Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hawthorn (Sic) Crossings Strip Mall Fails To Clear Sidewalks Of Snow...

Photo By John Hoff

The nasty and notorious Hawthorn (Sic) Crossings strip mall, where drug dealers constantly congregate, has apparently stumbled upon an innovative way to fight the narcotics traffic: just don't clear the sidewalks of snow!

This photo was snapped a couple of days ago, before the new foot of snow which just got dumped on Minneapolis. Reporter Andy Mannix is pictured, click here for an example of a story he helped write. In the photo, the sidewalk might appear cleared because of all the (narcotics dealing) foot traffic but, actually, the sidwalk was not clear and had merely been packed down into a super-slick icy mass.

Naturally, I called 311 on this blatant violation of snow removal rules, and that's when--suddenly, unexpectedly--I won the Diamond Jubilee Golden 311 award. Yes, as it turns out...

The reference number for this particular complaint--which I tacked upon 916 West Broadway, the McDonalds restaurant--was 311311.

That number has never come around before. And it will never come around again.

And it's mine, mine, all mine.

Here's a reminder from JNS blog: thug stores and empty buildings owned by banks are supposed to CLEAR THEIR SIDEWALKS OF SNOW WITHIN 24 HOURS. If they don't, be sure to get the city on their butt. How else will we pull our neighborhood upward except to enforce commonly-accepted city norms?


veg*nation said...

although homes and duplexes have 24 hours to shovel, apartment buildings and commercial properties are actually supposed to shovel within 4 hours (daytime):

Snow Shoveling Rules

Keeping our sidewalks free of ice and snow is the neighborly thing to do, and it’s the law. For your own benefit and to help your neighbors, people pushing strollers or using wheelchairs, and the many people in Minneapolis who walk, please do your part.
Minneapolis Ordinance requires that property owners clear sidewalks after the end of a snowfall within

* 24 hours for homes and duplexes
* Four daytime hours for apartment and commercial buildings (daytime hours begin at 8 am)

When you shovel snow and clear ice

* Shovel the sidewalks on all sides of your property, the full width of the sidewalk down to the bare pavement.
* Remove all ice from sidewalks. After the sidewalk is cleared, sprinkling a little sand can help prevent slipping on frosty sidewalks.
* Pile snow into your yard and boulevard. It’s against the law to shovel snow into streets and alleys.
* If you have corner property, clear curb cuts at corners and crosswalks to the street gutter. You are not required to clear snow ridges or piles left by the plows beyond the gutter – City crews sometimes return to do that, but if they can’t your neighbors would appreciate it if you could clear an opening to get through.

Avoid a ticket

* If the City of Minneapolis gets a complaint or discovers that a sidewalk is not properly cleared, Public Works will inspect the sidewalk and give the property owners a chance to clear it.
* If the sidewalk has not been cleared upon re-inspection, the property owner may be issued a citation with a fine.
* Crews will remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk. Property owners will be billed for this service, and unpaid bills will be added to property tax statements.


* You are as responsible for clearing ice on your sidewalk as well as snow. Ice can be more dangerous and intimidating than snow.
* The sooner and more completely you shovel, the less likely ice will form.
* Arrange for someone to shovel while you are on vacation.
* Shovel around your garbage carts and recycling bins. If you don’t, the City will do it for you and charge a fee. For information, see Solid Waste & Recycling.

Need help?

* For a fee, community groups shovel snow for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Call (612) 673-3004 for a list of these groups.
* The City offers free sidewalk sand for Minneapolis residents.

Want to go the extra mile?

* Report snow and ice on sidewalks.
* Are there neighbors on your street who are elderly, have a disability or may have a hard time shoveling for any reason? Work with your neighbors to give a hand and ensure your entire block is safe and accessible to all.
* Download this snow shoveling flyer (PDF) to tell others about the rules and importance of sidewalk snow clearance.

Johnny Northside said...

FOUR HOURS? I totally did not realize that and I thought the 24 hour rule applied to everybody. Thanks so much for that. I'll be sure to go call in Hawthorn Crossings AGAIN tomorrow morning.

And I'll feel good about doing it because my sidewalks are PRISTINE. (No, that wasn't the sarcasm font)

JNS Reader said...

Aw, Johnny. If anyone deserved #311311, it was you...