Thursday, December 24, 2009

Researching The Farview Park Historic District...

Photos by John Hoff

Brian Finstad, a South Minneapolis (SoMi) neighborhood activist who has become increasingly involved in North Minneapolis (NoMi) affairs, was recently doing some research about the Farview Park Historic District. Brian found out that 621 26th Ave. N., pictured above, once had a tower. The tower was removed in 1920, according to old city records.

Brian and Connie Nompelis--who is totally into historic houses--believe the tower was Victorian in style and removed during the 1920s because, during that period of time, Victorian seemed old and icky kind of like a 1970s avocado fridge. However, as Connie put it so well, if you wait around long enough...avocado makes a come back.

Right next to 621 is 623 26th Ave. N., where slumlord Bashir Moghul caught a bullet recently, click here for that story.

Oh, the photo of Brian is taken inside my house on Bryant Ave. N. Brian is expressing how much he loves French glass doors.

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