Friday, October 5, 2012

"I'LL SHOW YOU CRAZY," Defendant Shirlynn LaChapelle Allegedly Said, Before Reportedly Waving Knife At Her Daughter In Law....

Facebook photo used under First Amendment fair comment and criticism, blog post by John Hoff. See commentary below about the use of this photo. The two other women pictured in this photo are not involved in the alleged incident. 

As reported earlier today, Shirlynn LaChapelle, who lives in Maple Grove but plays a prominent role in North Minneapolis issues including past involvement in The Neighborhood Hub and the defunct Northside Marketing Task Force, was recently arrested over an alleged assault.

I now have a copy of the charging document containing further details of the alleged incident, click here for a copy.

Allegedly, Maple Grove police were called to...

...a residence in Maple Grove in response to a report of a domestic assault. The residence in question is most likely 9654 Harbor Lane North because that's the address listed for LaChapelle on the complaint AND the complaint itself states she was living with the alleged victim, her daughter in law and son.

Officers made contact with the victim "T.L." who is identified as LaChapelle's daughter-in-law. TL stated LaChapelle had made threats with knives. (Plural in original complaint)

LaChapelle--who has worked as a Realtor for Medina Realty--had moved in with TL and her son, whose initials are JL. According to TL, on the evening in question there had been an argument and TL admitted she "threw wine" at "the Defendant," who would be Shirlynn LaChapelle. Allegedly, Shirlynn responded by grabbing a knife, holding it up, and saying, "See bitch."

Shirlynn then reportedly began to "chase" TL and TL thought she was going to get stabbed. TL was also afraid for her children.

JL, the son, said he observed his mother grab a knife from the counter and say something like, "I'll show you crazy." 

TL saw his wife getting chased around the house by his mother before both TL and JL ran upstairs, according to the criminal complaint.

Shirlynn LaChapelle reportedly admitted she grabbed a box of knives to scare TL and let TL know she was "serious." She supposedly admitted to doing this in order to scare TL.

This blog anticipates that if LaChapelle has no other convictions she may well get some kind of pretrial diversion and nothing will come of this. Intoxication may come into play as a defense, as well.

It is not expected that the dictionary definition of "crazy" will be redefined or that any new illustrations will be added, but nice try.

In regard to the photo used in this blog post which, of course, is used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism. There were a limited number of photos available on Shirlynn's Facebook profile. The only photo of Shirlynn by herself was blurry and this blog strives to avoid blurry and low quality photos. Other photos were blurry and/or showed various other people. 

There was a nice photo of Shirlynn at a wedding with, interestingly, her hand only about a foot from a table knife on a table set for wedding guests. However, guests were visible and it didn't seem right to use somebody's wedding photo in this way. Ultimately, I decided on the photo above because it wasn't blurry and showed a good likeness of Shirlynn. It also appeared to document that Shirlynn had taken a "no violence" pledge, which was a noteworthy aspect of the story. The two other women pictured in the photo have no connection to this story and I do not know their names. 


Anonymous said...

Is there some sort of confusion on the spelling of the name?

It is spelled LaChapelle on the jail roster post.

It is spelled both LaChapelle and LaChappelle in this old JNS post.

It is spelled LaChapelle on both Case No. 27-CR-96-084125 and other civil records at the usual place to look for them. Note the birthdate in the above case at the usual place.

Johnny Northside! said...

The last name has one "p." I am correcting accordingly and, by the way, going back and correcting that old post where an extra "p" showed up.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Simply put, that girl Shirl who is as big as The Chapel. Surely(enuf) The Chapel. A.k.A., bitch who likes to butter her relatives with a sharp knife.

Anonymous said...

Awe yes...What is the old saying? You can take a girl out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the girl!

Johnny Northside! said...

Riddle me this...

How does somebody who is a REALTOR end up living with her son and daughter-in-law? How does this woman not have her own house? What happened and what is up with that?

Anonymous said...

2325 River Pointe East?

River View Homes I Townhomes Owners' Association vs Shirlynn M LaChapelle

River View Homes I Townhomes Owners' Association vs Shirlynn M LaChapelle 27-CV-12-17007?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

rumor has it that she swapped her house for a buck knife so she could stick it to the man and now resides in the meat aisle at So- Low.