Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hawthorne Housing Quick Hits

Guest post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

I dedicated my weekend to taking pictures of every single Pamiko property this weekend. But on my way out to do that, I stopped by a few places of note in Hawthorne to check on progress. Here's what I found...

First up, 409 31st Ave N appears headed for demolition any day now. The water's been turned off at the street. This property was owned by Vicki Cox-Maxwell, the wife of convicted mortgage fraud felon Larry "Maximum" Maxwell. In what seems like a whole other era at this point, 409 31st was also a very frequent target of squatters breaking into the place. We'll finally see this structure get the fate it unfortunately deserves.

The next two pictures are of 2515 3rd St N. Those concrete blocks weren't there until recently. As far as neighbors are aware, Mr. Slummy has had a stop work order placed on that particular property (but not the adjacent one he owns at 2519). He's been seen doing plenty of work at 2519, but if anyone sees work being done at 2515, let's keep each other informed (and call 311).

The next picture is of a demolished house just off of 25th Ave N and 3rd St N. I don't have an address offhand. The house that was there used to be a beautiful, historic property. It went into foreclosure, fell into disrepair, and was deemed unsalvageable. I agree with the decision to demolish the house once it got to that point, but I lament the fact that it deteriorated at all in the first place.

Finally, the garage at 619 26th Ave N is now boarded as it was open to trespass. The city, and not the owner or Realtor did this, indicating the likelihood that this property will continue to be neglected. Let's hope it doesn't share a fate similar to the lot of the unknown property.

Coming up next, the Pamiko photo tour.

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Johnny Northside said...

Behind the scenes, word had been getting around for months that 409 31st Ave. N. was headed for demolition. I'm glad we're now at a point where it can be discussed openly. This will make Pam Patrek and "The Polish Lady" very happy!