Friday, December 11, 2009

2222 4th Goes out with a Whimper

Guest post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman

The fate of 2222 4th St N was ultimately decided at the Friday, December 4 city council meeting. Click here for an agenda of that meeting, and here to watch the webcast.

Don Samuels brought forward a consent motion to adopt all of the items under the Public Safety and Regulatory Services agenda at the 18:30 mark of the video. Diane Hofstede made a remark about how long the property at 2222 4th St N has been before PS & RS until it has finally come to the point of demolition. The owner, Mahmood Khan, had some time even over the past few weeks to demonstrate an ability to comply with the restoration agreement, and apparently did not.

After a side discussion about grocery stores, the council voted on all remaining PS & RS items (including 2222) at the 27:00 mark. If Khan was in attendance, he made no attempt to speak. And this is how a historic problem property ends, not with a fierce debate or threats of lawsuits, but with a roll call voice vote that is even more bland than this blog describes it.

(Do not click "Read More," but do be glad about the demise of yet another problem property.)


SUEJJ said...

Hi Johnny, Hve you heard of a company called Pamiko Properties? The have a mess of foreclosures in the north side. Check the Hennepin County sheriff's foreclosures around the date of Nov. 12, 2009. Almost every home has many, many special assesments. One even has 8, ya 8 pages of assesments. Anyway there is one in particular 1417 Logan Ave S that has a mortgage of 1.9 million???? How is this possible? And the the next foreclosure on the list is the same house with another mortgage for 1.0 million, different name and different mortgage company. You may contact me at any time. Thanks for all your good work. Keep it up. Thanks. Sue

MeganG. said...

Hi Sue - several of us neighbors up here in Jordan and Hawthorne have this slummy, scummy investment company on our radar too, and the rumor is we will be reading more about Pamiko on this blog soon.

In addition to the property you mention with a mortgage of 1.9 mil, rumor is there is one on Bryant Ave with a mortgage of 2.5 mil.


Johnny Northside said...

This is how the world ends
Not with a bang, but a whimper
T.S. Elliot, The Hollow Men