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Trouble, Woe, And Legal Heartbreak For The Family Of Anti-Northside Revitalization Blogger Terry Yzaguirre...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

Woe! Woe to the house of Yzaguirre!

Terry Yzaguirre, who publishes the Mpls Mirror blog and seldom misses a chance to heap her harpie scorn upon individuals involved in the Northside revitalization movement, has family legal issues piling up like kitty doo doo in a neglected litter box. Not the least of her legal troubles is the fact "The Yaz" has Jill Clark as an attorney.

Clark is currently facing lawyer discipline charges and, in response, has started a blog that comes off as a final existential scream of legal existence as Clark's law career circles the drain hole.

Some background on the various legal cases would be helpful...

Brothers Jerome and Eric Yzaguirre were charged and convicted in the State of Oklahoma for having four pounds (!) of marijuana in their car while passing through the microscopic town of Caney in Atoka County. A gun was also found in the vehicle, and it was brother Jerome who took the fall over that.

In November, Eric was charged with domestic violence, click here for article. In a blog post published November 7, I wrote what turned out to be an eerily accurate prophesy:

This should be good. (Rubbing hands together)

Will Clark be alleging some kind of "conspiracy" against the dear lad for his mother's internet ramblings? Not unlike the deep and massive purported "conspiracy" against her other client, Level Three sex offender Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer?

Those words were published on November 7. It was the next day, November 8, when Jill "Conspiracy Theory" Clark filed a lawsuit on behalf of Eric Yzaguirre against Hennepin County and others. The case was soon removed to federal court.

However, that's the case on behalf of ERIC. There appears to be YET ANOTHER case in federal court on behalf Terry Yzaguirre, and her drug transporting spawn Jerome. It's not clear to me whether (alleged) thieving daughter Nicole Yzaguirre is a party to that case or whether some things that (allegedly) happened to Nicole are just part of the pattern of facts.

A rather even-handed summary of the federal case can be found on the Courthouse News Service, click here.

(It's also possible this is the same case that involves Jerome and somehow more plaintiffs have been added. I do not have access to that info quite yet)

And so it is we have some relatively minor alleged criminality literally becoming a federal case in the hands of Jill Clark.

So what's going on with the various cases? I don't have info on the federal case (or cases) but here's what's happening back on the Hennepin County docket.

First, in regard to the tragic Nicole Katherine Yzaguirre, whose cell phone records are at the center of the controversy (and conspiratorial allegations) in the federal court case.

Nicole is charged with offering a forged check (aid/abet GOC) The charge was filed February 15, 2012. On February 23, there was a warrant issued and, on the same date, a notation of "fail to appear at hearing." Is this more Clarkian legal brilliance and strategy? After all, if you don't show can they try you?

Currently, a first appearance is scheduled on April 30.

Meanwhile, brother Eric is facing a felony theft of property charge. At least it seems as though Eric shows up at his hearings. (Mom!!! Eric's sitting on my side of the court bench! Mom!!! Eric's sticking out his tongue at me!!! MOM, ERIC WON'T SHARE THE DIME BAG!!!!!)

Brother Eric is also facing charges of Domestic Abuse No Contact Order--Violate No Contact Order from charges filed October 28, 2011. It appears a $5,000 bond has been posted. Now here's where we see Jill Clark's flakey personality stamped on the record of the proceedings.

Attorney unavailable for the hearing on 12/19/11.

Attorney ALSO unavailable for the hearing on 2/13/12.

To be perfectly fair, I know Jill Clark has been making claims of medical issues of a god-knows-what nature. (Liver issues from being a drunk, if I had to take a guess) I've been scrutinizing online court records for a long time, and NEVER have I seen as many notations of "attorney unavailable" as I have with Clark's cases.

Right now the hearing on this charge is scheduled for 4/23/12. We shall see what happens with THAT.

In addition to the charges of October 28, there is a raft of charges from another alleged "domestic" filed October 18, ten days earlier than the OTHER case. There is the same notation of "attorney unavailable" for hearings on 12/19/12 and 4/23/12 but, additionally, the attorney is "unavailable" for a hearing on 2/1/12.

When a defendant has no excuse except for "Your Honor, the dog ate my lawyer," Clark is the attorney you want to hire.

It's almost easy to feel sorry for Terry Yzaguirre and her drug possessing, accused-of-thievery, accused-of-domestic-violence, loon-for-a-lawyer having family.


Not quite.

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