Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Johnny Northside Movie, Though Delayed, Is Moving Forward!

The Adventures of Johnny Northside Movie Trailer from Gabriel Cheifetz on Vimeo.

For months, people have been asking me "What's up with the Johnny Northside movie?" and saying they were eager and excited to see the finished product. For months, I've been saying...

"It's delayed. The damn economy. The movie needs funding to move forward."

This is no longer the case. Today, in the midst of 3020 6th Street. N. being torn down, I talked to the movie producers on the phone and got word the project is moving forward. An expensive piece of equipment was needed for editing, but that piece of equipment has been purchased. Editing will take place over the winter. Funding would be nice, but is no longer needed.

Here's hoping we see a finished product by the time the snow melts!


MikeT said...

What's the inside scoop on the behind the scenes stuff? Who's Producing, Shooting, Editing, Scoring, etc.? What's the distribution plan?

Genie of the Shell said...

Awesome! Your work in NoMi is very similar to how my mother-in-law struggled to clean up downtown Lansing in the '90s. The movie trailer looks great! Keep up the good work... on the city and the film.

Low End Leroy said...

That looks totally fucking cool!
How can we help get it finished?

Tony Webster said...

Happy to help in any way that doesn't involve money!