Sunday, December 13, 2009

So-Low Watches, So-Low Calls...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Shortly before the army swearing-in ceremony for Peter Teachout, former Chair of the Hawthorne Neighborhood, I stopped by So-Low to pick up some "fake champagne" for the party at the (abstaining) Teachout residence. As always, So-Low had sparkling grape juice at a great low price, near the front of the store close by the meat and produce sections.

Walking inside the store, I noticed a new addition to the front entryway...

It was one of the "We Watch, We Call" signs which are popping up everywhere in NoMi.

As if super-cheap brie cheese wasn't a good enough reason to love So-Low, their commitment to improving the neighborhood is another good reason.

(Blogging from Balch Springs, Texas)

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Anonymous said...

Humh. More regurgitated stories. we your loyal readers demand some good stuff!Wheres that parody storylines that we enjoy so much? How about the mortgage fraud stuff?