Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Pink House Is No Longer Pink At 2230 6th St. N.

Photo By Michael Klick

The small, miserable structure known as the "pink house" and located at 2230 6th St. N. is now stripped bare and appears to be coming down soon. Michael Klick tells me via Facebook that...

"The pink is no longer pink" and sent along a photo, see above.

The inevitable march of revitalization progress in NoMi claims yet another crappy structure, click here for a musical commentary.

The "pink house" was reportedly a former neighborhood store, fallen on hard times in recent decades, and quite notable because it was a duplex in the odd situation of being "half condemned." It was sometimes dubbed the "pink crackerbox duplex." 

Can a house condemned against itself stand? The answer appears to be a definite "no."

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