Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hennepin County Jailhouse Roster Nuggets, Slow Cooked To Perfection...

Creative stock photo and blog post by John Hoff, a soldier at FOB Gardez, Afghanistan whips up a batch of bean soup.

Diamond Latoya Peebles, DOB 8/14/91, was arrested for alleged theft/transfer of movable property without consent. No bail was required and she was released from custody. Peebles' lists her address as 4900 Newton Ave. N., a rental owned by Mojo Holdings 4 LLC. No prior criminal record can be found in online court records.

Notably, the only mention on the internet for "Diamond Latoya Peebles" is the ubiquitous site called, listing the same arrest info but not listing the home address. So a few moments ago I sent this site a message and pointed out how there's a way to get home addresses to appear on the jail roster by searching under "received by."

I would love it if Jailbase Dot Com would take up some of the work I'm doing on Johnny, leaving me free to dig more deeply into jail roster data and write stories.

Simon Charles Percy, DOB 6/12/87, had a previous drug charge for which he received "diversion," according to online court records, but Percy admitted a probation violation and faces a criminal judgment and warrant of commitment. All the same, it appears he's been released on "interim conditions." The court record says "post bond" but the roster says he was "released from custody" on 4/20, showing zero bond.

Johnny Northside says...

Don't let the revolving door of justice hit you where the good Lord split you.

Percy's address on the jail roster is 2921 N. 4th St., a rental owned by Lester Lerfald. Hennepin County tax data lists Lerfald as the taxpayer, but Valerie A. Skinaway is listed as the owner. Unknown if this is the same Valerie A. Skinaway who, according to online Social Security records, was born 14 July 1948, got Social Security number 476-xx-xx91 (indicating Minnesota,) and died 24 April 2003.

Next contestant, please.

Evelyn Fay Pierson, DOB 4/17/77, was arrested on two bench warrants, one for (alleged) check forgery with intent to defraud, the other for (allegedly) giving a peace officer a false name. Her address--and take it for what it's worth from an accused forger--is listed as 3528 James Ave. N.

The owner of the address is listed as, oh my word, "3528 James LLC" and the rental license is in review as of 3/30 of this year. The LLC's address is 2301 2nd St. N., a property owned by Munson Commercial Prop LLC. That corporate name is registered to 2313 N. 2nd St. N. and the manager is Dean L. Munson of that same address.

Pierson, the woman who originally led us on this chase through a corporate maze, has been convicted in the past of giving a false name to police, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and assault.

Jerry Javon Price, DOB 8/1/83, has been formally charged with criminal sexual conduct and remains in custody with bail set at $50,000. His address on the jail roster is 4207 Humboldt Ave. N., a rental property owned by Coralyn M Olson, 5430 42nd Ave. S.

I have been unable to discover any previous criminal record for price.
Matthew P. Robinson, DOB 2/26/93, was in jail on a bench warrant for a charge of carrying a pistol without a permit in a public place. However, Robinson was released. His home is listed as 716 21st Ave. N., which is owned by Mohammed A Moghul, who is part of the Moghul family empire of slummy rental property.

Robinson was found guilty of the charge in the court of Judge Nancy Brasel on 4/19, but the roster says he is free to "report on own," and bail is $1,000.

One might hope that gun crimes in North Minneapolis would be handled with a bit more "oomph."

That's enough roster nuggets for now. I hear there was a high speed chase and arrest tonight, and that guy is somewhere on the roster. I'm going to hunt him down.

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Johnny Northside said...

Here's an odd coincidence for you.

The guy in the picture who is cooking the beans is named Williams.

At the conclusion of this blog post, I said I was going in search of the name of the guy involved in tonight's high speed chase.

The guy who I determined to be the most likely name involved?