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Get Yer Hot, Tasty Hennepin County Jailhouse Roster Nuggets RIGHT HERE!!!

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So much information to be gleaned from the Hennepin County Jail roster! I'm not even through the letter "B" yet.

Here we go...

Thaddeus Antonio Brown (8/25/89) is charged with half a dozen things, all of which appear to stem from a spectacular domestic incident. Normally, "domestics" are below my radar along with admittedly bad things like drunk driving and single counts of disorderly conduct unaccompanied by other charges. But in this case, Brown catches my interest because of the address listed on the jailhouse roster:

3133 Dupont Ave. N.

The city's property information website says that address doesn't exist. And, actually, this kind of thing happens all the time with the jailhouse roster. Addresses are listed having no basis in reality.

You would think that, at least with an easy-to-check Minneapolis address, those responsible for entering this roster data would check its veracity. I would also think that giving a false address during jailhouse booking would be an extra count of giving false information to a police officer.

Lamont NMN Bugg, 8/20/50, charged with being a PREDATORY OFFENDER who knowingly violates registration or provides false info. Arrested on suspicion of that TWICE, actually, by two different police agencies. This guy also has a spectacular FBI HOLD listed. You hardly EVER see that one.

His address is 705 Jackson St. NE, Minneapolis. This is a rental owned by Voyage Properties LLC, PO BOX 27352, Minneapolis, MN 55427.

This is not Bugg's first failure to register. He was charged and convicted of this back in 2008. The charges which made him a predatory offender can be found in the system, too, and here they are:

Disposition (Judicial Officer: Porter, Charles A., Jr.)

Disposition (Judicial Officer: Porter, Charles A., Jr.)

Lamont Bugg has a Minnesota Court of Appeals case which, in summary, seems to revolve around assertions he wasn't sentenced fairly. Click here to check out that case.

His mugshot can be found at this website, click here. I would like to note that I take issue with sites that post mugshots and then are willing to take money to remove the mugshot, even doing things to optimize with metatags so the mugshot appears high in a Google search.

Yes, I print mugshots and jail rosters. I do it all the time. But I don't make money off it and I don't accept bribes or solicit bribes to remove the info. All the same, these websites provide a useful repository for government info because government agencies don't make the info "searchable" on supposedly "public" websites like the Minnesota Department of Corrections Offender Database.

If it's PUBLIC info, why would you deny it to the public by saying, in effect, "No Google bots allowed?" This creates an economic and information niche where these unethical "pay to remove your mugshot" websites are able to exist.

Danell Ortega Ceaser, 2/29/80, is facing a felony charge for "not a small amount" of marijuana. According to online court records, he already has two drug convictions. Ceaser (that's exactly the way it's spelled) is listed on the roster as residing at 2017 Emerson Ave. N., a rental owned by Andrew D. Hybben of 9130 Nashua Ave. Otsego, MN.


My next jailhouse roster nugget will concern Lekevic Deshawn Chambers. The guy is charged with MURDER and yet, right now, I can't even find information about him in the mainstream media.

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