Thursday, December 24, 2009

An Inside Look At FK Art Glass...

Photos By John Hoff

A couple weeks ago, I went to an open house at 2210 Bryant Ave. N., the Hawthorne Neighborhood home of FK Art Glass. I saw amazing glass chandeliers and sipped homemade root beer, which they brew right there at the house.

If there's ever a tour of the Most Romantic Homes of NoMi, FK Art Glass should be near the top of the list. Plus, their tours are not a rare, infrequent event. I remember publicizing another tour back in May of this year, click here.

In the photos above...

From top to bottom, glass blowing of the chandeliers, very modern and distinctive...a working, vintage Dr. Pepper machine in the studio area, right near the root beer taps for homemade root beer...floating glass balls in the tank of Koi fish, who are inside for the winter.

I tell you, every time I see Koi fish all I can think is: look at the MEAT on those little suckers. I bet they taste just like carp.

Oh, the next photo, an interesting and somewhat gothic metal statue in the living room. On a lighter note, hand blown glass Christmas ornaments. In the next photo, an image of the bathroom sink, made of glass, of course. In fact, even the KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS are made of colorful glass, something I've never seen before.

In the last photo, more blowing glass in the studio. I think the guy in the brown shirt was some guy on the tour who had an opportunity to work with the glass, but that's unconfirmed.

By the way, if you want to buy a house right near this very active center for the glass blowing arts, there are PLENTY of houses coming available on the 2200 block of Bryant Ave. N. and quite near by, still selling for a song.

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