Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Sorry Man," Bryan Adams Allegedly Said To Dude Whose House He Just Tried To Burglarize, Allegedly...

YouTube video embed, blog post is by John Hoff

Bryan Lee Adams, no known relation to the singer who had such hits as Heaven and (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, is charged with two counts of attempted burglary and was recently featured in a "jailhouse roster nugget." Incredibly, according to the criminal complaint, the home owner accidentally interrupted the burglary in progress when he heard "trying to open the window sounds" and saw Bryan Adams standing outside his dining room.

"Sorry, man," Bryan Adams reportedly said, not unlike the Bryan Adams above who sang, "Please forgive me, I know not what I do." But this OTHER Bryan Adams allegedly knew EXACTLY what he was doing...

...according to the criminal complaint, click here to view it. 

Adams, who allegedly was holding an LED flashlight, dashed off quickly and got inside a Jeep Cherokee with license plate 533 HCE, not unlike Bryan Adams when he was singing his hit song "run to you." Somebody else got in the vehicle, too.

(If I don't mention that Bryan Adams had a hit song called Somebody, that last one might get right past you)

The vehicle left at a high rate of speed but the homeowner on the 4000 Block of Glenwood Avenue, in Golden Valley, managed to get the plate number.

Instead of calling it a night (this would have been the least dumb thing) Adams and his alleged accomplice, Jesse Alan Livingston drove around while the police radio net had their license plate number and vehicle description. Half an hour later, an off duty policeman saw the car pull into a driveway on the 7100 block of Golden Valley Road. The two alleged accomplices were still on the same road just up a ways. Clearly, they're not the sharpest tools in the shed. I wish I could stretch that into a Bryan Adams song reference, but it's just not possible.

The officer watched as the pair got out of the vehicle, then lost sight of them. In the meantime, police who were actually on duty were notified. Livingston and Adams were arrested a short distance away and the house on the 7100 block was found to have a broken window and a kicked in door. (What's up with that, JNS blog asks. Did these two have a bet going who could get into the house quicker by his preferred means of entry, so they tried the window AND the door? Or maybe the window was part of the door and it's just not written that clearly? Anyway...)

The victim of the first attempted burglary was able to identify Bryan Adams. An LED flashlight and gloves with "fresh blood" were found in the vehicle.

Whatever caused the fresh blood surely "cut like a knife." Click here for Bryan Adams song.

Thanks to an alert homeowner, who reportedly does routine security checks WHEN THE NIGHT COMES, these two alleged burglars are cooling their heels in the Hennepin County Jail. This song embedded below is for you, alert home owner whose initials are PG. And for you, too, police officer who thinks "off duty" means "working a shift for free."

Johnny Northside blog salutes you and serenades you both. I think Joe Cocker's version of this song is a lot better, but Joe Cocker didn't try to burglarize a house on Golden Valley Road.

Allegedly. And no known relation.


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