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"First Annual" North Minneapolis Tornado Anniversary In Farview Park Being Organized By A Weed Enthusiast Who Names His Mix Tapes After Erectile Dysfunction Medications And Has Been Convicted Of Malicious Punishment Of A Child, Solicitation/Inducement And/Or Promotion Of Prostitution...

Image from Facebook of Lavelle Onhismoney, used under First Amendment Fair Comment And Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

We should have seen this coming. The anniversary of the North Minneapolis tornado is bearing down upon us and, naturally, the disaster needs to be recognized and memorialized.

(Begin sarcasm font) Well, who better than a wannabe rapper and marijuana enthusiast named Lavelle Aboutadollar Jones to seize this moment as his own personal career-boosting opportunity by organizing a gathering in Fairview Park?

Hurry, folks! What better time and place to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases than a festive outdoor music event with a clown and inflatable play area for the children? (End sarcasm font)

Lavelle has been organizing the event with a Facebook page and... of the moment I write this, has sent out invitations to 2530 people, with 104 acceptances and 38 maybes.

(Hmmmm, that's not so hot)

The event, known as "After The Storm--Rebuilding Life" is described on its Facebook page in the following way:

(Paragraph break inserted by JNS blog)

"1st annual Anniversary of the storm" will be located at Farview Park (621 29th Ave N.), on Saturday May 26th at 11pm to 3pm, the purpose of the fundraiser is to gain funds and donations for families affected, and still being affected by the devastation the storm caused last year on May 22nd. The funds and donations will be donated to The Northside Recovery Fund which has donated and raised more than 1,300,000 for families in need after the tornado hit and there is still alot needed.

There will be live music, raffles (bus cards, gift cards, etc.),free food, on site std/sti testing, housing resources, job resources, a clown, an inflatable play area, and much more. We accept any donation or contribution from the performers, sponsors, and vendors, for this fundraiser so that we can make this a very big event. Any donation or resource will be greatly appreciated, your logo or your organization's logo will be put on the flyers and posters as sponsors. The reason I am putting this fundraiser together is because as a musical artist I wanna give back to my community and help in anyway possible to uplift my city to make it a stronger, safer, and a better place to live and grow in."

Lavelle then lists the organizations who (he states) are sponsoring this event.

* The Park Board
* Shiloh Temple
* Hard 2 Top E.N.T.
* Seen On The Streets
* Fremont Clinic

Right away, I'd like to point out the Park Board probably isn't a "sponsor" so much as a government entity allowing the event to take place on public property. As for Fremont Clinic...sponsor? Really? Sponsor or "agreed to participate"?

This is a list of the performers. However, Lavelle Jones' notes the list may change "due to artist availability and/or time."

* Nakia Marie (hiphop)
* Smart Guy Chevelle (hiphop)
* Rico Novotion (R&B) - Diamond Effect Records
* Margeux Davis (R&B)
* Tc Lyric (hiphop)
* Shiloh Temple (gospel)
* Tommy Wesley (gospel)
* Tribe Nation Footwork Team (dance)
* The Twin Cities Steppers (dance)

So if this event is going to come off well rather than fall flat on its collective face, it's probably a good idea to ask, "Who is Lavelle 'About A Dollar' Jones and can he pull this thing off successfully?"

The first thing that strikes me about Jones' Facebook page is that it features a prominent ad for Cialis, an erectile dysfunction drug like Viagra. At first I this was some kind of random advertisement which Jones had posted on his Facebook page to collect ad revenue pennies at a time...very much like the ads appearing here at Johnny Northside Dot Com. Another Cialis image on Jones' blog shows two senior citizens, naked as jaybirds, covorting on a beach with their wrinkly old butts facing the camera.

Don't go there and look for it. Once you see something, it can't be "unseen."

It appears Jones' has a habit of naming his "mix tapes" after penile enhancement drugs and there's no actual affiliation with the drug companies, as evidenced by this snippet from an interview, linked here. 

Q: What’s next for you as an artist?

A: The “CIALIS” mixtape, The “LAVETRA” mixtape, The “EXTENZE” mixtape, The King Moee Beatz dvd “M.O.E.E.”, a graphic urban novel I wrote while I was incarcerated called “My Brothers Keeper”, promoting my own parties and events, and expanding the #TEAMTOWELGANG Brand.
"Viagra" is another of his mix tapes.

Lavelle also goes by King Moee Beatz, and has a YouTube channel by that name. In his song "Fugitive" on the "Viagra" mix tape (linked here) Lavelle appears to lay out the whole story of his life, starting with his birth on September 1, 1986 and including "juvenile detention, group homes and county jails" and "(arguing?) with my mom just so she could post my bail."

While apparently rolling a joint on the video, he says he "got bumped for promotion of prostitution" and "I got four months, the bitch just got some restitution." He talks about being in a workhouse and not able to endure it, so despite misgivings he "left the state."

One expects further explanation after those lyrics, but there is none...just King Moe Beatz finishes rolling the joint he has been working upon in the video, and then holds up some promotional music material. Whether the song might be regarded purely as art and not as a detailed autobiographical confession soon becomes irrelevant. The only part of the song I need to believe is Lavelle's birthday of September 1, 1986, which helps me confirm he is the same Lavelle Jones in online Minnesota court records.

Here is his criminal history (in Minnesota) and the outcome of each charge.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory

Pled guilty. Got anger management treatment and credit for 39 days in the workhouse. Got probation.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory

Convicted of the loitering charge, the paraphernalia charge was dismissed.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory

The domestic assault charges were dismissed. He was convicted of the disorderly conduct charge. Got probation. Got anger management. (A comment in the record says "OR DOMESTIC ABUSE PROGRAM") Got 45 days but 44 days were stayed, credit for one day.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory

Pled not guilty to the disorderly conduct. Changed plea to guilty. One of the two charges of disorderly conduct was dismissed, as was the property damage charge. Got probation. Got anger management. (Do you get a certificate to hang on the wall each time? I'm just wondering. This guy should have a doctorate degree in anger management by now!) Got 90 days in the workhouse but it was stayed.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Give False Name/DOB/ID to Peace Officer
Noisy gathering-disturb peace of residents

Pled not guilty to both charges. Amended his plea and pleaded guilty to the noisy gathering. The false name charge was dismissed. He was given a small fine and still owes $100 on it as of today.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Pled guilty and got probation.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Mabley, Daniel H.
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Solicitation, Inducement and Promotion of Prostitution

If this is the same incident Lavelle mentions in his song "Fugitive," then he is not completely factual in the song. He was given credit for 50 days. That's nowhere near four months. It appears he was given a job seeking furlough. His time was served concurrent with the time for malicious punishment of a child. Also, the sentence doesn't appear to reflect walking away from a workhouse.

I'm willing to give Lavelle the benefit of the doubt and assume the song is alluding to a different prostitution incident (real and actual, not made up) for which he received four months, ended up in a workhouse and (after some soul searching) fled the state, whatever state it was.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Contempt of Court - Penalty

He served 60 days for this. The judge was The Honorable Ann K. McKeig.

Crim/Traf Non-Mand
Under Court Jurisdiction
Traffic-Drivers License-Driving After Suspension

Pled guilty. Sentenced to 90 days in the "Wadena County Jail," but 88 days were stayed and 2 days were served. This charge gives me insight into some stuff on Lavelle Jones' Facebook page, where he is apologizing for not making it to his concert appearance, as follows.


Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Norris, Lyonel
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Under Court Jurisdiction

Pleaded not guilty to both, but then amended his plea to guilty on driving after suspension. The uninsured vehicle charge was dismissed. Got probation and a suspended sentence of 30 days.

Jones, Levelle Eugene
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Under Court Jurisdiction
No Drivers License in Possession or Fail to Display Upon Request

Pled guilty. He was given a small fine. As of today, he still owes $50 on the fine.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Ridgedale
Hedlund, Deborah
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Under Court Jurisdiction
Disorderly Conduct-Offensive, abusive, noisy, obscene behavior
Driving after suspension

The driving after suspension charge was dismissed. At first, Lavelle pleaded not guilty to the disorderly conduct, but then changed his plea. Fined $175. "About A Dollar" Jones paid $75, but as of today he still owes $100.

So here we have this individual organizing this community event--he has criminal convictions, quite recently, and apparently isn't allowed to drive. He owes money to the courts for his criminal convictions. Also, there is a lot of enthusiasm for marijuana spread all over his Facebook page and apologies for being difficult to reach by phone. At one point Lavelle says, "HIT ME I SWITCH PHONES LIKE DRAWZE LOL."

Lavelle's life also features raw romantic conflict. On October 27, 2011, a Facebook user named Shaion Thickashewantme Richards directed a message at Lavelle OnHisMoney, as follows:

"you is a nasty, chlamydia keepin, ass lickin, small boxer wearin, bummy nigga! you a dead beat nigga! thats why u aint never gon achieve shit and u always gon fall because u always burn ya bridges... the end has come... goodday!"

The next day, Tatiana Griffin stepped into the fray and made the following posting directed at Lavelle.

"It always some hatin scary ass bitch...came to 4521 lyndale and a bitch didnt even come to the door..where they do that at?....LOOK BITCHES STAY OF MY BRO SHIT WITH ALL THAT NEGATIVITY OR I BE THE BITCH THAT WILL STEP IN YOUR FACE...i dont give a fuck who!"

This romantic conflict seems to have taken a toll on Lavelle. He didn't post on Facebook again until December 2, 2010. (Or if he did post, the posts have been removed)

This Lavelle Jones appears to be a less-than-dependable personality with legal and drug issues (and certainly anger management issues) who has seized the moment of the North Minneapolis tornado anniversary for his own self-promotional purposes and, incredibly, gotten a small number of people to follow him. He does not appear to be trustworthy with any sums of money intended for relief efforts. The stamp of his personality is all over this event and it is trashy...really, clowns and face painting AS WELL AS an STD checkup all in one relatively small park area?

I am not surprised how few people on Facebook have RSVPed for this event. This event is not organized by a reputable person and I harbor many doubts about how it will come off. I hope children aren't promised a fun time but then show up for something that's a total bust.

Finally, I take issue with the phrase "First Annual." Like, really? We shall observe it 60 years from now like Pearl Harbor Day? I would love to see statistics on how many subsequent anniversaries can be expected from any "first annual" event. Journalistic style books forbid use of the phrase.

Yes, the first anniversary of the tornado will be will be observed in media stories and, hopefully, low key backyard cookouts that don't turn into tragic shooting incidents. But it is a minor tragedy spinning out of a bigger tragedy that Lavelle Aboutadollar Jones has seized this moment and tried to make it his own vehicle for advancement in a dubious life and amateur music career.


Johnny Northside! said...

More information on Lavelle Jones...

On April 10, 2010 he wrote on Facebook, "I got 200 worth of food stamps I need to get rid of send me a message (I deliver).

One poster replied "(Deleted) YOU REALLY GOIN TO JAIL. TAKE THAT (Deleted) DOWN ASAP."

In another posting, Lavelle cries out his anguish to the world, as follows:

"have u ever bought a sack and it looked like it was fat till u get home and break it down and its (sic) all dust!! smh! never again..."

Screen shots of all this stuff have been saved in JPEG form. No need for it to be removed from Facebook. Keep it there.

Keep it REAL, I say.

Anonymous said...

FB comment from Lavelle's sister Tatiana Griffin, left under the "nasty ass chlamydia keepin" post..."Don't get mad cause the cum truck don't make stops by your lips no more....lmao we know that its alot of you guys mad cause you got treated but remember if every felt froggy...LEAP BITCH"

Nice. What a charming woman she is.

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't even UNDERSTAND that "every felt froggy" remark but the meaning of "cum truck" stopping by the lips is crystal clear.

Whistle Blower said...

I read the "every" word as a slight typo, meant "ever" .. ever felt froggy. Now to decifer what that is, that's the key. Froggy either horny or fight-y, as in wanting to fight.

Did you mean soliciting prostitution ( buying/trying to buy) or did you mean promoting prostitution?

Johnny Northside! said...

There's one charge that covers soliciting, inducement AND promotion of prostitution.

Here's how it appears on Jones' criminal record.

"Solicitation, Inducement and Promotion of Prostitution"

In his song, however, he states it was "promotion of prostitution." However, since he ALSO refers to getting "four months" for that charge, it's apparently not the same charge listed here...or he's changing details in a way to make his account unreliable.

Like those on the jail roster who are charged with possession of a pistol or assault rifle, we don't know which it is. Since it's all covered in the official record by a catchall phrase "solicitation, inducement and promotion" I just went with solicitation.

Of those three, solicitation is actually (in my mind) the LEAST serious.

But you know what?

I think I want to make the headline more detailed and accurate. So I'm going to go clarify it.

Johnny Northside! said...

There. Consider it clarified.

"Soliciting" has been changed to:

Solicitation/Inducement And/Or Promotion Of Prostituion.

If he was, in fact, soliciting then it wouldn't surprise me if, in the song, he said he was promoting.

I mean, better to say you were out there playing the pimping game than to admit you were out there PAYING FOR IT, right?

Johnny Northside! said...

According to online sources, "feeling froggy" means to have a sore throat.

So if you feel like you have a sore throat, LEAP bitch.


I'm still confused. Why should she leap? Leap to get tested for STDs?

Johnny Northside! said...

I now realize it would be a great historical injustice not to preserve, for the ages, the clever rejoinders of Shaion Thickashewant me Richards in the course of this Facebook flap. Her words are as follows:

Shaion Thickashewantme Richards

Bitch must be on the southside cuz aint no bubble faced bitch cum to my door and i aint slap the taste out that bitch mouth! lol u bitches is funny! its crazy how hoes talkin all this bs but aint bout shit! fluke hoes is funny to me! Lol like te Sunday comics!

fluke niggas fall for anything! and thats exactly what Lavelle Eugene Jones did! lol Nigga I hope u can pay that $3000 phone bill I ran in ya name! u know i got all ya info! i aint new to dis. Lavelle E Jones (Here she publishes his birthday and Social Security Number) Everybody use his shit! its worthless anyway! the whole time the crib had ya name on it! lol beetcha didnt know dat! lollollollollollol

October 29, 2010 at 2:42am

Shaion Thickashewantme Richards Busta ass bitches betta get on my level! got cash? think not! muhfuccas got lint in dey pockets and tryna cum @ me? wow! where dey do that at? #stupidusodumb

lavelle jones said...

This is lavelle jones, I really appreciate the kind words that you had to say about me in your blog... lol.... But the reality is that I didn't have to do this, nobody in this community is organizing a event this big for community I admit, I do have a troubled past, and I have done some things in my life that I regret, but if you are so quick to write me off over my past who will ever get to see what I do with my future. I LOVE THE NORTHSIDE AND I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO HELP AND BRING MY COMMUNITY TOGETHER. Thanks for the promotion, you should come down and bring your family and friends cause this is gonna be 1 event u don't wanna miss!

Johnny Northside! said...

Well, Lavelle, if this is really you...

I'm glad all that anger management counseling seems to have done you so much good.

However, I don't think you're quite at the stage of personal development where you can be trusted with responsibility for an event this big and this important, or with large (or even small) sums of money.

You don't seem to have dependable phone numbers, a dependable way to get around, or a dependable habit of paying what you owe, i.e. to the courts. You're also the wrong face to put on this event.

This event represents North Minneapolis. Do I want North Minneapolis represented by a guy convicted of the kind of stuff you've been convicted of? Prostitution? Malicious punishment of a child?

Ask yourself why so few of your invites are coming back as "yes, I will attend." People are being polite but, to be perfectly frank, (you need to hear this) you're not the kind of person who should be the face at the forefront of event like this and it's personally EMBARRASSING to me that you have STD testing along with a clown and facepaint...

That's just wrong. Not keeping it real. Keeping it WRONG.

Now that I've criticized you harshly, I will say that your music (while not at all my taste) has a certain undeniable skill and your song "Fugitive," whether it's strictly factual or not, had a gripping sort of street level reality to it.

You're more like somebody who should PERFORM at a Northside community event, not ORGANIZE it. You're in over your head and I don't see this thing succeeding.

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm going to preserve this post Lavelle put on his Facebook. The most important thing about it...

Lavelle doesn't claim I wrote ANYTHING untrue.

Thanks to some guy, my whole life story got blogged... lol! Some of the stuff that was said about me and my past is ridiculous... when I was out here bad nobody had a word to say about me now that I'm doin somethin positive to uplift my ppl and my community they treat me as if I'm still out here bad... That's y so many youth and young ppl are out here reckless cause they don't get no support when their doin the right thing.....


Paragraph break inserted by yours truly, as usual.

Johnny Northside! said...

By the way, Lavelle, I made a point of getting "screen shots" of your Facebook profile, so the existence of anything I quoted or described can't be denied.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, and let me add:

Lavelle, you have a moral obligation to do the right thing whether people give you positive feedback or not. The world isn't going to kiss your ass and heap praise upon you just because you're doing the right thing.

The right thing is what's EXPECTED of you. The right thing is what MOST of us are doing, those who aren't getting convicted on prostitution charges, maliciously punishing a child, rolling a damned joint on a music video.

I'm supposed to praise you for doing something right? You're singing a song that confesses criminal behavior (you appear to be DOING criminal behavior right in the song) and leads the listener to conclude that you walked away from a halfway house and MIGHT, just MIGHT have a warrant out on you now.

Where are you doing RIGHT? Your music doesn't talk about doing RIGHT, it's an anthem of the streets waxing poetic about BAD BEHAVIOR.

Anonymous said...

O..X...On U.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that whenever someone decides to do something worthwhile there is always a person full of jealousy and hatred to come along and do their best to stand against it. There is no justifiable reason for you to have come out of nowhere and work so diligently to forfeit the efforts of this man. In reading the ignorance of your blog, I found the statement you made regarding him being the wrong face for this type of endeavor to be a bit borderline racist. Is that what you are, A hater of ethic individuals? Are you someone who finds pleasure in creating misfortune for others? It so, then why should your comments be so revered? Why is this blog, in your opinion, the go-to spot for truth? Did you do the respectable thing like sitting down with Lavelle and talking to him one on one? Or did you purchase a copy of his criminal record so that you may defame him and his efforts?
The sad part of all this is that you went out of your way to gather all this private and personal information about this individual and never once offered to assist him. You said yourself that he was not the face of this event but you never offered your face. You never said that you wanted to get involved but commended his ideas. Really, you are one of the most ignorant people I have encountered in the state of Minnesota, and I have encountered some ignorant people. What positive thing have you offered in response to this effort? Who have you contacted to gain support for those who suffered from that disaster? You actually sound as if you feel that they deserved it.
What doesn’t make sense to me is that this man has been around for years but it took him trying to do something positive for you to speak against him. Where were you when he was making poor decisions, as we all have? Where was your blog to give constructive criticism when he was being charged or heading in the wrong direction? Were you not anywhere to be found? But just as many other racists, you are fine as long as someone is destroying themselves but as soon as they learn and try to correct their mistakes, you come along to try and destroy their spirit and efforts. You ought to consider your ways.
To Lavelle, I want to say be encouraged. Whenever someone tries to do well, evil is always present. There is nothing you can do to make the ignorant wise. Proverbs 26:12, Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? There is more hope of a fool than of him; obviously this man as found him-self to be wise, but in his is wisdom he has become a fool. So never mind the ignorance of his mouth. Soon, all their mouths will be stopped. Press on and keep going.
To the sponsors:
The efforts that you have decided to invest your time and money in are not in vain. You know as well as I do that this is a worthy cause. Every family and home that was impacted by this devastation is in need of your help. Don’t let the ignorance of one naysayer sway your support and dedication. This needs to be done. Minnesota needs to show that they are not the careless concerning their ethic citizens. We are supposed to be a state that not only cares about one type of people, but we are all significant. What message do you want to send to those in need?

Anonymous said...

To Lavelle:

1) Why do you name your musical productions after erectile dysfunction drugs?

2) You say something to the effect that your bad behavior was in the past, wasn't it just around March 28 of this year, just 2 weeks ago, that you complained about a sac of weed being dry and dusty? What's up with that?

3) Aren't you advertising for models and actresses to audition to be in your music video "Gutta Bitch"? Can you explain the meaning of "Gutta Bitch"?

4) What's up with selling the food stamps? That wasn't that long ago either. Are you still in the habit of selling food stamps for cash?

5) Wasn't it just days ago that you posted a picture of your other rapper friend and you commented about him being "stoned like jesus"? (Not so much in the past)

6) What did you do to be charged with malicious punishment of a child?

7) What did you do to be charged with promotion of prostitution?

Who else has questions for Lavelle?

Johnny Northside! said...

Just to be perfectly clear, here.

The anonymous message at 10:36 PM is not somebody rising to the defense of Lavelle, but rather it is Lavelle himself.

Lavelle posted the same identical message, word-for-word, on his Facebook profile.

Anonymous said...

This blog is pointless Johnny Northside! Your attempting to diminish this man's character by digging up past events that are irrelevant to him turning his life around. Are you scared of a black man making his life better? And you criticize his music??? Are you scared of him being a successful artist? No I just think your scared of your kids singing along??? I just think your a bonifide racist and you better get it together. There is no reason for you to be ragging this man for his faults. What about congratulating him for even deciding to bring his community together??? You've never once said you were doing anything to help the community. Instead of disrupting someone else's life, let's talk about YOU doing something for the community... WHO ARE YOU??? WE'VE (NORTH MINNEAPOLIS) NEVER HEARD OF YOU, YET YOUR NAME IS JOHNNY NORTHSIDE??? On the other hand, I've heard and ENJOY the music of KING MOEE BEATZ. Quit hating on a young black male out here trying to better hisself and his community.

Anonymous said...

The comment that I wrote last night was the result of my feelings after reading your blog. I also sent a copy to Lavelle and he informed me that he would post it on his Facebook page since that seemed to be your go-to spot for information other than court documents. I was skeptical that you would even post my message and I am very surprised you did. If you have any further desire to speak with me, I will read your blog for your comments. Again, just to be clear, this is not Lavelle.

Johnny Northside! said...

First of all, where did this "turning his life around" bull**** come from, UNLESS the sole criteria of "turning his life around" is that he's trying to organize a (self-promoting) community event.

Evidence cited here shows he hasn't exactly turned his life around, geez, the guy still owes money to the courts for previous charges. So don't give me this "turning his life around" line.

In regard to his music, I'm critical of the MESSAGE of his music, not the beat or the style or anything else. In fact, his singing is skillful and has soul, though he's just glorifying his misdeeds and messed up life.

In regard to whether you've heard of me...this blog has been around for a few years, it's been named in publications as one of the hottest blogs around, and DAMN RIGHT I use the name Johnny Northside to make a point of associating the name "Northside" with revitalization, opposing crime, turning the community into something better than a slum. I've taken that name "Northside" and I've rebranded it. Deal.

We are even. You've never heard of me until now, and I've never heard of "Moee Beatz."

In regard to me printing your comment...

I print all sorts of substantive, even highly critical comments as long as they don't cross a certain line or come from self-appointed trolls. I print the vast majority of comments I receive, but not spam advertisements for penile enhancement drugs.

Of course, if Moee Beatz has something to say about the issue of penile enhancement drugs, I will have to look hard to determine if it's really him or spam.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, also, a small fact in need of correction:

I didn't PURCHASE this guy's criminal record. That data is free for anybody who cares to use the Minnesota Courts website.

Also, I can't count the number of times individuals get on this blog and bitch that I should have "sat down and talked with them" before publishing factual information. I guess this is their reaction to how hard they feel hit by seeing factual information about themselves published on the internet.

However, I write a great amount of stuff, often based on police and public records. It's simply not practical to "sit down and talk" to everybody I write about, particularly those convicted of various crimes, I don't even WANT to be in contact with some of these criminals.

The public record is the public record. Cry me a river if it hurts so much to see a recitation of legal facts about yourself, or quotes from what USED TO BE your oh-so-public Facebook page where, among MANY other things, you offered to sell $200 worth of food stamps and allowed a post to remain where your sister tells another woman "the cum truck no longer stops at your lips."

No, I didn't PURCHASE your criminal record and of course I didn't hack your Facebook page. These facts about you were hanging out there like laundry on a clothesline, for anybody to see who cared to look, I merely put these facts into an easily accessed public forum for relevant discussion.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing makes no sense at all. Why even attack someone for something that has absolutely no revelance to your life? I mean damn, the boy is talented, has dreams and he's working to achieve those things. What does his food stamps have to do with anything? It's 2012 honey, let's keep it real, everybody buys and sells food stamps! The government can't stop it and neither can you. It's like you just randomly picked someone and started throwing daggers at them. Why??? Who sicked you on him. Why must you want someone's efforts to do better, go flying away??? The way you talk, I'd say you were and Still are a spoiled brat. Born without the struggle and taught to terrorize the strugglers. Who cares if he owes court money??? Are you going to pay the balance? I think not. All your going to do is continue to sit behind the keyboard and play bully. This needs to end, everytime a black man raps about something rough, people just can't wait to claim he's such a bad person. How about we dig up your record? Hmmm... All files will probably be sealed. This should be against the law. Your a hater! Nevermind though because I still believe in the event! I know it'll be a success for the TRUE NORTHSIDERS! Good Day!

Johnny Northside! said...

Really? Everybody buys and sells food stamps, huh?

Maybe you can set up a little booth and the event and people can buy and sell and get some good deals.

Anonymous said...

No there is definitely no need for a booth. This event is to help the needy Northsiders, what are you doing to help??? You have so much to say but answer thus, what are you doing to help us??? I've asked you this in every comment, you've given no answer. Your a coward.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I should probably get in on buying and selling food stamps. I had thought about it, considering I actually pay taxes, but then knew it was illegal and immoral, so never got into the habit.

And yes, the events just show that he's irresponsible - why would we entrust him with money? So he can go buy a fattie bag of weed, buy some food stamps, and have a good ol' time with the "real north siders"?

Johnny Northside! said...

What am I doing to help you?

OK, let me answer directly. I won't be helping you because I think your event is ill-conceived from the start and there are aspects of the event which are embarrassing like the std testing. People should go to a clinic and get tested, not to a booth near the inflated bouncy tent.

I won't be helping you because I don't trust you with MONEY, or with GIFT CARDS, nor do I trust you have the ability to keep a crowd of people under control instead of having this event turn into a melee.

Also, I am busy. My RIGHT to criticize you doesn't confer any OBLIGATION to help you.

Anonymous said...

I'll be helping "real northsiders" by making sure would be donations to this event are funnelled elsewhere and can actually be put to good use, instead into the greedy hands of some ex-pimp turned poverty pimp who is dumb enough to brag about selling food stamps and keeping clamydia.

Johnny Northside! said...

To be perfectly fair, the line about "clamydia keeping" was in a posting by Lavelle's ex-girlfriend, not by Lavelle himself.

(Or, as one of the anonymous commenters would spell it, "hisself.")

As of yesterday, I can no longer find Lavelle's profile on Facebook. The page for the event still exists and, of course, the "King Moee Beatz" videos (like Gutta Bitch and Fugitive) are all over YouTube.

Folwell Neighbor said...

Cheers Johnny, I agree with you. My wife and I saw the info about this event before I saw this blog, and we both thought it was pretty messed up that they're planning on having a clown and STD testing. I would pay good money to take a picture of the clown in full costume getting tested for STDs, that would be hilarious. Anyway, yeah, the whole thing just sounded cobbled together. I think Lavelle is actually trying to be good with this event (whether or not he's turning his life around), but it certainly does seem that he lacks the experience to pull it off correctly. At this point I just hope that nothing goes seriously wrong with the event, a fight or whatever, that would hit the news and make NoMi look worse.

Anonymous said...

Ah, we can't forget the gems from Twitter:

lavelle jones ‏ @moeebeatz
niggaz hate to see me shine but u know what they hate more?? the barrel of my nine... lol stay on the grind wit money on my mind i cant...

lavelle jones ‏ @moeebeatz
Bitches aint shit its a proven fact!

Anonymous said...

Correction. STD testing will be provided by seen on da streets inside a "MOBILE CLINIC"
{Q-Mobile} NOT "A TABLE" next to children activities.

Seen on da Streets services are available to everyone age 15-39.

Outreach and health education to improve your health and well-beingSTI screening and treatment optionsA chance to talk about sex and educate yourself Counseling for individuals and partners
Walk in to our clinic!

Fremont Clinic: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1:00-4:30 pm

Call us at 612-588-9411

Our street outreach initiative, Seen on da Streets, addresses clinic environments, community norms, and individual behavior. We aim to increase awareness and use of STI prevention, testing and treatment options. This focus includes imparting skills to negotiate the use of contraception and discuss reproductive health with sexual partners, and the willingness and motivation to make use of community health services. Since 2005, Seen on da Streets advocates have reached more than 11,000 young men and women through on-street and community-based education and screenings, walk-in clinics, sexuality groups and counseling. Funding for this project is provided by the City of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Department of Health.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is Lavelle's most recent comment, which I have copied and pasted to publish. However, a URL provided by Lavelle at the end of the post falls under my "no trolls" rule, so I won't post that.

lavelle jones here again, who said I would be handling any money?? Did u confirm that through your public records?? What year did I commit the promotion of prostitution and malicious punishment?? Now, I'm hearing that because I have a criminal record I'm not allowed to throw a event for the community, right?? But I'm pretty sure that those court documents say somethin about community service and this is community service, right?? So, if I didn't have a criminal record or past facebook post that's. Good enough to do somethin for the community, right?? Ok! Lol! So, who are u to judge me when u have legal troubles of your own?? How does 60,000 sound?? This is my last post on this blog, because you are a hiprocrite and u ain't as squeaky clean as u claim I need to be! Remember your public records are open too! Lol!!

April 11, 2012 12:10 PM

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to "handling money," I must confess I merely assumed that in the course of coordinating such a large community event that you, the organizer, might at some point be handling money, even if it's just a few relatively small sums, possibly even out of your own pocket...especially when you were all, like, WHERE DO I GET FACE PAINT, etc?

But, you're right, maybe I shouldn't blithely assume anybody was allowing Lavelle "On His Money" Jones to actually HANDLE MONEY associated with this planned event.

By the way, taking down your Facebook profile shows you to be even MORE undependable and untrustworthy.

Northside Supporter said...

I've been reading this blog for a few days now and I've come to the conclusion that your purposely picking on this guy. He's doing something for a community that has nothing. All these comments are coming from people who are DOING NOTHING but running their mouths about someone they know nothing about. It's ridiculous. Just plain ignorant. Johnny, I've read up on you. It seems like your out to take down every black person on the Northside that is actually doing something worth while. Your attacking someone's son, father, uncle and grandson just because he has a record? Wow, what is society coming to? What happened to congratulating a person for actually trying to rehabilitate themselves? I've never heard of your name when its time to give back. The only time I see anything about Johnny Northside is when your trying to get someone taken down. Its a crying shame. What if someone was to rip your son's reputation apart for doing what he feels is right? I don't think you would like that too much. Then your stalking his Facebook page, combing through comments and past events. That's just stupid, seems like your leading a boring life. Damn I don't even comb through my friends' pages the way you violated his. It's just wrong. There has been a petition drawn up to get this blog closed down. Your journey to ruin the black people of North Minneapolis is over. Thank You ~Bird~

Johnny Northside said...

I can't agree that he is "doing something for a community that has nothing." It's inaccurate to say we have "nothing" in our community.

And, once again, you're trotting out the "trying to rehabilitate himself" line. This does not appear to be a rehabilitation attempt by Lavelle Jones but an attempt at self-promotion by latching on to the anniversary of the tornado and throwing together a musical event.

Johnny Northside said...

Oh, and by the way...

When you have the clown standing in line at the STD testing booth sign your little petition, make sure he uses his real legal name and not "Blimpy " or "Whimzy" or some clown name.

Folwell Neighbor said...

Dear "Bird" Northside Supporter:
"He's doing something for a community that has nothing." Most would disagree that we have nothing.

"All these comments are coming from people who are DOING NOTHING..." exCUSE ME?

"It seems like your(sic) out to take down every black person" I've seen Johnny blast people of many races. He's equal opportunity when he's doling out shame! :)

"[Johnny,] I've never heard of your name when its time to give back." This blog itself is evidence to dispute that. The fact that you found this blog is evidence of its efficacy.

"What if someone was(sic) to rip your son's reputation apart for doing what he feels is right?" Now I can't speak for Johnny, but if his son messed up, it seems like he'd be first in line to apologize on his behalf, and I firmly believe Johnny would punish his son in addition to any potential legal punishment. These are the things that good parents do, to make their children grow up to be good people.

"Then your(sic) stalking his Facebook page ... you violated his [Facebook page]." Not only is that public info, that's info he PUT in a public forum. If you spray paint messages on the side of your car, I'm going to read it, that's just what I do. Johnny does too, who could blame him, and why is this wrong?

"There has been a petition drawn up to get this blog closed down." Buahaha...hahaha...hahaha. First of all, look at the general success rate of petitions overall. I'll let you form your own conclusion as to how well they work. Second of all, WHAT? What would that do, force Johnny to get a new URL? It would be searchable within days (possibly hours), and he'd be back up and running. You can't stop a blog, at least not in that manner.

"Your journey to ruin the black people..." What does race have to do with this? Just because light reflects differently off of their skin, Johnny's on a mission to ruin him? Eh, what?

Stop trying to divide us, stop trying to increase racial tension (isn't there enough?). If you want to come up with rational arguments, please present them here, I truly am interested in them and I believe others are too.

Anonymous said...

Northside supporter?!? Like a fucking jockstrap you are supporting nothing but a bunch of smelly NUTS and an undersized head that never ever uses it's pee-sized brain because that part of the anatomy has a distinct history of not being used by any male with too much thought of the consequences. All of you pathetic shitheads do not have a clue and all that you really have in common with anything positive is your fucking drug tests. Fuck off and leave my fellow Veteran the fuck alone. I'm coming back with a vengeance because i have been granted another chance at life. Stay the fuck on notice because the shit is going to hit the fan and all of you activist hatin' fux are on the other side preparing to suck it all in. Guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

BoooooooaaaĆ aaaaaaattttttttttthead!!!!!!!

Got Milk!!! said...


Johnny Southside said...

we all as people talk bad about others... johnny just has the balls or should i say the brains to use his rights to freedom of speech. ps i just made a johnny southside blog {not published yet} i need better dirt then johnny northside lol... lets take it to the ring and see who wins Blog of the year lol this is going to be great... oh and stuff like this keep govenment officials on their toes..good for the community if u ask me...The REAL Johnny PLEASE stand up

Johnny Northside! said...

The real Johnny is already standing but if you're serious about your Johnny Southside blogging effort, we should sit down and I'll show you a bunch of my tricks.

Really, I just have a handful of good tricks that I use over and over. The rest depends on having a very thick skin and disregard for b.s. threats.

Anti-anti's said...

John(ny) I don't think that JOhnny Southside is someone who wants to do a southside version of this blog. I read it/take it as another hater who wants to do an anti blog.

I dunno. Maybe I'm too skeptical.

Anonymous said...

If Lavelle was really wanting to do something good for the community, he would have cleaned up his act BEFORE setting out on this event planning. It's obvious he's in way over his head and has never done anything like this before. He would have removed the references to marijuana from his FB page. He would have paid up his court fines and he would have waited until his reputation for pimpin' and beating children was clear. Why would anyone with that background want to put himself in the public eye and not be prepared for scrutiny.

There's no way in hell I'd give a nickel or a minute of my time supporting this event. And it's a year later and the foundations have already raised tons of money to help people who go through a screening process to be sure they're not scammers themselves.

I know people who volunteered at various stations right after the tornado and saw all kinds of people taking things they weren't entitled to. They weren't in the storm nor did they have any damage but they sure as fuck showed up for some free child care and food and supplies. Taking them from the very hands of those who needed it most. WTF is wrong with people?!?

And this whole thing put together by known druggies and pimps and child beaters ..... seriously?!? Why would anyone get involved in this?!? He owes court fines and rolls joints on his video!

Lavelle should do the right thing and call it all off, step back, seriously clean up his act, and come back to this when he's in a better position. It's hard to think any of this is coming from his heart or a desire to help the community since there's been absolutely no demonstration of that intent at all in the past. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.

NOMI is never going to be a better place as long as thugs like him and his ilk are playing games like this and fucking with people's lives. Stop your drug dealing. stop your pimpin'. Start treating the children better so they don't grow up to shoot people over a fucking bicycle already!

Got Milk!!! said...

^^^^ Awesome point. i believe the idea is good and i also believe he has good intentions regardless of his past. he put his foot in water before he can swim that is what happened and no one will put money in the hands of ANY indiviual when your talking about donations. i did my own research and he has a lot of help behind him and others who believe this is a great "idea" i think he's no more then a guy with an "idea" who approched the right people to help or should i say to organize this event. i dont think he is trying to get away from his past or use this as a popularity boost.{if he is then he learned it from watching politics thay do it all the time} maybe he is, maybe not ether way it goes he did something POSITIVE give this jerk a break already and i also believe johnny northside is pushing him to change his life all critisim WONT BE GOOD but good for you Agree? one more thing....maybe he should pass this event on to some one who is experienced and or works in the NOMI neighborhood and get his act together and then show he's ready to pull off an event like this.

Anonymous said...

11:08 AM (13 minutes ago)

to me
Seen On da Streets canceled the event ""After the Storm - Rebuilding Life"".

The Facebook Team


Anonymous said...

Look, lets leave Lavelle alone. The guy had/has good intentions its time to get off his back and focus on the problems/issues in North Minneapolis rather than continuing to harass this guy

Johnny Northside! said...

I would love to get more facts, details, documentation, etc. on anybody who obtained aid after the storm who was not entitled to that aid.

If that happened.

Anonymous said...

Ask Jerry, wasn't he the one who was supposedly handing out the tornado aid?

Johnny Northside! said...

See this article:

Which contains this account of dealing with Jerry Moore and storm aid:

One profoundly frustrating roadblock, she relates, has been the pursuit of and failure to obtain a useful response from Jerry Moore, director of outreach at the Neighborhood Hub, 3110 Oliver Avenue N. "It's been ridiculous," she recalls.
On one visit, while filling out forms to apply, she noticed a caption stating that were she receiving a public assistance subsidy, which she was under Section 8 for housing, it disqualified her from getting help under the program Moore proposed, General Assistance from Hennepin County. "I pointed out that I had already told him when I first came in that I was receiving a subsidy.

"He apologized: ‘Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll have to see what I can do. I'll look for resources. I'll get back to you.' The whole purpose wasn't to help. It was to fill out paperwork and give advice I didn't need to go to places everyone already knows about: Emergency Assistance. Red Cross. Salvation Army. [I had] already gone through those steps."

Reached by telephone to respond to Clay's complaints, Moore declined to answer questions and referred us to Chanda Baker Smith of Pillsbury United Communities. We were unable to contact Baker Smith prior to publication.

Why am I not surprised Jerry Moore was (reportedly) no help at all but has somehow ended up in charge of something that is supposed to help the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

You really crushed the spirit of someone who really wants to do right. He has had a rough time in his life but you don't KNOW him. You only know what society has put here for you to find. We all have made mistakes, especially when we're young. I just have one question, how will someone get over their past when people like you Johnny Northside are constantly reminding them of it??? Where is the respect??? If we did background checks on everyone the way you did Lavelle, NO ONE would have a chance. Your wrong. Now that the event is canceled, can you tell your reasons for attacking this event? Who sicked you upon this event? WE ALL want to know Johnny Boy!

Johnny Northside! said...

First, getting over one's past is completely different than being the front person for a high profile event that represents North Minneapolis on the anniversary of its worst disaster in terms of mass property damage. I'm not writing about this guy because he's trying to get a job at Burger King, but rather because of his self-assumed, scammy-smelling role in this high profile event, now apparently canceled.

I guess you're content to blame me but even before I wrote about it, Lavelle had more than a 1,000 invites out there, 30 some "yes," some maybes, and most people weren't answering one way or another.

Second, as to who "sicked" me on this story, you don't even know how to SPELL the question.

It's "sicced."

Look it up.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how it is spelled. You haven't answered the question honey. Who????

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to the issue about whether Lavelle would potentially be handling any funds, here is what he posted on the announcement:

Any donation to the fundraiser will be greatly appreciated, as well as contributions to the organization of the event will be accepted as well. Lets make this event, one to remember and one to celebrate for many years to come!!! * Feel free to contact me at anytime if u have any questions or concerns thanks. Lavelle Jones (702)445-8560 or


Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous at 11:17

Clearly you don't care about how it is spelled, but clearly I do.

Anonymous said...

Who sicced you???

Johnny Northside said...

Won't give up my sources.

Take a hike.

Anonymous said...

I normally really like your blog and energy, but you did really unnecessarily humiliate this guy. His heart seemed to be in the right place regardless of his past and fact is he may come from a different demographic than you come from. Maybe attacking and humiliating him was not the best way to handle this situation. Maybe you should have offered your assistance, support and constructive criticism/feedback rather than abuse and public shaming. No doubt his spirit is broken as the other commentator suggested.

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm not seeing the evidence of "heart in the right place." I read the event announcement and I see a plain, straight up appeal for financial contributions and that appeal is coming from somebody whose VERY RECENT record suggests he is irresponsible, criminally-inclined, and owes money to the court.

I welcome those who want to take a softer, less brutally frank approach to North Minneapolis stories but guess what?

If I get there first, it's my story. And everybody knows I will call them as I see them and take the heat that results.

Besides, Lavelle himself will tell you in his song "Fugitive" that he's all strong from being incarcerated. And now it's like, oh, poor little Lavelle.


Johnny Northside! said...

This is the same guy whose former girlfriend got on Facebook and called him no-good, and made pointed mention of a venereal disease...


No, he just let it all hang out there, like, check it out. She's tripping.

But Big Bad Johnny went too far with the "aggressive truth telling" and wounded the feelings of the guy with the malicious punishment of a child conviction.

My only regret is I don't have my hands on THOSE specific facts but you know what? That court file is still out there somewhere in paper form.

Johnny Northside! said...


Cry me a river.