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Hot And Tasty Nuggets From The Hennepin County Jailhouse Roster, April 6, 2011

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It's not enough to simply publish the jailhouse roster verbatim. Digging deeper into the actual jailhouse data turns up all kinds of interesting info, as demonstrated by my recent posts on career criminal Robert Donelle Williams and convicted prostitute Christina Maria Elias. These useful leads came right off the jailhouse roster. So what will happen if I systematically scour the ENTIRE ROSTER and publish what I find? The addresses of people accused of drug and weapons crimes? The names and addresses of "failure to register as a predatory offender" North Minneapolis deviants?

Only one way to find out. Let's do it!

Obviously, the interest of this blog is North Minneapolis. Therefore, I will only be focusing on North Minneapolis addresses unless something out-of-the-ordinary draws me further afield. Drug arrests, weapons arrests, big ticket crimes interest me. Penny ante stuff like driving without insurance, driving under the influence, etc., these things don't interest me UNLESS thrown in with more serious charges.

Yes, drunk driving is a problem for our society. But I have to prioritize somewhere. If some obsessed blogger wants to ONLY pull off the names of accused drunk drivers and publish that stuff, well, it's a free country.

The following names were obtained by searching the "received by" portion of the jail roster, which lists the home addresses of the prisoners. Mistakes as well as deceptions take place on the roster--I've sometimes searched addresses from the roster only to find out those addresses don't exist--but listing a North Minneapolis address, even falsely, is an association with North Minneapolis and therefore my bailiwick.

You're probably getting hungry, right about now, for those "hot and tasty jailhouse nuggets." Click "Read More" and your hunger will be satisfied...

Daniel Tarrell Adkins lists his address as 4007 Girard Ave. N. He was arrested for "controlled substance, narcotics" by the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) but was "released pending complaint." Adkins' online court records document 9 previous charges.

Adkins' address is a rental owned by Kana Properties, LLC, 6155 Deer Ridge Road, Excelsior, Minnesota. The rental license was in review as of July 29, 2011.

James Edward Anderson of 1431 Oliver Ave. N. charged with controlled substance, narcotics, but status of charge is "36 hours, expired."

Yolando Rochelle Ballard of 3443 Aldrich Ave. N. was arrested on charges of take/use/transfer movable property without consent, (3 counts of that) controlled substance/narcotics, possessing "not small amount" of marijuana. The "controlled substance" charge expired after 36 hours, the other charges say "released to other authority."

WHICH other authority is a mystery, since there is a different police authority listed with each of the five charges.

Ballard's address is rental owned by Mark A. Knueppel, 710 Gleason Acres Dr., Wayzata, Minnesota.

Guillermo NMN Bastain-Mota, lists his address as 4255 Humboldt Ave. N., charged with three drug charges, two of these are felony charges covering cocaine, meth or heroin. He is also wanted on immigration charges.

The house at 4255 Humboldt Ave. N. is a rental owned by Avalon Home Investments, Inc. of 832 Wagon Wheel Tr. Mendota Heights, MN. The rental license was in review as recently as February 13 of this year.

William Otis Bausal of 2819 Irving Ave. N. is charged with felony drug possession for "not a small amount" of marijuana. He's being held without bail, apparently based on his record.


Well, that's enough for tonight...more delicious nuggets and a follow up on Robert Donelle Williams will take place (hopefully) tomorrow.

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