Sunday, December 6, 2009

Local D'Lish Picks Up Where Mill City Farmers Market Leaves Off In Winter...

Photo by John Hoff

Metro Magazine recently recognized Local D'Lish, an organic and local foods store in North Loop which is owned and managed by Ann Yin of the Jordan Neighborhood, for its winter farmers market. Click here for the Metro Magazine article.

(There may actually be another article in Metro Magazine that goes into more detail about the incredible edible Local D'Lish, but so far I haven't found that article online. Readers, feel free to post links) 

The popular Mill City Farmers Market doesn't go through winter but, as pointed out by Metro Magazine, Local D'Lish picks up where the Mill City Farmers Market leaves off.

Ann Yin is pictured above, with a case of TEN DIFFERENT KINDS OF ROOT BEER, which she gave me as a present for my recent birthday. Since too many miles and too much trucker food have helped me pack on the pounds, I'm hitting the diet and exercise hard, lately. So I told Ann Yin that I'm setting the root beer aside as a reward for hitting my "goal weight." 

Thanks again, Ann Yin and Local D'Lish.

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The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

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Ann Yin said...

Thank you John for posting about the winter market. And thank you dear NoMi neighbors for your support of Local D'Lish. We are honored to host the winter markets as well as several other fundraisers/social events. Visit for more details. The dates for the winter markets are:
December 19, January 16, February 20, March 20 and April 17. They run from 10-2. Thanks again John for the shout out. We hope you enjoy the root beer!!

veg*nation said...

i totally recommend the "mama's" salsa--i make special trips to d'lish just for this.