Monday, April 9, 2012

UNBELIEVABLE: Lekevic Deshawn Chambers Charged With ATTEMPTED Murder, Turns Out "Murder First Degree With Intent While Committing A Felony" Is Jailhouse Roster Speak For ATTEMPTED Murder With Nobody Dead!

Stock photo, auto shop in "Frogtown," St. Paul, blog post by John Hoff

What I know is what's in the public record, and if the public record is FUBAR then I won't have premium information. YES, Lekevic Deshawn Chambers is charged with serious crimes, stemming from a shooting incident at 3600 Vincent Ave. N.

Fortunately, Chambers' marksmanship is less-than-lethal, so nobody is dead, even if some extremely fat-fingered typing and summarizing makes it LOOK that way on the Hennepin County Jailhouse Roster. Which, incidentally, is sometimes known to feature ADDRESSES THAT HAVE NO BASIS IN REALITY.

Kudos to the Hennepin County official who provided a copy of the complaint lightning fast in response to my request and provided the facts on this incident, as follows...

The officer making the complaint is Kendal Chambers who, ironically, shares a last name with the defendant, Lekevic D. Chambers. According to Chambers (no relation) this is what Chambers (still no relation) allegedly did:

On March 9, 2012 at approximately 510 PM a group of five individuals were returning from playing basketball and were in a purple Dodge Stratus, a bullet magnet if I've ever heard of one. The individuals in the car are not identified in the complaint, except by the following initials: DG, DB, TJ, CT, MJ.

The car pulled up to 3600 Vincent Ave. N., facing north. The individuals whose initials are DG, DB and MJ got out to greet people parked in a car across the street. Johnny Northside suspects elaborate handshakes were exchanged.

"A large SUV, possibly a suburban or a Tahoe, drove southbound on Vincent between the two cars. The driver and a second black male got out of the truck and walked up to the purple Dodge. They both fired several shots at CT and TJ who were still in the back seat of the car. The driver got back in the car and drove away, the second shooter was RUNNING AFTER THE VEHICLE. Johnny Northside points out that "leave no man behind" isn't an ethos in the hood. Witnesses reported both shooters fired "multiple shots."

The two victims had multiple gunshot wounds. They were rushed to surgery and survived, no matter what the jail roster would lead any reasonable person to conclude based on its inexcusably sloppy phrasing.

Both the shooters were identifiable by witnesses and were identified as Monsur Ibrahim Jackson and Lekevic Deshawn Chambers. The complaint adds that "Defendant Chambers is in custody." Based on further examination of the jail roster (to the degree it can be trusted) it appears Jackson is not in custody and is, presumably, running around loose. No criminal record for Monsur Ibrahim Jackson currently turns up in Minnesota online court records.

The criminal complaint appears to use "3600 Vincent Ave. N." as an actual address, not as a "block number" broad identifier. I can currently perceive no connection between the crime in question and the address in question and I'm working under the assumption it's random.

If I get more details, including mug shots of these (alleged) losers, I will post the info for readers.

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