Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rumors Of Revitalization Progress At 2939 Lyndale Ave. N., "The $18,000 House"

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

The house at 2939 Lyndale Ave. N. was within a hair's breadth of being acquired by by CPED and demolished back in late 2010, early 2011. Only the most narrow of votes by the Hawthorne Neighborhood Association saved the property from The Backhoe Of Doom. 

My role in that close neighborhood vote was prominent, and I pushed hard. In fact, I pushed so hard I know I ruffled some feathers, but I'm hopeful people will consider the deliciousness of the resulting political omelette, rather than how the omelette was made. What I'm hearing is some enthusiastic, energetic neighborhood revitalizers have acquired the property and are throwing their hearts and souls into renovating it.

How much did they pay for the house?  Keep in mind this house had incredible hardwood floors and was located close enough to the amazing Bangkok Market to hit the front door by throwing a softball.

Well, The Re/Max website and numerous other internet sources confirm the house sold for $18,000.

And the best part? Bargains like this still exist all over NoMi.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, go Johnny - you are the GOD and SAVIOR. All hail to Johnny.
I'm sitting down right after this to dedicate my next bible to you. Oh, if only others had the wisdom, foresight, and dedication you have.

Oh, wait... the rest of us have actual JOBS!!! and humility...

Johnny Northside! said...

I consider going to Afghanistan for most of a year to be an actual JOB, so feel free to kiss my government issue, grade A ass.

Anonymous said...

But you're not there now, are ya? In fact, don't you need to get a job to start paying for your kid? Oh, wait.... that would mean taking responsibility for something for a change...

You're a disgrace to the Guard. Did they boot your fat, big mouthed ass while you were there?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon,

What "job" of yours allows surfing on the internet at 11am?

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

I do think John takes credit where it sometimes isn't due. In this case however, his account is accurate.

And the owner-occupants have been coming to neighborhood meetings too, by the way.

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm not sure where I've taken credit where it isn't due, but I'd be interested to hear.

I do sometimes think that simply informing people and stirring the pot has an enormous effect, so when things get better with issues I write about (and nobody else was writing about) I do not hesitate to pat myself on the back.

I'm just glad things have turned out so well with that house and I can hardly wait to meet the new owners when, at long last, I make it home.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous at 1:31 PM.

They promoted me and also gave me an army medal of commendation, so this is yet another instance where you can kiss my government issue, USDA Grade A inspected meaty ass.

Don't bother to reply because I'm cutting you off at the comment bar and calling you a cab.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

John, I mean this as friendly criticism. But the largest example of you taking credit where credit was not due was with Jerry Moore. I don't think this blog was responsible for getting him fired, if for no other reason than his position was eliminated far too quickly after the post in question was published. But you did take credit for that, and I do hope in the end it won't cost you.

In general, there are times when we blog about things and then what we wanted to happen, happens. That doesn't always mean the blog post caused or even contributed to the events.

boathead said...

Anonameass fever on the rise, news at ten...and now a message from Nabisco. 10:59@ 26th of April seems to think that folks in the Military do not have a real job.I wish that i could see your cowardly fucking face along with the other's who like to mock our men and women who put their respective lives on the line so certain brain comatose assholes. can post anonameassly..and i'll take a large shake wid' dat bitch. There is the assstench @1:31 who thinks that responsibility means feeding their mother when she yells for another bisquit from her fly infested bedroom. Got little time for yellow-bellied,shit stained, antenna scarred lips mother flour feedin' fuckers who like to call people names from behind a big rock. Hidden from view and holding on to their grimy nuts with unbridled passion all the while kissing their own sorry caboose's in a manic train wreck they call their life. Get one, you pathetic and anal smelling lost gasbags. Thank you for your service, John, and the scum that like to criticize will be led off the cliff by their personal pied piper's and nottaham,pigs. The docks are out and the Boat will enjoy the agua and the anonameasses will capsize in the wake. Good Evening.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Boat,

Yes, and thank YOU for the most colorful "thanks for your service" message I've received, EVER.

To Hawthorne Hawkman,

Just so anybody following this discussion can see the example you are referencing, here's the link.

I would tend to agree with you that "there are times when we blog about things and then what we wanted to happen, happens. That doesn't always mean the blog post caused or even contributed to the events."

But sometimes it DOES. You've devoted your life to wonkery, and you have faith in wonkery. I've devoted my life to trying to have an impact with words, (and to a lesser extent, images) and I have faith that my words (and images) are having an impact.

But we both agree...

Many times we just don't know. Obviously the fact I don't know doesn't discourage me, however.