Friday, December 4, 2009

JNS BLOG SORTA EXCLUSIVE: Images Of The (Alleged) Crooks Whose Actions Killed A Police Dog...

First and foremost, these images are mug shots and therefore in the public domain. Anybody who wants to reproduce these photos on a blog or t-shirt or whatever is free to do so. Don't feel like you have to ask me. Take the pictures and run.

Second, the "front view" mug shots were already published on Fox9, click here, but the photos used by Fox9 included only the front view, not the side view. And I think readers will really want to check out...

...that spiffy tattoo sported by Jesse Luna, 37, or the way Tina Gerber, 30, looks like she has five o'clock shadow over her lip; not just from the front angle but also from the side.

The next time a police dog chases Jesse Luna--and I'm sure there will be a next time, unless he suddenly and unexpectedly gives his life to Jesus or something--I hope that police dog clamps on right on that oh-so-tempting tattoo of, well, bones. 

If I were a police dog, I'd find that tattoo impossible to resist. 

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