Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Javar Smith, 17-Year-Old Victim Of Horribly Predictable Triple Shooting Incident At Troublesome Triplex, Documented His Thug Life On Facebook...

Facebook photo from profile of Jaymoe Flockka, used
under First Amendment Fair Comment And Criticism,
blog post by John Hoff

Does anybody recognize the (sarcasm font) upstanding young gentlemen in this photo, BESIDES Javar Smith who appears to be the guy in red, in the center? (End font)

Smith, age 17 but acting more like 13, was the victim of a triple shooting at 2925 Lyndale Ave. N. which was pronounced "shocking" by the mainstream media (MSM).

(Making frantic, overly-dramatic hand gestures)

Ooooooh! It's so SHOCKING!!!!

I guess the MSM doesn't bother to check the freaking Facebook page of a shooting victim for overt signs of gang affiliation before making their...

...tiresome pronouncements of Northside shootings being in any way shocking or unpredictable when these shootings are (HELLOOOOOO!!!!) gang related. That's the job which falls to JNS blog.

Every time.

Javar (not "Jamar") Smith goes my "Jaymoe Flockka" on Facebook and has therefore aligned himself with the Almighty Black P-Stone gang faction by his overt use of "Moe."

Northsiders well recall it was Julian "Funny Moe" Anderson who was one of the shooters responsible for the death of little Nizzel George, who was sleeping on grandma's couch when a bullet claimed his young life as part of a gang war.

It's unknown if the shooting of Javar Smith could have been retaliation for the incident involving Nizzel George or if that was oh-so-five-shootings-ago.

Anyway, certain things are predictable...like Johnny Northside blog grabbing photos from the Facebook page of individuals involved in shootings (yes, I said "involved," sue me) and then, after I've grabbed every photo I want and written down the information I need (in case I can't get access to the Facebook profile later) I start writing about what was REALLY happening in the life of the victim or shooter.

Who are, I hasten to point out, two peas in a pod, usually, and the only difference is who got the drop upon who.

And that's the case here.

Here is the obligatory photo of MONEY, which isn't even enough to cover a month's utilities for a single household. Geez, you'd think Jaymoe would wait until he had some hundreds before bragging all over Facebook.

Here's a few more "money shots" (did that come out of my mouth?) by Jaymoe.

Wow. What's next? Registering those singles on Www.wheresgeorge.com?

Wow, that's artsy.

I strongly suspect these are some of the same twenties featured in the FIRST photo.

This photo was obviously taken in a mirror and, just in case the message of the shirt didn't come across clearly enough, note that Jaymoe is supplementing the message with his middle finger. This classy statement is, of course, framed by a nondescript gray hoodie.

What am I to make of this photo? Are the snack foods part of the wardrobe?

The message on this jacket appears to reference a group called BTL Mafia, which is either a gang or a Facebook group or both. BTL Mafia is linked from Javar Smith's Facebook page and its members are as follows:

Maurice RipGandnice JR (Part time package handler at UPS)

Tayloc Iz Savage (describes self as) (Number One At Fly Boy Gang F.B.G.)

Dariann Lovin'H ym Rite Smith (seat clean at Minnesota Twins Target Field)

Tycel Rip Kee Evans (describes himself as) (Head Nigga In Charge At CEO Of Da Mobb)

Lamont Jones (Robbinsdale Cooper Senior High School)

Delo Lord

Von Gizzle (George Washington University)

Delo Lord (Edison High School)

Art FreeBigced Berry (Works at Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Trynell Richardson

Darion Johnson (Columbia Heights High School)

Below Dumb-azz Sanders (sic) (Cooper High School)

Gerald Armour (Hopkins High School)

SYSTEMATICALLY searching each profile for photos and/or commentary on the shooting, Dariann Etc. posted the following photo with the following description:

"Jaymoe and Treeka ass knocked out"

Note the crutches in background.

By the way, nice bed. I wonder how many people are on the lease versus how many people are sleeping there?

"Treeka," who is "Tyreeka 'Tocute Jefferson on Facebook, wrote the following about the shooting.

Dang I'm sad asl that my babe got shot, sitting here taking care of him bc I ride for my babe and only him we show these niggas what a true relationship is I will always be here at his worse and I'm not going nowhere so y'all can keep trying to break us but it would be a waste of your time I love you babe and I thank God that he had your back today 11.24.12 to the end 

Followed by a little heart sign, which is of course the organ an individual would be trying to hit shooting "center mass" if they had the marksmanship skills of a hungry gecko lizard. Yes, that's right, even small and dumb amphibians are better marksmen than Northside gangsters. And this is probably a good thing half the time, but a terrible thing the other half when, for example, little toddlers get hit by bullets.


Jaymoe put a picture of the same toddler who was wounded in the shooting as BACKGROUND on his Facebook page.

JNS blog will, however, refrain from publishing the photo of a tiny and innocent minor.

Anyway, back to what the Facebook social circle has to say about the shooting.

"Delo Lord" has nothing to say and hasn't had anything to say since July 8, when he posted the following photo.

I am using this photo as conceptual art and re-titling it "Free My Fill In The Blank."

Tycel Rip Kee Evans has nothing to say that I can see, but guess who one of his Facebook friends happens to be? Marly Snapback. That's the Facebook name of Marlon Rashaad Robertson, who is charged in the murder of Kevin Braziel. A week or so ago, I looted Marly Snapback's Facebook photo album and haven't even had a chance to publish all the photos!

Here's one, though, for kicks.

Linking the social group of Javar Smith to a recent murder incident gets us...

Well, nowhere, quite yet. I mean, there are cycles of retaliation, and re-retaliation, and re-re-retaliation, ad infinitum, but where is a cogent historian to explain these Northside Hatfields versus McCoy blood feuds and help us understand who is fighting who and why?

I will have much more to say on THAT little thought at a later date.

Moving on with my snooping...

Maurice RIP Gandnice Jr had the following thought on August 21, via mobile phone.

Dey say Moe , y you be soo Dolo ... I tellem - born Dolo an thas how im Leavin this bitch #solowDolobymyself
Which translates as follows:

They say Moe (Member Of Almighty Black P-Stones) why do you keep to yourself so much? I tell them I was born alone and that's how I'll die.

As for Tayloc Iz Savage, if we assume the photo posted 9 hours ago is a recent picture, then Tayloc and friends might already be gearing up for the next round of retribution and retaliation.

Tayloc, who documents his thug life EXTENSIVELY on Facebook, may be part of the frequent social circle of Javar Smith, if this photo below is any indication.

Shooting victim Javar Smith is apparently the guy in red. Note how this is part of the same series of photos which appear on Smith's Facebook page, though the group is in different poses. This is clearly Farview Park in Minneapolis, which is often (and erroneously) called "Fairview" Park by individuals unfamiliar with the Northside.

I use a helpful little mnemonic to remember.

You can climb to the top of the hill in Farview Park and see FAR.

You can see all the way to FAIRVIEW hospital, where you will be listed in FAIR condition if you are shot in the park.

This brings me to the end of exploring Javar's Facebook social circle as composed of the 13 members of his BTL Mafia. I haven't even STARTED on his "friends" list, yet, or published all the photos I have of him throwing gang signs.

But it is late, late and I have to save SOMETHING for tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Was Javar shot previously on 11/24/12? Sounds like perhaps he was from the comments his friend made.

Johnny Northside! said...

He's got a LOT of friends. Which friend and which comment are you referring to? Copy and paste. Share with the class.

Anonymous said...

Who is the bitch-ass nigga with the flowered shirt on the far right? I'm gonna stick something in him and then force him to marry me in Stillwater cuz its legal now

Anonymous said...

don't know how to cut and paste, but look a couple lines below the photo you posted of Jaymoe and Treeka knowcked out - the one with the crutches. Seems to be a quote from her...

Anonymous said...

This is from your article (pasted below). In the quote from the girlfriend, she references that date:
""Treeka," who is "Tyreeka 'Tocute Jefferson on Facebook, wrote the following about the shooting.

Dang I'm sad asl that my babe got shot, sitting here taking care of him bc I ride for my babe and only him we show these niggas what a true relationship is I will always be here at his worse and I'm not going nowhere so y'all can keep trying to break us but it would be a waste of your time I love you babe and I thank God that he had your back today 11.24.12 to the end

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, I see what you mean.

The shooting comment was posted the day of or the day after the triple shooting. The date referenced appears to be the day they started dating, hence "11/24/12 to the end" appears to mean she will never leave him and their relationship started 11/24/12.

Oh, they're not quite to their first thug-a-versary.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am posting these remarks about "bitch ass" and so forth only because I believe a conversation of this kind is superior to people actually hurting each other, and maybe y'all will get it off your chest.

However, everybody and their mother wants the bangers to CHILL THE FUCK OUT, quit shooting each other, quit getting into confrontations on social media. It's like thugs can't HANDLE social media and take it personally. Honestly, I'm starting to think conditions of probation need to include "no social media" because it's worse than drugs for some of these bangers.

Anonymous said...

You refrain from posting pictures of innocent minors but everyone pictured in this post are minors and you get to decide who is innocent? Fair comment and criticism? If you were a real journalist, you would include BOTH sides for it to be fair. But, you do what you want, right?
Get to NoMi! You sure do promote the good qualities of the northside for people to see. You don't even stand behind what you promote! How can you when you are not even in Minnesota. I hope you do get sued and we will tell them where you can be served.

Anonymous said...

What good qualities are there to promote on the northside Anonymous 2:24 pm?

Johnny Northside! said...

You don't see the BABY throwing gang signs on Facebook. And 17 years old is old enough to be tried as an adult.

But, to summarize...



Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:37
Well said!

Anonymous said...

You get a little worse every day, don't you, John? Racist. Homophobic. Bitter. Depressed. Full of hate. In your life, you have a choice of making things better, or making things worse (just like the unfortunate souls you "blog" about). You choose to make the world around you a worse place, in part by building yourself up at the expense of others. How does that make you any different -- much less any better -- than the people you write about?

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous at 6:50 a.m.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Anonymous said...

6:50 needs to have a bunch of Chicago transplants move in next door along with a ton of chomo's added to the mix and see if they still judge them as "unfortunate"
Keep up the good work, John,
and let us join our hands in prayer that they continue to eliminate
each other in the most violent ways possible with no collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

I would say that at least two of them suck the pole but don't lick the hole. I will assume that the "P" in P-stone stands for pole licker or prissy. Polelicker-Stone, I got it now.

Anonymous said...

Can't they be simple-minded losers with too much time on their hands, WITHOUT shooting toddlers?

Johnny Northside! said...

Again, and to emphasize, I am ONLY printing these off color comments because every moment thugs spend on social media WRITING things about each other is a moment they don't spend SHOOTING each other, and hopefully they get something off their chest.

JNS blog does not find any gang more reputable or less DISREPUTABLE than any other. GDN, Moes, these are all gang members and they're all causing trouble and bloodshed in my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

half of these little broke dick dogs-Polelicker Stones will be dead in a few years so at least some of them won't be murdering children too much longer.

Anonymous said...

They are what's wrong with this nation. They've been taught to have an enemy. What a freaking joke.

Anonymous said...

When your young you just don't think. As they get older or get a chance to get old, they will relize how stupid they were.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. I see your wife pussy still cant get wet. Dont you have better shit to do. You got all ya facts mixed up. Tycell dont run shit Capo G holding shit down. Catch up

delow jones said...


delow jones said...

I love you johnny northside you are gonna make us rich one day you claim we this an that we jus young men in the street an we refuse to get pushed around but murderers we are not you like checking record well you can all of us work steady job or got very legal ways to get paid but keep the good work up

Anonymous said...

Delow being nice bout it. This capo johnny you just like a hoe feed of negative energy and don't know to keep your dam mouth shut. You already fucked up a few months ago talking shit bout Gianni. When somebody kill your dumb ass Ima start capo Northside and go nuts on your depressed ass and your wife that's going through menopause

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

delow suck the pole below , delow be below and stole the pole and placed it in his pole hole. ho ho ho delow now chargin mo to ho and that what he be fo

Anonymous said...

Fuck stick up as well as this dead as clown. One down more to go. Northside Bang Bang .

Johnny Northside! said...

The abusive and anonymous comment above is, more than likely, just a "trying to stir up deadly s***" comment submitted by a guy named Jim Watkins who lives in Texas and stalks this blogger. Watkins is mad because his friend, Thomas Balko, went to prison for victimizing North Minneapolis in an investor fraud.

For more information, everything EXCEPT his grandmother's home address and the place where he is working selling secondhand goods, check out this like right here.


Abusive and racist comments that come to this blog and are believed to be the work of Watkins will no longer be ignored, but will be published with a "call out" about Watkins.

jay moe said...

Who is johnny northside

jay moe said...

Who ever johnny north side is I will be seeing you in court and were do you get your info from your just a man that sits at home makeing blogs and pages about people you don't know do you even leave the house lol you don't come from where I come from don't even live over north so next time know what your talking about before you say it and your like 83 make post about kids you don't know by a inch of a hair like come on now stop with the lies because god hates a person who lies and right about now I think your traveling to the wrong gate and my last name isn't even smith lol so johnny northside get a life and stop worrying about the strugles of a black person world please....people these daysDecember 3, 2013 at 11:44 PM

Johnny Northside! said...

If this is really you?

Your name isn't Smith, huh?

So CBS and everybody else got your name wrong? What is your name? And don't tell me it's "Flockka," because that's just a made up Facebook name.

The facts aired on Facebook and the photos speak for themselves. So, what do you want to say about the shooting? You think the wrong thing has been said, feel free to say what you want to say by writing comments.

jay moe said...

Your just someone who's trying to get published and your not even a good bloger lol how do you sleep at night knowing the things you do but its not going to bring me down I'm going to live my life and make a better place for me and my family so get a life Johnny and leave mine alone thanks--

Anonymous said...

First of all I won't give you the respect of calling you Mr. and with that being said pick on someone your own age and level of intelligence .Maybe your level of intelligence is lacking in real journalism that’s how you choose your battles by labeling young black men. Let’s say these young men are being been mislead or going in the wrong direction in their lives who are you to judge them. Either you stand up and be the man or a voice for these young men or stay in that small undeveloped mind of yours with a closed mouth. Also let’s talk about facts Javar Smith is not even pictured in the groups of young men you have posted stating that’s him in the red shirt. Furthermore historically speaking who are the real killers of mass destruction this has been documented and dated as far back as the early 18th century. What these young men are doing is nothing short of what’s been going on for over 100 + years and that’s if they are known killers .We all are victims of circumstances and at the mercy of any individual who feels the need to violate the law you included no one is exempt. And if you really want to know what the letters BTL stand for BOUT THAT LIFE. So check those facts the wealthy and the poor uses Acronyms in everyday life settings. That doesn’t make them killers OH! My bad it’s just the young black American men well at least in your eyes anyway leave these kids along whatever they choose to do God will judge them not you Dude Get a life REPORT ON THAT


Johnny Northside! said...

Well, see, that's why I was oh-so-careful to use the indefinite phrase "appears to be" instead of the more definite and certain word "is." You'll find that my blog is full of such caveats like...

According to...


Appears to be...

If Javar Smith is NOT the guy in the red shirt, kindly tell me who the guy in the red shirt is? In any case, he does not appear to be part of an upstanding group of young men, based upon the context in which the photo was found.

If you have some actual information about Javar Smith, how he's recovering from his wounds, whether he has journeyed to the "thug motherland" of Chicago to avoid a second shooting attempt, really, anything that is relevant or of interest, please post it.

Otherwise, rest assured that I am making judgments NOT upon the color of a person's skin but, as Martin Luther King, Jr. put it SO WELL...

Upon the content of their character.

Johnny Northside! said...

Jay Moe, don't go off in a snit if you don't like what was said here. You have every opportunity to say what it is you have to say. You'll notice in a recent comment posted that commenter went off about all kinds of things and laid a scathing critique upon my brow, and did I NOT publish it?

I did.

So if you have something to say, how about you say it instead of saying I'm trying to get somebody "down" by simply writing about the ugly facts and the sordid reality of my neighborhood? That's all it is.

News. Reality. Truth. It's not my intent to put you down, believe that or not. I want my neighborhood to be better but I believe that involves...one moment, my internet signal may go out, here...

Johnny Northside! said...

That involves writing about ugly truth. You got some truth I missed? Write it. Tell me. Tell your story. You have an open forum here to say what you want to say as long as you don't go TOO FAR, like some commenters do making threats, etc.

Generally, you have an open forum to say what it is you want to say. So say it instead of being a little...

Well, I mean...

Say it.

jay moe said...

Lol yeah I will say that your one sick man you and the man thats writeing gay comments ill see you soon johnny

Anonymous said...

I find it quite intrusting that you would use such a powerful quote from the late Rev Dr Martin Luther King. Have you had the opportunity to meet the young man you are criticizing and slandering? I will answer this question for you No!! You have not. So again here’s another learning curve for you. You also stated you’re judging him on the contents of his character how can you do that when you have never sat down with this young man and had a decent conversation with him or even attended a gathering where he has been honored. You also stated you were very careful to use words like, According to. Allegedly appears to be...and yet the word (is) having been placed several times in your statements. This word (is) states or represents a known fact NOTE: Shooting victim Javar Smith is in the red shirt. Well Johnny neither of your groups of pictures have this young man in them. javar posting his money on his Face Book page are defiantly acts of the average teenage boy who is excited about working and accomplishing his own money from hard work and not relying on his parents for his income not drug or dope money. What you need really to know about Javar (Last name private because it’s not Smith you were wrong again) is he is a kind hearted, caring, compassionate unique individual that’s has been involved in many positive social events such as volunteering his time to the homeless and disabled, helping his mother and father develop his life skills that will enhance his career and life, as well as helping his family out by spending his time caring for his grandmother who is sick and unable to do the things she use to do on her own. He remains focus on his education while staying involved in positive activities such as basketball and mite I add he is an outstanding and talented kid when it comes to this sport. So stop with the slandering and defamation of this young man’s character get known facts first. As far as I’m concerned you are a big BULLY that will inflict harm on the innocent and helpless. Johnny North side since you are so good at using famous quotes here is a “QOUTE “ that you should keep on your mind the next time you choose to slander someone without known facts.
Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain, and most fools do." - Benjamin Franklin

Johnny Northside! said...

I do not find it necessary or even within the realm of possibility to "sit down and talk" with everybody I write about, people who I research by their police record and the stuff posted on Facebook. And given their bad lifestyle choices, these are not people I would care to meet anyway.

Johnny Northside! said...

The word "apparently" in the first mention of the red shirt covered the second mention well enough but you know what? I threw in another "apparently" just for you.

Now. Do you have anything revealing or interesting to say about this unsolved shooting incident, or are you just going to keep yammering about the incredible injustice of somebody being judged for what they choose to reveal to the whole world on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

lmao duh boy in duh red is not even close to jay lbs

Johnny Northside! said...

So in the photos where there is a guy in a red shirt...and let's not forget where these photos came from...which one do YOU think is Javar Smith?

meandjustme said...

right ^^^^ he needa get a life