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Weapons Charges, A Predatory Offender, Drug Sales And More On Jailhouse Roster Nuggets!

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

Daymon Christopher Holley-Long, DOB 8/10/88, has been formally charged with weapons charges according to the Hennepin County sheriff's jail roster, and cools his heels in jail with bail set at $10,000.

I am unable to find any other criminal data about Mr. Holley-Long, but the online court records website seems to dislike hyphenated names and I feel its virtual pain.

Holley-Long reportedly lives at 1311 Morgan Ave. N., a homestead owned by Patricia L. Anderson.

Lee Antione Howell, DOB 10/17/81 is a predatory offender who (allegedly) made the mistake of driving while intoxicated. He is accused of failing to register and/or knowingly providing false information to police.

Howell's reported address is...

...2421 Thomas Ave. N., a rental owned by Farzana Khan of 8403 Zanzibar La N Maple Grove, Minnesota. However, other Minneapolis rental information found online lists his address as 966 44 1/2 NE. There is an "M Khan" listed who uses the same address.

M Khan? Could it be? Could it be MAHMOOD KHAN, lord of slumlords?

Click here for the customary link to Captain Kirk shouting Khaaaaaaaaaan!!!!

Other info found online tells me "M Khan" might stand for "Mohd Khan." And I have to wonder, well, is that Mahmood Khan or not?

In checking into the court records of Howell, I can see a raft of various charges including a conviction for terroristic threats, but nothing that looks like it would make him a "predatory offender."

Patrick Bouvier Hunter, 10/18/63, has been formally charged on controlled substance/narcotics, released on no bail. It's sad, because his previous criminal record shows only a conviction for driving without insurance.

Hunter reportedly lives at 1515 Plymouth Ave. N. This address is under the "master address" of 1501 Plymouth Ave. N. The owner is listed as the Plymouth Townhouse Apt Assoc, and the taxpayer is Fannie Mae. It is a rental.


Shannon Lamonte Jackson, DOB 3/27/71, is sitting in jail right now due to drug charges. However, this incarceration appears to be the result of charges from early March of 2011. Shannon is facing 72 months in prison in St. Cloud, but the good news is he gets credit for one day served.

Jackson lists his address as 1516 Plymouth Ave. N., a rental with the taxpayer listed as Legacy Village Townhomes, the owner listed as (once again, as above) the Plymouth Townhouse Apt Assn.

Shawn Lee Jackson, DOB 3/7/89, is formally charged with burglary and sits in jail with a $60,000 bail. His address, according to the jail roster, is 3102 Fremont Ave. N. This is the same address listed by predatory offender Jamal Lee Brown, mentioned in a previous jailhouse nugget blog posting, click here.

Jatez Jeffrey Deondre Jacobs, DOB 5/12/93, is charged with giving a false name and simple robbery. The arrest on the simple robbery charge is the result of a bench warrant.

Jacobs lists has address as 1608 Lyn Curve Ave. N., a homestead owned by Ras D. Wooten.

Wooten sounds like an interesting character, judging by the fact he fought a conviction for refusing to submit to a chemical test, took it to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and won, click here for that case. His attorney was Larry Reed, the same guy who defended convicted mortgage fraudster Larry "Maximum" Maxwell.

Dexter Lamar Johnson, 2/16/72, is awaiting court hearings that won't take place until May 14 in regard to two felony warrants from the Brooklyn Park police department, one for promoting prostitution, one for engaging in sex trafficking of an individual under 18, all this ever-so-allegedly. Johnson has already been convicted of being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. His bail is currently $100,000.

Johnson's home address on the jail roster is 4527 Bryant Ave. N., an address associated with mortgage fraud by Susan Newell and Ed Boler. The owner is Adetola Gill, of the same address.

That's enough roster nuggets for now, but as Scarlet O'Hara said, " another day!"

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Johnny Northside! said...

Received info today from a reader saying "Shawn Lee Jackson" came into his house, uninvited, while "my wife and I were watching a movie" and "he now gets to chill up in St. Cloud. Keep up the good work."

The reader also added the following:

His girlfriend was driving the get a way car. She is Jessica Bennette Brown. She is on the Hennepin County Ten most wanted list.....Captured now."

Also noted that if she pleads not guilty, her case might be next week.