Saturday, December 26, 2009

From Bankruptcy To The Horse Racing Crowd--More Details On The Paul Koenig/Pamiko Properties Scandal...

Photo Of "Little Big Time" From The Koenig Blog, used under First Amendment Fair Comment And Criticism

With invaluable help from friends, this blog has come into possession of a bunch of online documents about the legal woes of Paul Koenig, who somehow managed to go from bankruptcy to being part of the ooh la la horse racing crowd within a relatively short span of years.

The Koenig blog--known as "Majestic Farms"--contains 38 posts which are tagged under the subject of horse racing. The blog was set to "private" some days ago, but not before every scrap of information was captured in a "mirror site" for use as evidence. You might say the horse is already out of the barn.

By way of comparison, the same Koenig blog had five posts on the subject of "church" and one about potty training before the blog "went private." The category of "horse racing" has more posts than any other category.

Their blog documents in extensive detail how--while creating more vacant houses in North Minneapolis and sucking down big fat lines of credit--the Koenigs constantly engaged in a form of high-stakes gambling called a "claiming race," click here for a technical explanation, in which horses that race are also, in effect, up for sale to other participants in the race.

There will be more time to digest and analyze this information later. For now, I just want to put the documents out on the internet in the form of PDFs. So, without further ado, here are the documents on the JNS PDF Support Site, click here to your heart's content.

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MeganG. said...

Little Big Time sez "Hhhmmmmmrrrrrr... Scandal?! Tell me more!"

MeganG. said...

Here's a little racehorsing story posted by Michelle Koenig on November 7, 2009. Congratulations Paul and Michelle on being so successful in the racehorsing hobby.
It was all about Girl Power when Zenyatta ran against the boys in the Breeder's Cup Classic today at Santa Anita Park. The Breeder's Cup is sort of the World Series of Horse Racing. Zenyatta went into the race undefeated and after the race she is now 14 wins in 14 starts! She danced and pranced her way onto the track and obviously was not affected when the entire field had to be unloaded from the gate after Quality Road scraped his hind leg when he acted up going into the gate. They broke slowly from the gate and Zenyatta was far from the lead as they came around the turn and started down the stretch. Mike Smith took her to the outside and Zenyatta did her thing. Paul, C******** (son's name) and I were sitting on our sofa cheering hard for her and watched in amazement as Zenyatta roared past the other horses and crossed the finish line first! This is incredible and historic! Way to go girl! Zenyatta for Horse of the Year!

Pond-dragon said...

Got to hand it to you guys "Excellent work" I also have it on good authority that The Dream home guys got thrown out of a JACC Housing Committee meeting some years back by the "Usual Suspects" They saw right through the scam!

Johnny Northside said...

Good thing the "usual suspects" are now the New Majority.

veg*nation said...

well, it's unfortunate that koenigs chose a smarmy, abusive sport like horse racing ( to salve their massive class insecurity. or, maybe they just really do want to teach little princess that any entertainment worth its salt depends on the suffering of others.