Thursday, December 31, 2009

Activists Gather Video, Demand Criminal Investigation of Circumstances Surrounding Destruction of Pauline Fjelde House...

I received word an active citizen in South Minneapolis is compiling video on a DVD in regard to the senseless and suspicious destruction of the Pauline Fjelde house, click here for a news story about that awful event.

The video is being compiled for various public officials to review. At first, the only two videos on the DVD were one of mine and one of Shiela Regan's, who writes for TC Daily Planet, but upon getting word of the video compilation effort I promptly downloaded about half a dozen videos to my YouTube profile, "JohnnyHoffa."

These videos are the kind of thing I wouldn't normally publish--not particularly gripping, just "junk shots" like the imperfect still photos one inevitably takes when you shoot a lot of pictures--but in this case, the videos have value. I'm hopeful the videos will assist in a criminal investigation and might even be examined by a structural engineer to hopefully prove BIG FAT WHOPPING LIES were told about the structural integrity of this house.

Anyway, here's a little sample of the videos. Anybody needing documentation about the Pauline Fjelde House Heritage Tragedy is welcome to use and reproduce the videos from my YouTube profile, just be sure to give me credit.

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