Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2515 3rd Secured, and not by the Owner

Guest post and top two photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman. Bottom two photos by John Hoff.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the city of Minneapolis today. The house at 2515 3rd St N, which was reported as "flagrantly open to trespass," was very quickly secured and boarded. Not by the owner, mind you, who normally can't even be bothered to pick up garbage at his property despite owning a nice house next door.

I was driving around yesterday, when...

I saw a board-up crew just a block south of my place, and decided to stop by for pictures. A gentleman I'd met before who does artistic board-up work came up to me before I could even get out of my car and asked, "Are you the blogger guy?" (I get such a kick out of having THE as a formal article applied to this blog; like there's only ONE BLOG on the WHOLE INTERNET and this is it.)

So I said, "I'm one of them; I'm the housing director for the neighborhood and I do some blogging on Johnny Northside." He explained that the property was secure, but they were going to do some touch-ups, and asked that I come by the next day for photos.

So I obliged, and the photos above are from the crew putting the finishing touches on the board-up. Thanks again to all involved in making this structure and our neighborhood safe!


Saint Paul Homes for Sale said...

Most excellent. Is this the same house you wrote about this summer where the owner was digging a hole to China without a building permit?

If so, whatever came of that?

Johnny Northside said...

Yes, that is indeed the "dig to China" house and the situation continues to drag on.

If you want to read what's happening piece-by-piece, you could probably use the search function on my blog and the number "2515" and all the articles would pop up. But, in summary, the house looks like hell and the city has been constantly cracking down on him. Yesterday's boarding appears to be a major turning point in the battle, however.

Anonymous said...

Dyna Sez: Thanks Jeff!