Saturday, December 26, 2009

Paul Koenig Reportedly Doing "Snow Blower Penance" In North Minneapolis...

Photos from the Koenig blog, used under First Amendment fair comment and criticism

At least one person in the Hawthorne Neighborhood has a kind word about Paul Koenig, mastermind of the Pamiko Properties scandal which this blog has been extensively reporting. The following was circulated by email among some "neighborhood types" in Hawthorne:
Well Pamiko had someone Snow blow all of the members of our Block Club on December 24th. What a nice gesture, Thanks Paul we are not quite sure what he's hoping for in return. Yes that was sidewalks and driveways. Here he has been a good Landlord, at 2211 6th Street. It was a nice Christmas Eve Present.

JNS Blog suspects this is some kind of minor Koenig effort to appear "part of the solution, rather than part of the problem," and launch a minor PR effort. In the meantime, above, here for readers' viewing pleasure are some photos of the Koenig lifestyle, supported by sucking the life out of North Minneapolis.

From top to bottom: Dessert at Disneyland, just a small part of EXTENSIVE vacations all over the country. Second, a horse named L'etoile du Nord takes a little swim. L'etoile is one of the "barn mates" of the Koenig horses, of which several are named in the blog and even have their own blog categories. Third, Paul Koenig takes in a Twins game. The blog even documents their family vacation to Florida where they watch the Twins in spring training.

Fourth, the "rock star size" recreational vehicle of the Koenig family.

Last, the Koenig swimming pool in winter. Why, think of the sacrifice of Paul Koenig...coming to North Minneapolis to clear sidewalks while all these fun trinkets of his lifestyle are waiting for him. (Sarcasm font)

Please keep in mind, these five photos are just a little sampling of the exquisitely well-documented life of affluent gluttony documented on the "Majestic Farms" blog, supported on the bleeding back of North Minneapolis.

But, hey, I should talk! If Paul Koenig doesn't try to slap me with legal paper in the next couple days, I will win a steak dinner!

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MeganG. said...

Here's more from the tough tough horse racing life of Paul and Michelle Koenig on 10-22-09:
"Ruby Reigns"
We had two horses entered to race today at Hawthorne. Ruby Reigns ran in the first race. Ruby has never been well since arriving at the track. She has had several health issues that she just cannot shake off and as a result, she has been all but written off in terms of her racing career. But then she hauled off and won her very first race. Her health has improved of late and while she didn't win her second race, she still earned $66! There really wasn't much for expectations for her today but, just when we are ready to retire her, she rallied and won again today. It was a low level race but a win is a win and its exciting! I was so thrilled for her today! Keep winning Ruby!

Elle ran in the 5th race today and she did okay. She ran at the back of the field most of the way around but then made her way to the front as they came around the turn and down the home stretch. She took third!

I think this is the last of our races in IL for the year now. On to New Orleans!