Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cleaning Up Around The Jordan Pond...

Photos By John Hoff

So it was another great visitation weekend with my son, but as usual I was scrambling for good father/son activities instead of letting Alex play on the computer all day...which he will do, if I let him get away with it.

Since there were no more slummy "We Buy Houses" signs on the boulevards to pluck up and burn, we walked around the Jordan Pond and...

...Alex picked up a big bag full of litter, all by himself. We also found some remnants of crime scene tape from the shooting incident which happened near 2700 Morgan Ave. N. We don't need stuff like that around to be seen by impressionable would-be residents looking for great deals on houses, so we cleaned up those remnants.

I keep thinking what a great idea it would be to make that plastic tape from biodegradable corn starch polymer. Oh, well.

One thing at a time. Yesterday, that thing was picking up the litter.


Anonymous said...

Next pickup task should be to take down all the abandoned political signs.

Ranty said...

Thanks for all of your trash & sign cleanup, JNS. Trash is a huge pet peeve of mine, and it's also a serious livability issue.

Not only does it suck for residents who are constantly cleaning up after a few, but it's also a huge turnoff for potential home-buyers to look at a house on a trash-strewn street.

Garbage sends a message that nobody cares.

And with that, I'd like to remind everyone that you can adopt a trash can for your boulevard from the city of Minneapolis.

I just got mine and I'm really excited about it!

(Well, it's especially exciting because I hope it will be augmented into sculptural art...)

Low End Leroy said...

I'm with you 100%, Ranty.
And thanks Johnny for doing that.
Thank you to EVERYONE who takes time to pick up litter, and report garbage dumping in NOMI!!!!!

We will take over this world!

Low End Leroy said...

I just re-read your comment and saw that you mentioned sculpture art... I have three containers on my block and I feel fortunate that they have not succumb to graffiti in the six months I've had them.
Please splain me 'bout this sculpture art.

Ranty said...


I must admit that it's nothing I know how to do myself... but now that we've got an artist on the block ( everything's just becoming a little more neato... :-)

BTW you could always paint something interesting on your containers - maybe your block club name if you have one, or or neighborhood (like in Old Highland) or "I <3 NoMi" or just make something up...? The nicer they look the less likely they are to get vandalized.

Anonymous said...

pretty dog!