Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Son Alex--Active And Involved NoMi Citizen (Every Other Weekend, Some Holidays, And Six Weeks In The Summer, Anyway)

Photos By John Hoff
On Christmas Day shortly before going to a delightful dinner at the Jaramillo residence in the Jordan Neighborhood, my son Alex and I spotted an abandoned, trashed up crib right in the middle of an intersection near my house.

And, actually, the crib had been there for several hours but I had made the mistake of thinking, "Well, somebody will come along and get it--after all, they dropped it there."

But it was looking like the crib was just going to remain in the street forever, so finally Alex and I did the good citizen thing and fetched it out. The mattress was trashed--otherwise I would have given it to the Salvation Army--so I set the mattress out in the alley. But I ended up giving the metal frame to somebody who scraps metal. The wooden components, well, they're wood. Enough said.

After we took care of the crib, I looked down the street and...

Oh, great. There was still a shopping cart from Cub Foods parked in front of the house I call the "shotgun shack," right out on the sidewalk.


Our work is never done.

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