Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yummy Info About The Koenigs And Pamiko Continues To Pour In...

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So far, the Pamiko properties scandal has been the exclusive playground of this blog, but I find it hard to believe this situation will last all the way to the end of the month. One hears rumors of larger media entities asking questions, and public officials sitting up and taking interest. (Though nothing I can print, yet)

Today, a friend of mine bet me a steak dinner that Paul Koenig or Pamiko or a related entity will make an attempt to slap some kind of baloney-based "gag order" on this blog by the end of December.

To which I say: I'll take that action. Either way, I win.

Here's the latest motherlode of info about the Koenigs and Pamiko properties, which I am slapping up unedited just as I received it from a helpful neighborhood ally who really came through...

Using the MN Courts Public Access site, there's a Paul Mark Koenig, DOB 02/06/1968 that has received several citations for petty misdemeanor building issues.

Based on that name and DOB, his generated old-style Driver's License number would have been K520676585098. MN DVS verifies this Driver's License to belong to someone with the date of birth of February 6th.

This DL is associated with one vehicle -- plate RVD0988 which is title #B0990X609, issued or reissued 4/8/2008 and registered in zip code 55001 (that's Afton, MN). This verifies everything above. DVS records shows that he or they both jointly own a 2004 Volvo XC90 and 2002 Volvo S80.

Using Ancestry.com , Paul M. Koenig and Michelle L. Milbrandt married October 20, 2001. The marriage record verifies the same date of birth for Paul, and gives Michelle's date of birth of 07/10/1973.

Searching the MN Courts Public Access site again under Michelle's maiden name, there was a rent escrow action filed against Paul and Michelle and MLM Properties LLC in 2001 (filed by Project 504, a now-defunct tenant advocacy non-profit). There was an additional judgment against Michelle specifically, DBA MLM Properties LLC. There are also eviction actions filed
solely by Michelle. This again verifies all of the information listed above and indicates to me that Michelle is a big part of everything going on in the future.

Searching Ancestry.com again, it looks like her middle name is Lee. So, to generate a DL number and check DVS:

Michelle Lee Koenig: K520603497547 Verified DOB of 07/10 and issue date of 03/12/2008 Michelle Lee Milbrandt --M416603497547 -- verified DOB of 07/10 and issue date of 03/12/2008.

Since they are issued on the same date, it's verified that this is her old DL (both numbers with different names match the same record). This DL record is associated with 622ACA, a vehicle registered in the same zip --55001.

MLM Properties was registered with the Secretary of State under "16526 W 78th St Box 327, Eden Prairie, MN 55346." This is a Mail Boxes Etc. store, or was back in 2001.

"Paul Mark Koenig" filed for bankruptcy 11/01/2000, discharged 02/06/2001, listing address: PAUL MARK KOENIG 1617 POND LN WACONIA, MN 55387 SSN /ITIN: xxx-xx-4488

He also listed address "16526 W 78th St #327, Eden Prairie, MN 55346," which we know to be a Mail Boxes Etc. store.

He lists no real property. Under the current income pages, he's listed as being employed with MLM Properties for 7 years (how? SOS filing was 12/12/2000 and bankruptcy filing was over a month PRIOR to the start of the business per the SOS filing). He also lists himself as single and Eric Moe as a 21-year-old son (in 2000), making him about 30 now and born somewhere around 1979. No bankruptcy filings for Michelle under either last name.

Paul listed owing property taxes to Hennepin County for account number 07-116-22-43-0102, which is in the format of a property ID number. This matches 18210 Warbler Ln in Eden Prairie, last sold in October 2003 but he was probably the one before that. Paul listed his age as 31 on the filing, which he wrote as filling out in early October 2000. Pretty much matches
the DOB.

There was a lawsuit he listed as "American Accounts and Advisers Inc. vs Andrea K. Koenig and Paul M. Koenig," filed in Hennepin County. Paul's birth record shows he was born to Arnold Florian Koenig and Andrea Kay Bloedow, so it sounds like he and his mother were both defendants.

So... Eric Moe? I'm unsure how someone can be born in 1979 to a father born in 1968 (Paul was 11), but his bankruptcy filings list that he did foster care, which might explain it.

Anyway, to get back to the issues at hand, there are some lawsuits naming MarkLee Construction, LLC. Mark and Lee are Paul and Michelle's middle names, and the business address as filed with the SOS is 8362 Tamarack Village #119-207 in St. Paul, which is the same as Pamiko Properties, LLC and the same as seen in property information on the houses in North Minneapolis and in the pamiko.com domain registration.

(End of email)

JNS blog says: Keep it coming, readers. We will turn the tide against these slumlords.


Anonymous said...

Darn, I was too late to catch the ritzy glitzy blogspot before it went private. Did anyone get screen shots? Are they posted anywhere?
Johnny Northside, you and your gang of caped crusaders rock!

MeganG. said...

@anon - I have the whole blogspot mirrored. I'm trying to figure out how to post it or make it public. Stay tuned to JNS.