Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Slummy--A Peak Into The Koenig Empire!

Photos published under First Amendment comment and criticism

Within a short while of having their "Majestic Farms" blog publicized here on Johnny Northside Dot Com, the Koenig blog went from public to private precisely as predicted and expected, click here to have the virtual door slammed in your face if you enjoy that kind of thing. 

However, before that happened, a few anti-slumlord individuals from NoMi managed to leave comments on the Majestic Farms blog, at least one of which made reference to how Baby Jesus would feel about how the Koenigs have behaved in North Minneapolis with the Pamiko properties fiasco; the second Paul Koenig-related real estate fiasco. (The first was apparently the "dream homes" flop)

Fortunately, before the Koenig blog went private, all the material--which was public up to that point--was copied to keep for evidence later, if it might be needed. I'm hopeful that a link to that material can be established or the material can be put into PDF form. We shall see. In the meantime...

Here are a couple of images to give you a window into the affluent Koenig lifestyle, supported on the bleeding back of North Minneapolis. These images are published under the First Amendment for purposes of commentary and criticism. In the photo above, Paul Koenig enjoys an ice cream cone which (JNS parody font) he has taken from one of the little children who live in his slummy dwellings. Hey, nobody wants mommy and daddy out on the street. So just give the mean man your ice cream, kid. (End of parody font)

Yeah, some nice guy we have here. (Sarcasm font) Paul Koenig, evil ice cream man.

In the next photo, Michelle Koenig gripes about how much laundry has to be done after a vacation.

Oh, woe is her, life is so difficult with FOUR WASHING MACHINES, more than might be found in a number of small apartment complexes.

Christmas appears to have delayed any kind of action by public officials--if indeed action is coming, which I sincerely hope. But that's not all bad, because in the meantime JNS blog has the story all to itself, kind of like Paul Koenig and his ice cream cone.


MeganG. said...

Ahhh, heck. He can just throw an extra $20 in the collection plate each Sunday.

That should get him through the gates.

MeganG. said...

Here's a blog post from 7-25-09 that makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy:

Our Home Track
We have been treated to some amazing spreads of delicious food and fun race-day parties as we have traveled to watch our horses race at other tracks around the country and in Canada: Chicago, New Orleans, Toronto, Winnipeg, Iowa, Kentucky....and tonight we were treated to that experience at our home track, Canterbury Park, for the first time.

Tomorrow we have WhoLetTheCatIn racing in the Pepsi Express on Canterbury's biggest day of the year, Claiming Crown Day. The owners for all the races tomorrow were invited to a coctail party and dinner at the track tonight. I actually was looking more forward to hearing the Chris Hawkey band play between races than the party tonight. I ended up having the best time and I only heard one song by the band at the very end of the night. The mingling and chatting with people that I don't really know isn't really my thing but tonight we ended up knowing quite a few people there. (And there was a chocolate fountian. You can never go wrong with that much chocolate around!) I did enjoy visiting with the Nolans - Paul Nolan is our jockey tomorrow. We settled in at a table with Richie, Gary, our friend Clyde, and new friend Tim and his family, all up from Chicago. Clyde and Tim have Miz Can't Be Wrong racing in the Lady Canterbury tomorrow. Good luck to them!!

Our home track put on quite a spread for us and we really enjoyed the evening. As I sat at the table tonight I reflected on all the truly great people we have met in the horse racing business. These events are so much more fun when you know a few people, especially the ones that we've had the opportunity to know.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day that hopefully will include two trips to the winner's circle - one for Miz Can't Be Wrong and the Last Call gang and then another for WhoLetTheCatIn!

MeganG. said...

Here's another good one to enjoy: from sunday 5-17-09

Retiring Horses
Saturday morning we were getting ready for an exciting day which included going to a carnival at the kids' daycare/preschool and then on to Canturbury Park to watch ourhorses race, two on simulcast from Arlington Park and Churchill Downs and the third live at Canterbury Park. There was also the Preakness Stakes to look forward to at 5:00 on Saturday. Unfortunately before we left we got a call with the sad news that Jazz Quest, the second horse we ever owned, had a career ending injury. He had been having trouble with his suspensory ligament which runs the length of the cannon bone and suports the fetlock joint (back of the knee to the ankle.) Jazz Quest was entered to run at Churchill Downs in Louisville on Saturday but that morning his trainer, Tom Amoss, made the call that the injury was too severe and he wouldn't be able to race again.
After we bought Jazz Quest he began to win and do very well at the races. Of course this is what every owner wants but at the same time every horse is just one mis-step away from an injury. We started getting offers to buy Jazz Quest after he won the Grindstone Stakes in the spring of 2007. This was such a hard decision for us as we were so new in this business but with the opportunity to sell at 15 times what we paid for him not even a year earlier, we made the decision to sell 90% and hold just a 10% interest. We made the right decision financially yet we still got to cheer him on after that. In May of 2007 we traveled to Louisville to watch him run in the Crown Royal American Turf Stakes on Kentucky Oaks Day - a super cool experience for Christian, Paul and I.
This news comes just a weeks or so after finding out that Handsome Fee will also have to retire also. He has some bone on bone issues making it too painful to run. That brings our stable down to 10 horses. Jaxx Quest will go to South Carolina to become a jumping horse for friends of our partner in the horse. We are still looking for a home for Hansome Fee.

Anonymous said...

Four washers?!?! Who knew shoveling the horse$hit (in NOMI) could generate such an amount of dirty laundry.
Here's to JNS and the caped crusaders. I'm looking forward to seeing all that dirty laundry aired out in public.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

Well Megan, let's hope he's not Lutheran. Indulgences, or paying money to reduce or absolve one's sins kinda bothered Martin Luther--to the point where he went around and nailed his now historic 95 theses to the doors strewn around 3101 Dupont Ave N.

Oh, and after the Reformation, the Catholic church got rid of indulgences in the 1500s, so he's out of luck there.

The Eastern Orthodox Churches believe one can be absolved from sins by the Sacred Mystery of Confession, which is often preceded by a period of fasting. Ehh, you know what? Look at the photo. That's probably not going to work either.

Anonymous said...

I can't even stand to read her comment about how much laundry she has to do. 4 washing machines? This self indulgent and wasteful lifestyle is disgusting. I think having money is a wonderful thing...but how we make it and what we do with it truly defines who we are.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice job guys. I look forward to reading more. Post everything you've got!

Anonymous said...

Wow. 10 loads of laundry and only 4 washers. Stop.... my heart is breaking!

Anonymous said...

I scream, you scream, we all scream for justice!

Anonymous said...

The skills demonstrated in that ice cream photo should make him very popular in prison.

MeganG. said...

Merry Christmas JNS readers, here's a Koenig blog post from 10-19-09 - a day at the racetrack for the Koenig's - the out of town race track that they drove to in their rockstar RV:

We own WhoCat 50/50 with our trainer, Richie. We trade back and fourth with our silks so one time the jock will wear our silks and if we win, we continue to use ours. If we lose, we switch to Richie's until we have a loss. Its kind of a big deal to have the jockey in your own colors for a race. Miss S***** loves, loves, loves the jockeys. She is just in awe of them. On Saturday, Richie asked S***** if she was ready to go down to the paddock to see her horse and she responded with, "Go see my purple jockey!" I saw a moment of, oh no, I really hope I specified the purple silks today, on Richie's face! Who could resist that sweet little princess so excited about her horse?!

The track was still a bit sloppy from the rain in the few days prior. WhoCat did not like the mud at all and didn't get a very good ride either. Unfortunately, he finished seventh. This hasn't been our best meet at Hawthorne but its almost done! We may have one or two more races and then the gang will down to Fairgrounds in New Orleans.
Jockey Tim Thorton after the race with WhoCat behind him. Check out how muddy Tim is! Yuck! The jocks' faces had so much mud caked on them after the races. Their gloves and white pants were thick with mud too. Not fun to be the person who has to launder all the silks on a day like this!

Johnny Northside said...

LOVE IT! Keep it coming, Megan.

Anonymous said...

Oh we can't disappoint the princess and her horse! Really?

Anonymous said...

I love that you were able to copy the blog before the lights went out. That alone makes me warm and fuzzy.