel like you should not judge those unless you know all they do good and bad you posted all the negative things in his past and did not take into account that he may have done alot of good as well. Yes it was his Birthday and maybe he sis bad things but nobody should speak ill of the dead shame on you all... and about the race comment you do not know how ignorant you sounded stupidity comes in all colors and everyone will have something to say regardless of color

Anonymous said...

This was my big cousin...
I seen him a week before he died...we were playing basketball at my dad's house...

Anonymous said...

Dont be disrespect my boy like that..he ain't here to stand up for him self keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Thank u..people need to stop talking crap...he was cool as a fan..only if u new him.

Anonymous said...

What was his baby mother name