Thursday, April 19, 2012

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Checking Out The Facebook Profile Of Accused Child Murderer Donquarius Copeland...

Facebook profile picture, from profile of "BD DQ YnT," known to be Donquarius Copeland, used under First Amendment fair comment and criticism. Donquarius is in the middle. 

Donquarius Copeland, who is accused of gunning down 13-year-old Rayjon Gomez, is on Facebook.

Incredibly, Copeland started his Facebook profile the same day Gomez was murdered. You just have to shake your head and wonder about that. Did Copeland have a long list of things to do that day, and he accomplished each thing, one by one?

Start up my Facebook profile. Check.

Hang out with my homies. Check.

Gun down a young boy on a bike. Check.

One of my amazingly well-informed anonymous commenters dropped me a little thread of information and that was all I needed to unravel the sweater. Copeland started his Facebook profile on August 24, 2011, at 1:12 AM.

His first message: "Just got a Facebook add mee." (Sic)

Rayjon Gomez was killed that same day, about 9 PM in the evening according to a statement released by the 4th Precinct, click here and god bless the 4th Precinct.

Interestingly, at least one mainstream media source...

...stated the date was August 27. The article, click here, has not been corrected even though Rayjon's sister, Bianca, submitted a comment on the article pointing out the error.

Like so many young people who appear to be living an "alternative thug lifestyle," Donquarius doesn't use his real name on Facebook. Instead, he goes by "BD DQ YnT."

"DQ" is clearly short for "Donquarius." It's not clear what "BD" stands for, probably some gang crap like "Big Dog." The letters "YnT" are commonly understood to mean "Young 'n' Thuggin" when the "n" is uncapitalized. (Otherwise it means "Why not?")

On more than one occasion, Donquarius refers to a group that includes the label "gunplay."

1.) On August 29, 1:20 AM, he wrote, "Shits crazy niggas is not real dats why I love gunplay, y.n.t,n blacc Minn free my circle" (Sic)

2.) On August 31, 12:15 PM, "Where is my gunplay shawtyzz at what we on stupidzzzzz."

3.) A short while later, at 2:15 PM, "Ha #where is da fun at can I get friends me and my gunplay niggas."

4. On September 2, at 3:26 AM (some late hours this guy keeps!) he wrote, "Me an rahmi at dennys early where da gunplay shawtyzz free p.geek stupidzzzzz."

Other information about Donquarius can be gleaned from his "FB," but he isn't very prolific and, well, now he's in jail. All the same, some of his Facebook connections are highly revealing, especially friends he added early and the young woman with whom he claims to be "in a domestic partnership." Some of the first friends added were Slipknot YnT, Quis StayMokin Stupidz, and Savage AlwaysThuggin Taylor. "Slipknot" is mentioned in more than one post as Donquarius tries to rally friends to hang out with him. Taylor is listed as a "brother" under "family members."

A friend that's added later is J Shootemup Blood. But there is an amazing LACK of anything on the "wall" of Blood's Facebook profile. In fact, in the last couple of weeks as I've been looking into these profiles, stuff has been disappearing at a rapid rate. But the profile of Donquarius is frozen in time as he cools his heels in jail.

He didn't upload many pictures, but here are a few.

Donquarius is to the right. Unknown what the hand signs mean, but I strongly suspect it doesn't refer to a sports team.

Always, the hand signs. This photo was uploaded the day after Rayjon Gomez was killed.

In the photo above, accused child murderer Donquarius Copeland (far left) and his homies bring disgrace to University of Minnesota "Golden Gophers" apparel. My gopher blood boils with shame, albeit not for the first time.

Moving on from that...

Donquarius claims to be "in a domestic partnership" with a young woman whose Facebook name I am not yet publishing. On her profile, this young woman claims to have worked at Abercrombie & Fitch and to have attended Robbinsdale Cooper Senior High School. Donquarius is listed among her friends.

The young woman likes tattoos and has some very interesting photos of herself smoking an unidentified substance. And quite a bit of stuff disappeared off her profile, recently, which seemed connected to the shocking arrest of Donquarius Copeland. However, under "interested in" she currently lists "women." The connection between Donquarius and this woman is unclear and, furthermore, if she's trying to cut this loser loose I don't see any reason to highlight past connections too much.

More information about Donquarius Copeland is, I am sure, somewhere in his network of Facebook friends.

And I'm seeking it out.


Anonymous said...

On facebook and in the context of messages between thugs in north Minneapolis, BD is commonly understood to mean "Big Dick".

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of little sissy bitches society is producing these days. I believe these feminine and petite fellows will soon start to love each other in very personal ways. They would never admit it but i think that is their goal besides their ultimate quest for a peaceful dirt nap.